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Pop Babylon Imogen Edwards-Jones Pop Babylon How do you make it as a pop star Why does one boy band make it big and another disappear off the pages of the magazines altogether Why do girls cost than boys And who should you sleep with to get to n

  • Title: Pop Babylon
  • Author: Imogen Edwards-Jones
  • ISBN: 9780552158145
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pop Babylon Imogen Edwards-Jones How do you make it as a pop star Why does one boy band make it big and another disappear off the pages of the magazines altogether Why do girls cost than boys And who should you sleep with to get to number one Packed with scandal and intrigue, Pop Babylon takes you to the dark heart of one of the world s most wicked and secretive industries It s a world where moneHow do you make it as a pop star Why does one boy band make it big and another disappear off the pages of the magazines altogether Why do girls cost than boys And who should you sleep with to get to number one Packed with scandal and intrigue, Pop Babylon takes you to the dark heart of one of the world s most wicked and secretive industries It s a world where money talks, bullshit walks and drugs are a way of life And where talent isn t always at the top of the list of prioritiesTracking a year in the making of a brand new boy band, Pop Babylon is pure, unadulterated reading pleasure stuffed with stories about pop s most demanding divas, which jocks do shock and just how long you can chop a line of cocaine Disgraceful, revelatory and great down and dirty fun, it s essential reading for anyone who wants to know what it really takes nowadays to be top of the pops.
    Pop Babylon Imogen Edwards-Jones

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      152 Imogen Edwards-Jones
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    One thought on “Pop Babylon”

    1. Nothing new, and I love that this is filed under non fiction at my local library True scandalous tales and statistics from the music industry fictionalised as a year in the life of a manufactured boy band I think she d be better off writing these as actual non fiction exposes, because the fictional prose is crappy.

    2. For me I think this series has outstayed it s welcome Stuck it out to page 58 could stand no Most interesting thing about it was a Spanish I think menu I found hidden between the pages, not that I speak Spanish

    3. Pop Babylon is another book in the Babylon series that includes real life experiences from hotels, hospitals, aeroplanes, resorts and now the world of pop These books are light reading and somewhat hit and miss for me I loved Hotel and Hospital, but not Beach as much Why do I keep reading them Well, for two reasons they re easy to pick up and put down when I m working extra long hours and I m nosy I want to know what s really going on Plus, these books have been in abundance recently at 5 sales [...]

    4. I have read most of the Babylon series now and they are written pretty much in the same formular but different themes This one was written from the point of view of a manager putting together a boy band There is a lot of name dropping which I m sure went down well with the actual people And it s also full of the I remember when stories The way that the money is divided from album and ticket sales was an eye opener, you really have to be very successful to come out with anything I think this is a [...]

    5. Sometimes a 5 star book is a well written, spellbinding story, sometimes its a quick, fast read of a subject that leaves you with your mouth open Wow, could this sort of shit really be true Its so phenomenally out of my sphere of experience that I can t wait to turn the page to see what is the next step on the road to fame and its great that the book names names.

    6. Once there was a time when one bloke met another bloke on the train, carrying some blues records under the arm, and, with the help of some other unemployed friends a successful rock band was born, although rock was often the last thing on their mind I hope they don t think we re a rock n roll outfit , said Mick Jagger when he announced the very first Marquee outing of his little rhythm and blues band in Jazz News If you would like to know, it was on Thursday, July 12, 1962 and the lineup was Mic [...]

    7. Very enjoyable Allegedly based on actual events It was striking how much the world of entertainment and communication has changed in the last decade since the book was published MySpace is a blip in the timeline of history, and so is the once ubiquitous Blackberry Back then downloads were killing CDs Now streaming is killing everything And piracy still has the same effect as ever As for the ephemeral nature of pop music, and the instant stardom promised by TV talent shows, we still have that now [...]

    8. Lots of fun, and a very easy read It s basically a pretty standard story about starting a band, with gossipy stories about bands and pop stars shoehorned in every couple of pages or so Some are named e.g John Taylor from Duran Duran being so rich and out of it that he forgot that he d bought two Deloreans and some unnamed It came out the same year as John Niven s Kill Your Friends read that instead.

    9. Popularne przys owie m wi, e ciekawo to pierwszy stopie do piek a Je li to rzeczywi cie prawda, to Imogen Edwards Jones do piek a zje d a wind Ta popularna brytyjska pisarka i dziennikarka jest autork bestsellerowej serii ,,Babylon , na kt r , jak do tej pory, sk adaj si nast puj ce tytu y Hotel Babylon, Air Babylon, Fashion Babylon, Beach Babylon, Pop Babylon, Wedding Babylon i Hospital Babylon Jak wida , spektrum jej zainteresowa obejmuje chyba absolutnie wszystkie bran e.W tej recenzji przyjr [...]

    10. I love the Babylon series They re informative, funny, well written, and always about areas that I know are going to have interesting stories Pop Babylon is no exception, as you can well imagine the tales of celebrity excess that are brought up within it s pages, as we follow the fictional but based on real events told to the author by those in the business year in the life of a band manager, as he tries to put together a new boy band to rise to the top of the charts.Imogen Edwards Jones has to b [...]

    11. Ik kocht dit boek in een 2 1 aanbieding en dus had ik al een idee dat het niet zo heel veel soeps zou zijn En ik kreeg gelijk Je leest over een boyband en ziet hoe hun de popmuziek proberen te veroveren, best leuk hoor zo n kijkje achter de schermen maar naar een tijdje wil je gewoon een echt verhaal en dit zit er helaas niet in De karakters zijn eigenlijk ook een beetje dubieus en je weet gewoon niet wat je van ze moet denken Na een tijd begint het gewoon te vervelen om te lezen, het is is dat [...]

    12. Another fast, fast, fast pop read I read this in two days on my commute Imogen Edwards Jones was on to a winner when she invented the Babylon series, in which she writes a fictionalised, insider s view of an industry that intrigues us, by interviewing a source or two Pop Babylon s protagonist is fun a pretty gross, lazy, immoral record industry manager who s creating a boy band to cash in on what is already a dying craze The book itself feels a bit lazy, but there are some great, cynical moments [...]

    13. Not the best of the Babylon series I really enjoyed the air one, beach was so so, this one is really quite tame I didn t like the main character at all Cringeable cliched, horrible person I didn t enjoy reading about The boy band was marginally better, would have preferred to read about them, maybe with detail to their personal lives and how fame was effecting them Some interesting tidbits about real life bands and their excesses That part I found good Really a true tell all might have been e [...]

    14. Read this on a plane over a year ago Despite the promises of insider insights this is just a novel of a year in the life of a band s manager The band are idiots who have a great time i.e sex and drugs etc before resenting their manager, believing their own publicity etc etc An easy read, I had forgotten I had read it.

    15. A bunch of anecdotes cobbled together into a cutesy book Very quick and satisfying, feels like a long magazine article Good fast read for anyone slightly interested in the pop industry, especially manufactured bands This would be better as a collection of guess who don t sue anecdotes, it is a bit thinly held together at times.

    16. Pathetic The plot is only used so the author could fill in with the bits and pieces of what famous people are like sometimes or how do they behave Nothing that you didn t already know or couldn t assume just by reading daily newspapers or news sites.k.

    17. I got half way through and all the name dropping and repeated wording just killed it for me Its fun to start with but sort of teeters off I got halfway through, whereas as air Babylon I got most of the way through I like a funny book too but just not this one Same style same Author.

    18. I was really looking forward to this book, but I was a little disopointed by it It was just full of lots of pop star cliches and the band were horrible I did learn a few things, however it isn t the best book I have ever read.

    19. totally trashy but kind of fun would have been fun if i knew anything about various british boy bands which i do not.

    20. An interesting fictionalized look inside the world of the music industry If this doesn t make people have second thoughts about becoming a musician, they have nerves of steel.

    21. Not as good as Hotel Babylon, and if you re not up on your British pop stars and slang, then some of this book won t make any sense

    22. One of the weaker Babylon books It was vaguely interesting Anyone outside the UK may just struggle with the famous names mentioned, as a lot of them are UK based.

    23. Couldn t finish as felt it was so awful not up to the same standard as the other titles in the Babylon series

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