The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits #2020

The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits Elizabeth Peters The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits An unexpected gift has arrived for Carol Farley this Christmas an envelope with no return address containing a newspaper clipping Blurred but unmistakable is a photo of a man missing for years and fea

  • Title: The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits
  • Author: Elizabeth Peters
  • ISBN: 9780380731206
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits Elizabeth Peters An unexpected gift has arrived for Carol Farley this Christmas an envelope with no return address containing a newspaper clipping Blurred but unmistakable is a photo of a man missing for years and feared dead Carol s father It is a summons calling her to a world she has never known, to a place of ancient majesty and blood chilling terror Surrounded by towering pyramiAn unexpected gift has arrived for Carol Farley this Christmas an envelope with no return address containing a newspaper clipping Blurred but unmistakable is a photo of a man missing for years and feared dead Carol s father It is a summons calling her to a world she has never known, to a place of ancient majesty and blood chilling terror Surrounded by towering pyramids on Mexico City s Walk of the Dead, a frightened yet resolute young woman searches for a perilous truth and for the beloved parent she thought was gone forever But there are dark secrets lurking in the shadows of antiquity, a conspiracy she never imagined and enemies who are determined that Carol Farley will not leave Mexico alive.
    The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits Elizabeth Peters

    • [E-Book] ✓ The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits | By ✓ Elizabeth Peters
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    One thought on “The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits”

    1. slight spoilers aheadI love Elizabeth Peters and her alter ego Barbara Michaels I ve adored her books for several decades, and have most of them in my bookshelves I noticed that this one wasn t in my bookshelf, so I checked it out of the library I m sure I read it long ago Now I know why it isn t in my collection.Quite frankly, it sucked.Reading Elizabeth Peters Barbara Michaels is my literary equivilent of snack food I read her books to laugh, to get the heebie jeebies, to take myself away for [...]

    2. Infodump infodump boringness drug lecture plot, naive no sex before marriage heroine who forgives all sorts of things she shouldn t It must be some other Elizabeth Peters who wrote this one, maybe to order or to be able to take a trip to Mexico off her taxes or to work through some change in political opinion The only saving grace is that you can see some stock characters and plot contrivances she d use later in development I didn t remember this being so bad, so perhaps I m overly harsh, but ew [...]

    3. GUYS I do not even know what to say about this book.Well, I do, actually It was weird as hell, especially for esteemed mystery madame Elizabeth Peters Light spoilers ahead, so be warned.A quick primer Elizabeth Peters is the pen name of Barbara Mertz a.k.a Barbara Michaels as well , and she s well known for writing clever, adventuresome thrillers and mysteries with romantic and often gothic twists Her heroines are realistic exception Vicky Bliss , her heroes are lovably Byronic, and her writing [...]

    4. I m shocked such easy dynamics for an adventure were squandered on drugs This was as disinteresting as could be a waste of setting It is scarcely about Carol s father We wonder where he stood in the equation and whether a relationship were possible but that stood at a distant sideline Every scene was about a boyfriend keen for marijuana The single shred of belated adventure comes from pursuing cheesy villains It had little to do with pyramids or M xico It could occur anywhere.If it were well plo [...]

    5. I see a lot of people didn t quite like this one, but I have to say, I loved it I love Elizabeth Peters but had, prior to this book, only read from the Amelia Peabody series The characters in this book are quite different but just as enjoyable.

    6. I have really enjoyed the Amelia Peabody mysteries, so I thought I would give another Elizabeth Peters a shot Finally finished did not like as well as the Amelia Peabodys the main character just wasn t quite at captivating and interesting, nor was the plot.

    7. I am a huge Elizabeth Peters fan and count Amelia Peabody and Vicky Bliss as two favorite protagonists However, no matter how many times I tried, I just could not get interested in this story Thank goodness I only paid ten cents for the book at a rummage sale.

    8. The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits written by Elizabeth Peters and first published in 1971 A dud from an author who has written many better offerings.

    9. This was odd Someone else mentioned it was a waste of a setting and I have to agree with them The writing felt very dated and the storyline fit into that In the era in which it was written, I think it was probably much better received than I am receiving it today in 2017 This book aged poorly In the early 70s when it was written, drugs were becoming a really huge issue The idea of smuggling drugs from Mexico into the US was beginning to drive a panic, so I can see why that particular issue was o [...]

    10. Elizabeth Peters is one of my all time favorite authors It s heartbreaking to admit, but I found this book difficult to enjoy Elizabeth Peters Barbara Michaels writes phenomenal stories but this was a rare dud If this is your first time reading her work then don t take it as a reflection of her other books, I beg you Her plots and characters are usually compelling and intricate, but this story fell flat, with characters that weren t well explained Her usual twist endings and surprises were clums [...]

    11. This was a bit of a dud It had enough musings in human nature to please Agatha Christie, but that want what really solved the mystery It was billed as a thriller, but it really didn t have much action I also know very little about Mexican archaeology, so while I enjoyed what detail there was, it didn t carry me away like it does in her books set in Egypt The romance was also shoe horned in very badly The last two thrillers of hers have both had romances that start off with the man assaulting the [...]

    12. edited 01 30 14Book summary in one sentence Hey, kids, don t do drugs.Longer summary college student Carol loads up her mysterious past and deadbeat druggie boyfriend and goes down to Mexico to find her long lost father She meets up with him and quickly becomes perplexed and afraid of the mysterious behaviour of the people around her Throughout, Carol fights constantly to pull her boyfriend away from the diabolical lure of drugs the conclusion is obvious from the first dire foreshadowing sidenot [...]

    13. This book had so much potential, but fell short in so many areas I almost stopped reading it A slow start We want protagonist and antagonist It s ok to confuse readers who is who, but at least introduce us so we can get to know them A tangent of the first complaint, it felt like an autobiography for the first half of the book Some parts read like a DEA public service announcement Nuances about drug culture, addiction, and marijuana weren t accurate or clearly definedenough that I caught them, an [...]

    14. I m going against all the other reviews here when I say I actually really like this book Sure, it has flaws, but I ve enjoyed re reading it several times over the years I love that Elizabeth Peters has tried different things as an author during her career, including adding characters who are less than sympathetic In fact, after many of the books I ve read lately, I m even appreciative of the way Peters crafts characters I ve always been in awe of her writing the words she uses and the way she t [...]

    15. Sadly, this was kind of a crappy book The narrator was annoying, the story was poorly plotted, the characters were caricatures The book also suffers from a terrible case of having been written in 1971 there are many many books written in the 70s that don t date themselves, but this isn t one of them Her descriptions of the terrors of the drug trade were laughable I also found it interesting how the hero of the book ended up being the guy who lied to, stalked, and assaulted the heroine early on h [...]

    16. An interesting yarn about a college student s week in Mexico She s looking for her father, who abandoned the family when she was 12 In addition to lots of description of Mexican culture, manners, and antiquities, it deals with a bunch of mysteries, in addition to the original one about why dad left Why is her boyfriend acting so strange Who is that scruffy man that keeps showing up wherever she goes What is the elderly maid trying to tell her in Spanish It s an enjoyable tale that kept me on the [...]

    17. The book is an adventure of a young women vacationing in Mexico while trying to reunite with father that was absent in her childhood She meets a cast of shady characters including the mysterious Ivan and Ines with whom her father lives This book was written so long ago, it almost portrays the drug trade as very docile compared to what we know of it today I did enjoy the book but it comes no where near the mark when compared to her Amelia Peabody mysteries.

    18. I picked this one up at a library book sale for a quarter I m not sure it was worth that much Ugh To be fair though, I had already experienced early Elizabeth Peters and wasn t thrilled, so it s not like I had high expectations The plot was dated, the characters uninspiring, and I was kind of annoyed by the main character s continual references toward dark portents ahead But it was short, quick, and I am able to take another book off my shelf.

    19. Like watching one of those idiotic movies on the dangers of marijuana in the 60 s If one can ignore the lectures, a readable tale.I just reread this book and I wasn t as vehemently opposed to the drug descriptions in it as I was 4 years ago I was into the story and it held together except once in a while it got very dated But, I have upgraded it from a 2 star to a 3 star Interesting characters well developed plot and good dialogue.

    20. I m a fan of Elizabeth Peter s gothic romance mysteries but I found this one to be below her usual standard Along with other reviews I found the descriptions of drug use to be the main culprit They were dated, distracting, and on occasion illogical Otherwise it s a quick entertaining read great for the work commute bus ride.

    21. 1971 343 pgs A departure for Peters from the Amelia Peabody series This was a modern day setting, whereby a girl is drawn to find a father that she thought long dead Lots of Mexican ruins and intrigue It is SO era 1971 mention of Fuzz, Kent State, experimentation of LSD, peyote, etc Vietnam War, NO Cell phones It was enjoyable.

    22. This book was written in the early 70 s, and it is very dated Marijuana is the drug being smuggled from Mexico to the US At different points is called weed, joints, dope, etc Getting high is referred to as turning on, turning out, high, doped up, etc LSD is the new evil coming up If only the world was still as simple.

    23. Is there a way to give a book negative stars This author is one of my favorites, but this book really was terrible None of the characters were compelling and the plot centered around drugs Blah Although it was nice to see that even favorite authors write duds And it was interesting to see her style already emerging in one of her earlier novels.

    24. Of all the Elizabeth Peters Barbara Michaels books I ve read, since going on a massive kick starting last spring I think Maybe last winter this is probably the book that has held up the least over time It s super dated drugs hippies and I still enjoyed it for what it was, but it s far from her best moment.

    25. this was quite a departure from the other books i ve read by peters thusfar a lot darker the title implies humor, but there is absolutely none material is a bit dated 1970s , but illegal drug trade is still an issue quite suspenseful carol has to deal with family secrets and pain, also pain in other relationships but she handles everything very wisely for a young college woman.

    26. One of Peters weaker works but that s like saying it s not the best ice cream you ve ever had The plot ages less well than some of her others due to the drug angle, the heroine is nothing special, and the love interest is a tacked on nothing, but the setting and historical detail compensate Makes me want a Mexican vacation.

    27. The story was in the first person narrative, it was slow to start and very dated in writing,1971 If you can get past that it was an alright story of college student Carol and her boyfriend Danny going to Mexico during vacation and being caught in a mystery that started with her fathers disappearance 13 years ago.

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