The Protective Groom #2020

The Protective Groom Lucy McConnell The Protective Groom Noah Baker is about to meet the toughest woman in Texas right before he marries her Harley Wilson of the Texas Wilsons is being stalked by an unscrupulous creeper who is intent on doing her harm In

  • Title: The Protective Groom
  • Author: Lucy McConnell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Protective Groom Lucy McConnell Noah Baker is about to meet the toughest woman in Texas right before he marries her Harley Wilson, of the Texas Wilsons, is being stalked by an unscrupulous creeper who is intent on doing her harm In order to protect herself, Harley asks Pamela Jones to find her a groom She needs someone who can hold his own in a firefight and happily sign annulment papers when this nigNoah Baker is about to meet the toughest woman in Texas right before he marries her Harley Wilson, of the Texas Wilsons, is being stalked by an unscrupulous creeper who is intent on doing her harm In order to protect herself, Harley asks Pamela Jones to find her a groom She needs someone who can hold his own in a firefight and happily sign annulment papers when this nightmare is over Noah Baker thinks he s hit the jackpot as a Billionaire Marriage Brokers groom The position is the perfect opportunity to move forward and put the past behind him once and for all However, Noah must dig into his training as a police officer and doing so brings up demons he buried two years ago when he left the force Time runs short for Noah as his list of suspects grows to include an almost fianc , a twisted cousin, and Harley s step brother With Harley s father breathing down his neck, Noah finds himself falling for Harley in a way that makes this assignment as personal as well, marriage.
    The Protective Groom Lucy McConnell

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      411 Lucy McConnell
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    One thought on “The Protective Groom”

    1. It s interesting how a story can draw me right in from the first page and keep a smile on my face until the end I love a marriage of convenience and this one has a lot of swoony chemistry as an added bonus Harley is from a very well know and wealthy family When a stalker threatens her, it s decided that a round the clock bodyguard can best protect her and Noah is hired to marry and protect her For all her fame and fortune, Harley is genuine and sweet She has a spunky streak, as Noah learns from [...]

    2. This is such a fun series I like how they all have a similar theme, and yet are unique and can stand on their own I actually missed book four, so I need to go back and read that one now Harley has a stalker that s getting aggressive, to help protect her they decide she should get married Hoping this will have the stalker give up, they go through the Billionaire Marriage Brokers where she s matched with ex cop Noah Baker Noah and Harley were a cute couple, great chemistry and had a fun story I w [...]

    3. This is the fourth book I ve read in the BMB series Each can be read on their own I enjoy these books, though each is based on the same premise and is somewhat predictable, they re still fun to read I especially like that they are guaranteed to be clean I liked the reversal in this one, where it was a groom for hire, instead of a bride I loved that Noah wasn t stand offish or brooding He was positive and sweet and level headed Harley was tough and strong but still feminine Fun, clean read.

    4. 4.5 StarsHarely Wilson is beautiful, sassy, rich, famous and being stalked by a creeper They need a plan to either draw the creeper out to be caught or make them forget about her and move on Fortunately or unfortunately depending on who you ask there is only one option That option Get married Harley has no desire to be married to a fake groom but it s the only way to keep her and her family safe and get rid of the psychopath once and for all Noah Baker needs to put the past behind him and make a [...]

    5. Another fun addition to this series Sometimes I wish these books were longer with a bit time to develop the relationships but I still really enjoy them The chemistry was snapping in this book.

    6. Loved this book I really loved this book The plot was quite intriguing to say the least, and while I felt a little clueless about the whole billionaire marriage brokers, it all came together so well It definitely makes you want to read the other books in this series I loved the similes and metaphors the author used when writing from a southern perspective I also enjoyed the protagonists sense of humor and confidence Many swoon worthy moments

    7. This was a really good read I was not surprised the one person got caught, but I knew it was too easy The second was a surprise I was sweet, and well written, and clean I really enjoyed this book I look forward to reading others from this author.

    8. Not my favoriteStory was dull, most if it did match up I kept reading to see if it got better but was sadly disappointed.

    9. This was another fun addition to the BMB series Readers that had previously read The Country Bride get to follow Paige s brother as he signs up to be a groom for BMB His marriage is a bit exciting than some of the others as he is primarily brought on as a bodyguard for his wealthy bride While I enjoyed the book and the closer look at Noah, I felt some of the action left a little bit to be desired I would have appreciated action and intrigue than we got here Sometimes things felt a bit rushed, [...]

    10. OkFelt like I came into the middle of a story The ending was also abrupt Liked the concept, but think the author could have done with it.

    11. I know it s not realistic, but I do enjoy seeing how characters deal with this strange situation of being set up and getting married for a year with a planned annulment.

    12. Free EbookA marriage broker finds matches that are business matches for one year She needs a bodyguard, he needs a wife but has some issues The BMB is the solution Want to read the whole series

    13. Love it I fell in love with the Billionaire Marriage Brokers immediately and this one sticks right with the theme Hard paced, adventurous, and heart clinching With this being the first male to be married off I was a little leery about how it would go, but with the background info given, it flows well and leaves you hating to put it down for even a second Noah needs something to help him get past the incident that causes him nightmares and the reason he left the police force After seeing his sist [...]

    14. I loved that we got to see of Noah, Paige s brother in The Country Bride, in this book It s so much fun that there is a Billionaire Marriage Brokers groom and that it s Noah I grew to love his character in Paige s story And I love his character even after reading this one.Harley Wilson has a stalker and her family determines that it s high time for her to have a husband that can protect her at all hours of the day and night So her mother calls Pamela at Billionaire Marriage Brokers and Noah an [...]

    15. Harley Wilson comes from a super wealthy Texas family, and she has been working hard to build her own financial empire But her safety has been compromised, even on the family s secure compound So her dad referred to as The General by her and her brother has decided she needs to marry someone who can protect her and a marriage is brokered by BMB Billionaire Marriage Brokers.We met Noah Baker in The Country Bride Book 4 in this series and I m so glad he got his own story Noah is looking for a reas [...]

    16. Further they go, worse they getI had enjoyed the first few books in this series very much The one before this was my least favorite Til this one.From the beginning, all the down homey Texas isms started to wear purty dang thin on my nerves, pardner.Then, right off the bat, we had ourselves another Scooby Doo Mystery on our hands.I guess its true, the books in a series, the worse they get Its like the writer just runs out of ideas.But heres a questionwhy keep writing Why dont they just stop the [...]

    17. Having now completed the BMB series of clean romance novels I must state that, in my opinion, this is the absolute best of the series Unlike many other series offerings each story can stand alone however, this final book works a little better if you have recently read book 4, The Country Bride The story of Harley and Noah had me turning the pages from start to finish Unlike some of the earlier books in the series, this story was totally believable from start to finish The writing was captivating [...]

    18. 4.5 Stars I have really enjoyed this series It has been such a fun read I have also been looking forward to reading this newest addition to the series Unlike the previous novels, this time we have a groom working for BMB If you read Book 4, The Country Bride, then you are familiar with Noah Baker and his family And most likely you are just as eager as me to start this one I am so pleased to say that McConnell did not disappoint The Protective Groom, was a highly enjoyable read and one that added [...]

    19. I knew when I was ready to start this book I needed to set everything aside for a binge read I love these books so much I can never put them down Luckily, my house was already pretty clean before I started lol I LOVED Noah and Harley s story We had already fallen in love with Noah from The Country Bride book and it was so great to see him get his own story Noah didn t leave a very good first impression but his charm changed that quickly I love the fun and lightheartedness these clean romance boo [...]

    20. I have read all of the Billionaire Marriage Brokers books I have really enjoyed the others and was looking forward to this book since it was a little different because it was a groom instead of a bride This one also had a bit of a mystery to it I loved seeing of Paige from a previous book in this story The main characters had chemistry and it was believable chemistry I loved that while there was fireworks between the two the book stayed clean It was an enjoyable read and I hope there are to co [...]

    21. These are fun books about arranged business marriages that tend towards real love Fun characters and interesting plots This one stars the brother of the MC from a previous book it s always fun to have past characters pop in and out of a story I figured out the stalker long before anyone else There were a lot of cliche type but not overly used cliches that were humorous, but got to be a tad bit annoying Overall tho, a fun read

    22. This is the first book I ve read in the Billionaire Marriage Brokers series, but it won t be the last This is the 5th book in the series, so they definitely stand alone I am such a sucker for these kinds of books I really liked both Noah and Harley they were great characters that you couldn t help but like The mystery was great as well and kept me interested Now I can t wait to go back and read books 1 4

    23. I ve loved every one of the Billionaire Marriage Broker books and this one might just be my favorite Noah is delectable fun, good looking, kind, protective He is the perfect groom Harley is feminine while still being tough and it was so fun to read how smitten she was with Noah and how hard she tried to hide it Highly recommended.

    24. The Protective GroomI enjoyed reading this BMB book by Lucy McConnell I have read the other books in this series and I liked reading something different where a groom is provided instead of a bride Harley and Noah had chemistry and were a great match Looking forward to from this author.

    25. Meh I don t know why but it didn t take for me.There was a LOT of metaphors and that got annoying after a while The guy was as hot as a stolen tamale in July or something Something likened to a hot kitchen, etc.There was also the wedding scene and her reaction really irritated me.

    26. This is probably my least favorite of the books so far, but I liked that it had a bit of a mystery twist to it These are very clean and cute romance books This is a series I would highly recommend even if like most of the characters in the books, I feel like matchmaking is a funny thing to think about in present day.

    27. Another Excellent Billionaire Brokers BookI love these series They are so engaging that you don t want to put it down For someone who has literally read hundreds of romance novels, these books are some of the best I ve read

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