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Finding Grace Alyssa Brugman Finding Grace RACHEL HAS JUST graduated from high school and thinks she knows everything Well maybe not quite everything Then she meets the mysterious Mr Preston who offers her a live in job looking after Grace a

  • Title: Finding Grace
  • Author: Alyssa Brugman
  • ISBN: 9780385731164
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Finding Grace Alyssa Brugman RACHEL HAS JUST graduated from high school and thinks she knows everything Well, maybe not quite everything Then she meets the mysterious Mr Preston, who offers her a live in job looking after Grace a brain injured woman with a lovely house, grasping sisters, feral neighbors, and a box full of unfinished business As Rachel tries to cope with the demands of her employmeRACHEL HAS JUST graduated from high school and thinks she knows everything Well, maybe not quite everything Then she meets the mysterious Mr Preston, who offers her a live in job looking after Grace a brain injured woman with a lovely house, grasping sisters, feral neighbors, and a box full of unfinished business As Rachel tries to cope with the demands of her employment and the start of college, she s also determined to fit together the pieces that were Grace s former life The she finds out about the woman in her care, the Rachel finds herself.Children s Book Council of Australia Awards Shortlist for YA
    Finding Grace Alyssa Brugman

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    One thought on “Finding Grace”

    1. So, this morning I woke up and checked my GR feed And, on a whim, I noticed that someone Karen had added this book to their to reads list Out of curiosity, I clicked through and read the blurb It didn t amaze me, but I clicked on the preview anyway Then I went to and purchased it And I sat down and finished it in less than three hours.This is an aussie book It s contemporary Only one aussie author has failed me and we all know who that is Anyway, this is a pretty awesome book I guess I was expec [...]

    2. 2001 called, it wants it s Melanie C reference back No, seriously this was lovely As the title implies, Finding Grace is a story about discovery It s a touching and funny glimpse into one young woman s realisation that perhaps she doesn t know as much about life as she thought she did Eighteen year old, slightly socially awkward Rachel has just finished high school when she accepts a job offer to become a live in carer for Grace, a woman with a severe brain injury Gradually, as Rachel begins to [...]

    3. This is one of my overall favourite YA novels I m so proud of our Aussie authors they just keep amazing me A few nights ago I was browsing my bookcase I picked up All American Girl, filled with affection for my first Meg Cabot book I loved, no adored those books I think that s what inspired me to admire writers and have a go at writing myself I m talking about the books that I loved when I was a teenager Books that made me laugh, books that made me cry the books that made me feel like there were [...]

    4. An unexpected little book that I found when I was looking for young adult books featuring people who have experienced brain injury The narrator is quirky, awkward and her little thoughts and comments made me smile Even though some of the content is heavy, how the narrator approached it made it light hearted and hopeful A good start to the new year

    5. The author portrays a young woman on the verge of adulthood who decides to work for a woman with a traumatic brain injury The writing was both humorous and touching, as well as very realistic and relatable I felt like I really knew this girl, and would like to be friends with her I especially enjoyed how the author used the phrase I know everything throughout the book It was a sort of tongue in cheek response to youthfulness, and you could see the girl grow via the way this statement changed A g [...]

    6. Oh how I adored this book I loved the main character, an Australian teenaged girl who is convinced she knows everything, as we all did when we were 18 I loved feeling as if, uncomfortable as it may be, I was walking around in her skin I wish I hadn t read it because I would love to get to re experience the book for the first time.

    7. A gem hidden in the YA section I ransacked the library shelves looking for just one decent YA novel that I hadn t read, and I certainly found one My only confusions comes from the fact that I know very little about Australian college, and it seemed like Rachel didn t have to go to class much Great story.

    8. This book is amazing Perhaps because it s about something I am particularly interested in caring for mentally disabled in this case brain damaged , but I found Finding Grace fascinating, realistic, and uplifting.

    9. Great characters, very real I loved how Rachel goes from not very interested in Grace, to finding out and about her She learns to not be so self absorbed, as we tend to be at that age Recommended

    10. I think that this book was a very good book I would recommend other students to read it this book A teenage girl who just started college is helping an elderly lady She helps the lady regain her memory after a car accident.

    11. One of the few books that I really couldn t put down In SF at the moment might review this An excellent read.

    12. I liked the story Would like to know about what happens to Grace and her care giver Rachael I liked the Spooky Box everyone has one.

    13. Well I have to admit I didn t think a book about teenager looking after a brain damaged woman would be my cup of tea but how delightfully surprised I was to be so utterly completely wrong I really couldn t put it down devoured it over a day I can honestly say I ran the whole gamut of emotions during this tale I smiled, I laughed, I fumed warning cat lovers your blood will boil at the end I had tears in my eyes loved it every minute of it o A great little book indeed.

    14. Quirky Rachel spent her life hiding her blushes and trying to be a sparrow among Rosellas When a rich school supporter offers her a generously compensated live in career job with a woman who suffered traumatic brain damage, she says yes How hard can it be to help one person after cleaning single mums household But who really is Grace, her her new prot g e, and importantly, who was she

    15. This was such a beautifully written book about a friendship that blossoms out of the blue Made me laugh and really made me think about life

    16. 4.5 starsI quite liked this novel I picked it up from my library purely because I saw the book s spine and was intrigued I d never heard of it before, nor did I have any blurb on the book to read I just read the first sentence, Grace had a brain injury I was interested.I really liked the main character, Rachel She was just so quirky, like she calls herself I could identify with her during a few chapters, and couldn t help but smile when she would talk about her problems with blushing It was so f [...]

    17. Finding Grace is about a girl named Rachel that has the opportunity to take care of a bran injury lady Rachel tries to bring Grace life around, while trying to understand life itself.A fantastic summer read It had a simple plot but it was filled with funny characters and beautiful messages This search for the meaning of life that everybody has, we experiment it thru Rachel s eyes, a quirky and clumsy character who s comfortable with her own weirdness something I really like.I also like the fact [...]

    18. Rachel is a rather quirky 18 year old who accepts a job caring for Grace, a brain damaged woman It s Rachel s first year at University, and Grace s house is close by, rent free how hard can it be Well, it s a lot harder and tender than Rachel ever thought it would be She becomes pulled into Grace s life both before the brain damage and after and begins to create her own new life.This is an easy read, and I finished it quickly because I couldn t put it down It is sympathetic to Grace, and to the [...]

    19. Finding Grace is probably one of the best books I ve read this year.It reminds us all about how brain damaged people throughout their life, not born once had a life before It s not exactly a depressing story it s hopeful And personally, I think hope is something a lot of books lack these days Grace I loved Grace Even if she was brain dead and wasn t aware of her surroundings from time to time, I loved her And the person she used to be before the accident The thing that made this book stand out w [...]

    20. Surprisingly good I picked this up randomly at the library, which usually isn t a recipe for success, but I feel like I lucked out this time This was a nice, quick, funny at times, and touching read Here are two of my favorite quotes and similarities I share with the main character Das ist eins meiner Probleme Ich werde beim geringsten Anlass rot Ich habe druchsichtige Haut Ich bin so was von wei , ich bin der wei este Mensch, den man sich vorstellen kann Meine Haut ist mein gr ter Feind Sie ver [...]

    21. This is the sixth book I read and its called Finding Grace by Alyssa Brugman Its about a girl named Rachel who takes a live in job where she takes care of this woman named Grace who has brain damage Rachel thinks she knows everything well almost everything While taking care of Grace and going to college She soon realizes she doesn t really know Grace She starts to go snooping around for clues trying to figure out who Grace was She then discovers a box filled with letters that Grace had letters t [...]

    22. College student Rachel is hired to work as the carer must be how they say caregiver in Australia for Grace, a young woman brain damaged in an accident Mr Preston, the man who hired Rachel seems to have had some sort of romantic relationship with Grace but Rachel isn t sure of the connection Grace cannot speak and is unresponsive so when Rachel finds her spooky box of letters, she reads through them to try and learn who the real Grace was Mr Preston s revelation of their relationship and the acci [...]

    23. I picked this book up on a quick jaunt to the library I was so desperate for something to read that when choosing this book, I merely skimmed the front flap and threw it in my bag As you can guess, I did not have high hopes for it I started reading at that point, and was three sentences in when I decided to stop But I couldn t I literally couldn t I finished the entire first chapter before even coming up for air The subject matter may be touchy, but Brugman approaches it in a humorous, clever an [...]

    24. I really liked this book I was looking for something with a literary feel to it and I found a book with great writing and excellent heart The author does a great job of juxtaposing learning about Grace, the woman the protagonist is caring for, with Rachel s own growth into understanding herself and finding her path in life.The only thing I didn t like about this book is that it s in first person I know that is the trend in YA but for me it makes it harder to get into because I feel like I m rea [...]

    25. I came across this book while sorting books at Lifeline for their bookfair I loved the title and the cover, so I thought I would take it home and start off 2012 with what I hoped would be an interesting book.It turned out to be a highly worthwhile, inspiring read about a teenager s struggle finding her way through frustrating emotions while caring for a disabled person It was also a compassionate yet unexpected funny story.Alyssa captured my imagination because she presented the storyline with s [...]

    26. This book contains one of my favorite quotes I read it awhile back but it still sticks with me What are you going to do Everyone asks me What are you going to do Sometimes I just want to scream I DON T KNOW, MAN I M JUST TRYING TO FINISH WHAT I M DOING NOW Any book that succeeds in crafting a relatable main character especially at a time in your life when you feel like you really don t know what to do with your life is a win, for me Plus, this book is Australian and I love Australian books.

    27. I picked this one up randomly at the public library I thought it was a different cover for Amazing Grace got confused for a minute I was pleasantly surprised by this one I immediately liked the narrator Rachel and though it took me a couple of chapters to get used to the Austrailian vocab, I thought this was a wonderful story about a woman with brain damage Another strong point was that it is written with a very mature teen character, but the content is still very PG.

    28. A fairly random read for me Not even sure why we have this book.It s a nice story Heart warming and quite funny in parts In fact, yes, it was really rather humorous And it s always nice to read a book with references to local things ie Sydney surrounds.I considered giving this 4 stars but ultimately it didn t seem to go anywhere in particular Still, a pleasant journey I didn t mind taking.

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