Family Values #2020

Family Values G.M. Ford Family Values Returning to Seattle after a business trip retired PI Leo Waterman is shocked to find his girlfriend Rebecca Duvall unconscious on the bathroom floor her house filled with gas Officials believe it

  • Title: Family Values
  • Author: G.M. Ford
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Family Values G.M. Ford Returning to Seattle after a business trip, retired PI Leo Waterman is shocked to find his girlfriend, Rebecca Duvall, unconscious on the bathroom floor, her house filled with gas Officials believe it was a suicide attempt in the wake of a humiliating scandal Under investigation for dereliction of duty, she d been suspended from her job as medical examiner for King CountReturning to Seattle after a business trip, retired PI Leo Waterman is shocked to find his girlfriend, Rebecca Duvall, unconscious on the bathroom floor, her house filled with gas Officials believe it was a suicide attempt in the wake of a humiliating scandal Under investigation for dereliction of duty, she d been suspended from her job as medical examiner for King County Leo knows Rebecca too well and is determined to prove her innocence and clear her name Most important, he wants to find out who tried to kill her.Despite the prosecuting attorney s claims of a solid case, Leo rounds up his ragtag team of miscreants to find the truth The investigation leads straight to The Highlands There, behind the locked doors of one of Seattle s most exclusive gated communities, old money can afford to bury older family secrets But for Leo, unearthing them is going to trap him in a conspiracy that is deadlier, and far personal, than he feared.
    Family Values G.M. Ford

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      306 G.M. Ford
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    1. Leo Waterman, retired PI, is back in this latest installment of this terrific series set in Seattle Leo is back early on Valentine s Day in Seattle, armed with surprise flowers and chocolates for Dr Rebecca Duvall, forensic examiner and girlfriend Its raining heavily and on entering Rebecca s home, Leo finds it reeking of gas and a barely alive Rebecca with a syringe full of heroin stuck in her A shocked and desperate Leo manages to turn off the gas and collapses with Rebecca outside It turns ou [...]

    2. Ford s Leo Waterman series is such a great series it deserves to be widely read He is especially adept at using Seattle as his backdrop for Leo s investigations I wrote the following for another of his books and repeat it here as my feelings haven t changed Read these if you are a fan of Sue Grafton Leo has the smarts and heart of Kinsey Millhone , Janet Evanovich Leo is not nearly as inept as Stephanie Plum but gets himself in some interesting situations and his operatives are very colorful , [...]

    3. They were standing inside the door when I came out of the bathroom Two of them Matching gray suits, milling around like they owned the joint Something about carrying a gun in one pocket and the power of the state in the other changes the way a person relates to the universe For as long as I could remember, that particular sense of privilege has always pissed me off Leo Waterman is a solid citizen now, no longer the scruffy Seattle PI that he was when our series began But now that he has a lovely [...]

    4. What is it about G M Ford s novels that make them worth reading Aside from fairly well crafted plots and interesting characters, it s the low viscosity wordsmithery Within a few pages, one becomes oriented A few pages and you are standing at Leo s side watching the action or, if you are imaginative enough, skirmishing with Leo and Gabe against genocidal Croatians The original Augmented Reality mode without the need for electronics or software.One other point Some people like puns Others like li [...]

    5. Until I had won a Kindle version of this book from , I had never read any of G.M Ford s books This is number ten in his private investigator series featuring Leo Waterman, and I thoroughly enjoyed it so much so that I made a mental note to myself to read some of the other books in this series and the other books he has written Leo Waterman is quite the character, and has a dark sense of humor about human behavior Underlying that though is the feeling I get that the character has a very optimisti [...]

    6. This is at least book 9 or 10 in the Leo Waterman Mystery series Set in Seattle, Leo is coming home on Valentine s Day to celebrate with Rebecca when he finds her unconscious in their home filled with gas Doctors rule it attempted suicide but Leo knows better Together with his friends, the retired PI investigates claims that Rebecca botched her job as medical examiner and is facing charges Good mystery to solve and lots of suspense This is the first book in the series that I ve read and it stand [...]

    7. Another very good story from G.M Ford One of the trademarks of a Leo Waterman story from Ford is Ford s use of unusual characters in assisting Waterman s cases In this story Ford introduces Gabe as a body guard hired to protect Rachel after an attempt on her life In this case, Gabe is transgender Ford doesn t use the character for a political statement, it just follows along with his earlier use of street derelicts as his eyes and ears Worth the read If one is an Prime member, this book is part [...]

    8. Disclaimer I received this book for free when I won it thru Giveaway I have not previously read any of G.M Ford books therefore this book was the first introduction for me into his writing, story lines and the Leo Waterman series I liked that the book was a quick and easy read as the story line flowed easily and smoothly, although I must say there was not much of a mystery It was pretty easy to figure out the who done it and was definitely confirmed about 3 4 through the book I would of like a f [...]

    9. Leo Waterman had been in Arizona wrapping up loose ends on some property that he had sold He managed to complete his errands early, and being that it was Valentine s Day, he decided to came home a day early and surprise his girlfriend, Dr Rebecca Duvall Dr Duvall is the Seattle Medical Examiner.True to typical Seattle weather, it s pouring as he is trying to make his way from the parking lot to her door with the flowers and chocolates that he was carrying Two burly men dressed in UPS uniforms br [...]

    10. 4.5 Retired PI Leo Waterman returns to Seattle a day earlier than he expected It s Valentine s Day and he plans to surprise his girlfriend, forensic examiner Dr Rebecca Duvall, with chocolates and flowers There s no answer at Rebecca s house but Leo can hear her phone ringing inside when he tries to contact her Realising something must be wrong, Rebecca is always on call, he breaks down the door to be hit with an overpowering smell of gas He finds Rebecca unconscious with a needle dangling from [...]

    11. This is the first time I ve picked up a novel in the Leo Waterman series, so from that standpoint, I can honestly say I don t feel like you need to read from the beginning in order for this one to make sense I was easily able to follow the characters, and the story even though I m sure at least a couple of them have made appearances in other stories as well This was an ok story The writing seemed solid enough, even if the story line was at times, nearly painfully obvious The pace was pretty stea [...]

    12. Returning to Seattle after a business trip in Arizona, retired PI Leo Waterman is shocked to find his coroner girlfriend Rebecca Duvall unconscious in her house which is filled with gas The police and District Attorney think Rebecca tried to commit suicide since she was under investigation for dereliction of duty But Leo knows Rebecca too well and wants to prove her innocence and clear her name Leo goes to visit Rebecca s co workers who have also been suspended from work But when one of them bec [...]

    13. 10 in the Leo Waterman series Leo has aged and matured in the 22 years since the series debuted, Who in Hell Is Wanda Fuca 1995 , with one of the all time great titles Author Ford s writing is descriptive, humorous, and incisive his plot is gripping His supporting cast of alcoholic irregulars is a great literary invention I ve just finished this 2017 series entry and can t wait for the next to be published.Returning to Seattle after a business trip, retired PI Leo Waterman is shocked to find his [...]

    14. Leo Waterman finds his medical examiner girlfriend, Rebecca, on the floor of her condo with the gas on She is being indicted for tampering with evidence and the cops think she tried to kill herself Leo doesn t belive it and sets out to clear her He ends up digging into the cases she supposedly tampered with which leads him into a lot of trouble.Along the way he is nearly killed several times, teams up with a bodyguard to protect Rebecca and search for the attempted killers He finds a guy was con [...]

    15. Retired Seattle P I Leo Waterman has been out of town on business and returns a day early As it is Valentine s Day, Leo, with flowers and Seattle s best chocolates in hand, decides to surprise his lady but gets the surprise of his life He finds her unresponsive in her condo and it s filled with gas from the stove The police say attempted suicide due to accusations of destroying files, etc as a medical examiner Leo knows it can t be true and sets about to get his contacts from his past life to he [...]

    16. I ve read and and enjoyed all the books in this series I d call them traditional mysteries with a lot of humor and heart The writing is engaging and colorful, the language is funny, and Leo is a great character They re set in Seattle, and the local descriptions are terrific.As the book opens, it s Valentines Day and Leo has come home to Seattle a day early to surprise his girlfriend When he arrives at her condo, he finds her passed out on the floor and her apartment full of gas He manages to sav [...]

    17. I haven t read any of the previous books in the series, so perhaps the holes or gaps I see aren t relevant to those that have read the series The parts I find hackneyed are that Leo a retired PI has inherited a large amount of money from his father who operated on either the edge or the other side of the law This allows him to hire a 1000 a day bodyguard for his girlfriend Rebecca who has been left for dead once and and then another person killed when it was supposed to be her The storyline is i [...]

    18. GM Ford gets better with every book Way back when I read Who the Hell is Juan De FucaIt was sort of light and quirky As his writing has progressed it has become darker and even better.Leo comes home early from a business trip to surprise Rebecca for Valentines Day Instead he finds her passed out on the floor of her apartment The authorities say it was a suicide attempt since she had just been suspended from her job but Leo knows she would never do that.What I really liked about this book is that [...]

    19. I am so glad that Leo is back, as well as Rebecca and new character Gabe The wait was well worth it Fast paced story with a touch of the old gang, as well as Leo s luck I stayed up all night to finish this, and now look forward to the next story Fantastic new character in this book that garners attention and interest without poking you in the face Just enough background to keep you guessing and wanting to know Highly recommend this book, and if you haven t read Mr Ford s other stories, well get [...]

    20. New LeoHave read every Leo Waterman They have gone from 5 star down, a shame because being from Seattle I could feel like I was there walking the streets thru the drizzle and chill as I read Seems like Mr Ford has grown tired of Leo and only writes one on occasion with less and less attention to detail Apparently no or bad editing, Leo and Gabe were asked for the clothing they were wearing in a murder investigation 4 days later Please Mr Ford give us back the only detective that ever even came c [...]

    21. Happy to have a new Leo Waterman book unhappy that I read it and now have to wait so long for another Hope he s working on the next one His books are entertaining, with good mysteries I have read the whole series, and the only one I didn t care much for was the first one Who in Hell is Wanda Fuca Glad I tried the next one A great series with the one obvious exception for me highly recommend.

    22. Leo Waterman returns from a business trip and discovers his girlfriend unconscious on the bathroom floor with a syringe dangling in her arm and her house full of gas Rebecca has been suspended from her job as a medical examiner and is under investigation because some files have turned up missing.Leo helps Rebecca unravel the mystery behind the missing files The twists and turns the story takes will keep you guessing and craving

    23. Not bad, a decent continuation of the long running Seattle series The first plot is a smokescreen to mask the real plot and it s foiled rather too easily by accident As usual the bad guys would get away with it if they would just sit tight instead of starting to kill people It s also hard to believe that tbe Seattle PD is quite as inert as is suggested Finally, Ford, like a lot of mystery suspense writers, tends to overdescribe non essential plot elements in order to pad things out.

    24. G.M Ford in his work Family Values detailed brilliantly how the investigation of PI Leo Waterman lead straight to the family secrets of his girl friend Rebecca Duvall, who attempted suicide though he was trapped in a conspiracy that was deadlier, and far personal than he feared is quite interesting and thrillingSivkishen Ji

    25. Leo keeps getting better n betterOnce upon a time I bought Who in Hell is Wanda Fuca just for the title I met Leo Waterman and his gang and revelled in every word Each book has been better than the last true to Seattle, true to its characters and true to the best of Classic Mystery Family Values deserves a wide reading.

    26. Leo wins again I received the book in a Goodsreads giveaway and am glad I did I read my first Leo Waterman book last year when Salvation Lake was released I like Leo and his friends and was glad to find out about them.The book has a good, steady pace in the writing style Leo may come off as a little paranoid in some instances, but it is always warranted in saving his life and whomever he happens to be with at the time Gabe was an interesting character to introduce and I hope we get to see of h [...]

    27. Another Ford V8 Having read the Waterman series, the quality of the plot, characters, and humor were as expected Witty, complex, and heroic best describe our heroes Good clean fun with minimal gore.

    28. Was great.Love this book Now a fan of GM Ford will be trying to dive into Leo Waterman mysteries However it did take me a long time to read, because I was constantly looking at Google maps traveling around Seattle since I ve never been but GM Ford took me there.

    29. Having never read a book by G.M Ford before, I didn t know what to expect I ended up thoroughly enjoying this read, and I look forward to reading by the author The writing is solid and flows easily.

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