Shatter #2020

Shatter Elizabeth C. Mock Shatter Growing up during the chaos of the Nabosian War Faela Durante and her entire generation never knew what it meant to live in a time of peace Though the war ended years ago the devastation has not Eve

  • Title: Shatter
  • Author: Elizabeth C. Mock
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Shatter Elizabeth C. Mock Growing up during the chaos of the Nabosian War, Faela Durante and her entire generation never knew what it meant to live in a time of peace Though the war ended years ago, the devastation has not Every decision, no matter how seemingly insignificant, has a consequence and some consequences can never be predicted But some are foretold.Less than a year ago, Faela, the fiGrowing up during the chaos of the Nabosian War, Faela Durante and her entire generation never knew what it meant to live in a time of peace Though the war ended years ago, the devastation has not Every decision, no matter how seemingly insignificant, has a consequence and some consequences can never be predicted But some are foretold.Less than a year ago, Faela, the first Tereskan mind healer in generations, disappeared from her family home in Finalaran scared and pregnant Hunted and living as an outcast, Faela searches for a legend that might be her only hope of gaining atonement and returning to her son When her journey collides with two strangers and a prophecy, she must choose between trusting those around her or endangering her mission With her past refusing to stay behind her, the consequences of Faela s choices will risk than her own fate.
    Shatter Elizabeth C. Mock

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      335 Elizabeth C. Mock
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    1. 3.5 out of 5 StarsShatter is the first book in The Children of Man series I started this book unfortunately under the assumption that it was a duology and that it was a completely published one at that.Oh ho ho I was wrong I should probably do a little better with my research next timeAlas, what can you do Except not to read this series unless your aware of the fact that the third book is still unpublished the 2nd was published in Nov 11 and the author has stated on her website that she has no i [...]

    2. 2.5 stars, really.And if I were rating on concept I would go with 3.5 However, there are lots of problems with the actualization of this book The first and foremost is that this novel is drudgery for the first several chapters Actually, its ponderous through the first 20% of the book I had to force myself to stick with it due to weird pacing, constantly changing point of view and general confusion about the damn plot Admittedly, I m glad I stuck it out as Mock seems to find her footing after tha [...]

    3. I probably would never have read this book or even heard of it, but it was a freebie on kindle a while ago I ve had it on my kindle un read for months, but finally decided to read it.Wow, there s a lot going on in this book Lots of main characters I would compare the book slightly to how Game of Thrones is the show, I ve never read the books There are a lot of main characters in Game of Thrones and a lot of things to keep track of Same with this book, lots of main characters, a lot of war, past [...]

    4. As many people have experienced in the past few years, coming off the Harry Potter series has left much to be desired regarding many of the other fantasy books out there I have had a very difficult time finding something that gives me that fix of excitement, intrigue and character likability that HP did I hate comparing, but what else is one to do when you know the feeling you get from a great series and nothing else you ve read comes close I actually got Shatter for my NooK because it was eithe [...]

    5. Ok, first off, it had a very slow start Then once the author hit her stride with the story the book abruptly ends A rude, nothing is resolved, what the hell kind of abrupt ending I don t think I will be giving her a second chance to capture my interest Although this book had some cute moments and a bit of intrigue that began to properly simmer in the second half of the book, it would benefit seriously from the efforts of a skilled editor I strongly suspect it would make a better first part of a [...]

    6. So I finally started going through all those free Kindle books I downloaded around Christmas time, and Shatter was the first I picked up.First of all, thanks to Ms Mock for making it free I wouldn t have downloaded it otherwise and I would have totally missed out on a good story and a good author to watch There are really great things about the Children of Man universe The set up for the magic is imaginative without being ridiculous lots of diversity, great history, cool abilities With the excep [...]

    7. Li este livro no kindle foi o primeiro e sem ter lido a sinopse, pelo que nas primeiras p ginas, andei confusa Por ser um livro de fantasia, n o tinha uma realidade, nem sequer lugares reais para ancorar me, pelo que de in cio acompanhei as personagens um pouco ao sabor do vento Mas acompanhei com muito gosto e fui descobrindo aos poucos um mundo interessante, com o habitual sabor a antigamente, mas um conceito de magia que, sem ser novo, funciona muito bem as diferentes capacidades m gicaa, com [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book It has a lot of different threads, which draw together to form a tightly woven narrative with a rich mythology leaving the author room to expand on in some prequelsThere is a complex magic system which is handled very well This is one of the points I look for when reading fantasy obviously , because if it s done poorly the suspension of disbelief can fall through.Moreover, it helps to take a look at the maps which come with the book, as the world is a key element, as t [...]

    9. This was a free Kindle book that I got from It is a fantasy novel and the plot sounded interesting and it had good reviews so I decided to give it a try This book was a wonderful surprise From the get go the story grabbed me and kept me reading I liked the characters and especially loved Faela I found the world and the magic system interesting and liked how it was not all explained at once and instead I was able to learn about it as I read One of the odd parts of the book is that it switched nar [...]

    10. Often I find that in a book that follows many plot threads, divides it s focus between a handful of characters, and also tries to create its own world geography, society, and political climate, there are often rough edges where the one aspect overwhelms the others In Shatter, Elizabeth C Mock manages to juggle every task she undertakes The depths to which she explores the multi faceted characters makes me wish I could sit down at one of their campfires and enjoy their company for a few hours, bu [...]

    11. This review may or may not contain spoilers, and as such has been marked as a spoiler review.This book was amazing I fell in love with the new variety of magic almost as soon as I realized what it was The characters are amusing and compelling, and if it weren t for obligations, I would have finished this book the first evening I got it, just so I could see and learn of the characters Even now, having finished the book, I m thirsting for its sequel so I can learn .The plot is every bit as compel [...]

    12. What a book To use some cooking analogy s, this book is hot It s a slow burner but will keep you simmering all the way through I stayed up very late to finish this, which is rare for me as I have two young girls that get me up at the crack of dawn Even though I read through the synopsis what the book delivers is so much The characters are flawed but so well rounded They all have their strengths and weaknesses which makes them likeable There is humour in this book, as well as serious stuff, like [...]

    13. I picked this book up as a freebie ebook from I would have definitely paid for it and plan on getting the second book as soon as it comes out The book is fantasy set in an alternate universe where magic exists The book has quite a few main characters and the beginning they are all introduced one after the other Some might find the beginning a little rough, but the story quickly draws you in Each character has their own unique personality and I thought were well defined The dialog was easy to rea [...]

    14. I m not normally big on fantasy writing as detailed as this, as I find myself lost within the first chapter of the book However, Ms Mock kept me intrigued right up to the cliff hanger of an ending in her first book in the Children of Man Series She weaves a deep and enticing tale full of magic and Scions, while still creating a vibrant fantasy world so well described that I could probably navigate on my own Every one of her characters are enchanting, intense and easy to love And that s saying a [...]

    15. Absolutely fabulous Well written imagination with color magic And the good thing is that people diet everyone can live in a good adventure story if you are fighting for the light All the light save us reminds me of the wheel of time cursing made me smile

    16. This book has the feel of LoTR I liked the characters and the interaction between them A very real feeling world Shatter was about choices made and the consequences faced A promising new series

    17. So I picked this up once I first got it and got about 100 pages in and then life got in the way and I didn t have the time to give the book as much attention as I wanted to give it Fast forward a year or so later and I have a pocket of time when I am suddenly struck that I want to play a Final Fantasy game and read something that puts me in that mindset.Immediately I picked up Shatter because from the 100 pages I read initially, it felt like a very distinct type of fantasy book One with an elabo [...]

    18. Wow, this book totally took me for a surprise This was incredibly good book for an independent book with no publisher I have had this thing sitting on my Kindle since 2010, and I have no idea how I originally picked up I am really glad I read it though Shatter features a really strong set of female characters, which i always enjoy The female characters are strong, capable and each have their own personalities They are matched equally as well with a nice compliment At its outset this book feels l [...]

    19. I m giving this four stars because there were several things I loved about the book and only a couple of things I didn t like First the good The author creates a rich cast of characters She skillfully immerses you in their world so that by the end of the book, you feel attached to them The use of magic in the book is imaginative and entertaining I loved that there were different kinds of magic represented by different colors although they were confusing at first The plot line was engaging, it re [...]

    20. The best way to describe this book is like a jigsaw You keep getting pieces until you build up a picture To me that exactly what this book is like Roughly, for the first half of the book I felt like I needed a codex and was missing something like a previous book as the book keeps throwing information at you like already know what its referring to.For Example Revelation moment You re a gray Okay, she s a gray What s a gray Have I missed something What the heck happening This book takes patience I [...]

    21. READER BEWARE Yes it is certainly the author s right to choose to distribute her books any way she wishes At the same time it may also be looked at from a reader s perspective The author independently released the first two books of this series.d has now decided to wait on releasing additional books until her series is purchased and distributed by a publishing agency So perhaps the series will be purchased in 2014 and then the first book will need to be re edited and released and then the second [...]

    22. Loved this, eagerly awaiting the next one in the series The world building in this book is amazing and consistent Magic system is intriguing without all the details being tediously hashed out Inter group politics are covered well without seeming far fetched a relief, some books tend towards overblown conflict without solid motivation, imnsho Only gripe is that the perspective shifts drastically between chapters and sometimes the transition to other groups of characters is lacking leading one to [...]

    23. This book would have gotten a 2 if it hadn t been free There was as everyone points out a serious lack in editing Inconsistencies, contradictions, and lack of thought plagued the plot I liked the idea behind the magic of this world but this seemed to be something the author was working out during the writing of the book rather then a fully formed concept Also, certain characters and whole scenes needed much better development I appreciated the humor even if sometimes it was too broad and childis [...]

    24. I kept thinking about how much this reminded me of a final fantasy adventure There were also alot of parallels with the Wheel of Time series which is a good thing to me The story has a great magic system, well thought out and detailed It wasn t an info dump in the first chapter but slowly realized throughout the first and 2nd books The situation and character developments are realistic and believable There isn t a stereotypical model for any of main characters Around 5 6 Main POV s they switch b [...]

    25. This book suprised me in many ways, mostly because from my experiance free books on the nook are horridly written, and have sub par plots and character development This book is very well written, the world, the characters, the magic, it all feels real while you read You can t help but be sucked into this world.It did start out a little slow though, which is common to most novel like this, the author has to build up the world, introduce the characters, and sometimes that s just slightly boring to [...]

    26. Very few books stick with me for a long time, but this one has I read it over a year ago and I still find myself thinking of it from time to time It is a great story with such an imaginative group of characters you will feel like you know them personally The book is impossible to put down and truly worth the time to read it You will NOT be dissappointed I loved every minute and now that the sequel RENDER is out, it is even wonderful Faela, Kade and Jair are so well illustrated, they come to lif [...]

    27. a free kindle book that totally exceeded my expectations it s a whole new magical world especially for me since i m pretty new to most fantasy There are different magical orders and colors of magic that seem to use the owner and not the other way around not even sure it s on the planet earth eitherbut it was exciting and touching i looked forward to reading it every day.i didn t know it was part of a trilogy and it ends pretty abruptly the next book is expected to be published next year and i m [...]

    28. Took a bit for me to get into the book and get a grasp on the characters There are many main characters and it read a bit like a soap opera until the characters started to come together Each character has their own baggage and it takes a bit to come to the surface as well Drama The story ended at a cliff hanger Once I got into the story I rather enjoyed it Look forward to the next book Not a book I would have found on my own recommended it based on another book that I read.

    29. I got this book as a freebie on my kindle I had trouble connecting with it the first time I tries reading it Being new to fantasy it wasn t until I read several others that made me comfortable with the genre I went back and re read it and found the characters come to life in the storybut because of the ending I can t give a full review because I m too busy ordering the next book What a cliff hanger

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