Maxi Denim and Dashiki


A thin tight cotton with bright African prints applied. The artwork is normally derived from African cutures and is similar to the artwork found on African Dashiki, Kaftan, and Grand Boubou garments. The prints use a high quality wax application technique and have a beautiful all over cresent texture that catches the light.

Suggested care
– Hand wash separately in cold or luke warm water. Do not wash in hot water.
– Do not dry in sunshine, hang dry in shade.
– Do not use Bleach or Chlorine.
– Do not soak for long periods.
– Medium Iron setting.
– Hint: To reduce any colour running or shrinkage in cotton and rayon garments soak separately over night in one tablespoon of salt and/or brown vinegar dissolved in hot water and then added to a basin of luke warm water.
– Some shrinkage is normal for cotton and rayon garments, please allow for this.

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