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Friends with Benefits Kelly Jamieson Friends with Benefits They agreed All the fun no messy emotions Until their chakras aligned Yoga is Kerri Harris s life but that doesn t mean she s a New Age flake She s a successful businesswoman and it s about time ev

  • Title: Friends with Benefits
  • Author: Kelly Jamieson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Friends with Benefits Kelly Jamieson They agreed All the fun, no messy emotions Until their chakras aligned Yoga is Kerri Harris s life, but that doesn t mean she s a New Age flake She s a successful businesswoman, and it s about time everyone took her as seriously as her mother of two, real career sister That means adding a new item to her spreadsheet marriage plan There s only one person she truThey agreed All the fun, no messy emotions Until their chakras aligned Yoga is Kerri Harris s life, but that doesn t mean she s a New Age flake She s a successful businesswoman, and it s about time everyone took her as seriously as her mother of two, real career sister That means adding a new item to her spreadsheet marriage plan There s only one person she trusts to help her check off this task her best friend Mitch Divorce attorney Mitch MacAuley gets the cold shivers at the mere mention of matrimony After the disasters he s witnessed from childhood, marriage equals miserable The last thing he wants is to help Kerri down that road, but he s never been able to say no to her He expects to feel pity for her as she goes on one disastrous date after another The complete surprise Thinking about Kerri with those other guys makes him crazy Her frustration collides with his confusion, leading to a big fight, a hot kiss and a scorching sexual tension that hits them both broadside Prompting Kerri to propose a new plan to add the bedroom to their list of BFF benefits They quickly find out there s nothing casual about the heat they generate In fact, the burn could ruin a perfectly beautiful friendship Warning This story contains a late night booty call, hot hotel sex, and naked yoga
    Friends with Benefits Kelly Jamieson

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    1. I love you, Kerri I want to be with you, and most of all, I don t want anyone else to be with you You think you need a husband Fine, then it s going to be me Uploaded with ImageShackThis is it pansit I am so in love with the story And I m a fan of Ms KJ As always I m a sucker of friends turn to lovers, or in this case friends turn to friends with benefit f ng buddy to lovers This book satisfied all my cravings I m glad this book comes with a warning.hahahaha I m checking it Yes to booty night ca [...]

    2. Not a bad read but not something I would re read h H have been friends forever, she runs a yoga studio, he is a divorce lawyer She at 30 suddenly wants to get married, pushes him into setting her up They share a kiss in anger, she further acts like an immature child They have sex, she thinks let us do friends with benefits He kind of feel used and they make it He is anti marriage, being a divorce lawyer and seeing his parents example Their love is not enough for her, she wants marriage, she wal [...]

    3. My Review Again, my favorite trope.nds to lovers, but OMG, this one was done so well I really, really LOVED this book The book description above is really well done so I am not going to add anything about the setup of the story and get right to the review part of this review I love the way that these two characters were written so realistically Yes, they are absolutely best friends, but when things heat up between them sexually, everything becomes REALLY awkward and tense for Mitch Kerri All of [...]

    4. This story is so sweet Very romantic And the sex is hot but not blatant A wonderful, hot, sweet love story I love how this author describes her heroes and heroines, like normal people, with feelings and doubts and errors, so human.I had some doubts because of the title and the cover too, I don t like it , because I hear too many stories of real life about this new kind of relationship between a man and a woman and I can see that women have all to lose and nothing to gain in this unbalanced game [...]

    5. 1.5 Stars Little Benefit HereYoga instructor and business owner Kerri Harris and divorce attorney Mitch MacAuley have been best friends for years Only friends But when Kerri and Mitch are out one night sharing a friendly drink, she tells him she wants to marry and asks Mitch to introduce her to some single, eligible men There s nothing Mitch wouldn t do for Kerri, but her request bothers him A lot.As she starts to date the guys he reluctantly introduces her to, he gets and uncomfortable and te [...]

    6. Fun story I have a little problem with Kari in places though She comes off as a strong woman who owns her own Yoga business, very successful She has a great relationship with her best friend Mitch, but sometimes she just seems really ditsy She doesn t seem to always look at things from other peoples perspective, which kind of bugs me.BUT for the most part I enjoyed this book We start off with Kari and Mitch having a drink Nothing big, they go out a lot, just to hang out When Kari starts to reali [...]

    7. This is my second Kelly Jamieson novel first was Rule Of Three and it won t be my last She has a very even writing style and excellent character development I will be putting of her books on my to read list for sure I m almost a little disappointed that this one was a borrowed book and not one that I bought because I don t get to keep it I greatly enjoyed this book I really loved the characters Kerri and Mitch and how their friendship went into romance quickly I am glad that the whole let me se [...]

    8. Friends to lovers is one of my favorite themes, and this one did not disappoint Kerri wants to get married, so she enlists her best friend, Mitch, to introduce her to guys She s getting older and isn t into the bar scene, and she owns her own yoga business, so it s not like she has a lot of opportunity to meet new guys Mitch, a divorce attorney and self described bachelor for life, grudgingly agrees, but all of a sudden, he s noticing Kerri in a new light And sparks fly Ms Jamieson does such a g [...]

    9. Recommended by Veeta, guess she knew how much I love friends to lovers theme And I do love this Nggak terlalu dgambarin detil sih di awal kalo Mitch sendiri punya perasaan tertentu ke Kerri Jadi waktu dia tau tau nyium Kerri emang agak ngagetin Apalagi dengan cara marah gitu Hmm Smoking D Nggak nyalahin Mitch jg kalo agak bete ama Kerri for being a bit bitchy sometimes Apalagi istilah yang dpake sama Kerri, FwB FB Uugh Istilahnya nggak enak, kasar No wonder Mitch syok berat and cooled off, just [...]

    10. I would have given this book 3 stars right up until the very end The story was well done and realistic until then But then, a the heroine reveals that the only reason she ever wanted to get married in the first place was to get respect and be taken seriously by her family, and once she accomplished this via a career breakthrough, she had no need to get married, and b the hero does a complete 180 in his stance on marriage in the space of about 90 seconds because he doesn t like the thought of th [...]

    11. Friends with Benefits or should I say Friends with all the benefits really exceed my expectations Thought this will be a lot similar with the movies no strings attached and Friends with benefits but not quite I loved how the story goes Best friends turning to lovers Kerri looking for a husband while Mitch who believes nothing good will come out in marriage eventually finding themselves right for each other.I had fun reading the story with a bonus of hot sex scenes 3

    12. Yoga instructor vs lawyerThis books flows well with decent editing The resolution seemed to be a bit rushed, but the sex scenes made up for it K Jamieson has published other books with depth But if you were coming off of an emotional trilogy, this book is a good casual read.

    13. Written by Kelly Jamieson and published by Samhain Publishing Ltd Friends with Benefits is a 29 chapter romance novela very short 29 chapters A decent read, but not worth my time or my money.Premise As the story begins readers are introduced to the book s two main characters, Kerri Harris and Mitch MacAuley Kerri, a 29 year old yoga instructor and owner of a thriving yoga studio is having drinks with her best friend, Mitch, a 30 year old divorce attorney Kerri asks Mitch to introduce her to one [...]

    14. This is a great friends to lovers story.Mitch and Kerri made me antsy, but greatly intrigued about their relationship Though the novel itself is not explicitly erotic, some scenes had me a bit squirmy lol I loved the overall feel good vibe the novel gave.

    15. A very satisfying friends to lovers read that went down easily, like a nice tall glass of sweet iced tea on a hot, humid day in Florida Mitch is a cynical divorce lawyer, best friend for years to hottie Kerrie, a yoga studio owner and currently desperate to find a man to marry, settle down and have kids When Kerrie asks Mitch to help her find a man to marry, their relationship slowly progresses from that of friendship to something I enjoyed this one, particularly the series of dud dates that Ke [...]

    16. Great Friends to Lovers StoryWhat better way to start a relationship than as friends But there is always the question of is it worth the risk to possibly lose the friendship Once Kerri and Mitch start to acknowledge their attraction to one another, their chemistry is hot and undeniable I laughed, squirmed a bit in my seat and had my heart ache This book was well written and I truly enjoyed reading it.

    17. Okay, but not greatCharacters were not well developed For two people who have supposedly been best friends for a long time, they just didn t seem to have a good connection She was unkind to him and never seemed to pick up on how much he disliked her jokes at his expense Not awful, but just eh.

    18. Friends to Lover themeMitch a divorce lawyer, not believe in love and marriage Kerry a yoga teacher own her yoga studio, looking for a husband because of her biologic clock is ticking tick tock tick tock and she really wants kids of her ownSo, Kerry asked Mitch to help her find a potential husband

    19. I had a lot of fun reading this book I m a sucker for stories about friends finally realizing they love each other.I really liked the characters Mitch is very interesting, and even though he comes across as a little rough on the edges, he feels deeply Kerry was nice and funny I didn t really relate to the yoga karma theme but it was interesting and gave the book a special touch.

    20. Someone mentioned I might enjoy this book, so I figured what the hell It s a little trashy romance novel than I would normally enjoy, but it was ok all in all Quick read Steamy Definitely not my normal cup of tea, so to speak.

    21. Really enjoyed this book but wasnt thrilled with the ending.I was hoping for a second book, to finish where this left off, but all in all, it was very entertaining.The writing was very descriptive and well done I will be reading by this author soon.

    22. obviously very predictable, friends to lovers Mitch, not as jaded as I thought he d be and Kerri not a complete flake made a decent couple the coupling was way hot nice and light read.

    23. Nothin wrong with friends with benefits if you don t want to be committed to relationship understanding

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