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The Pocket Watch Ceci Giltenan The Pocket Watch When Maggie Mitchell is transported to the thirteenth century Highlands will Laird Logan Carr help mend her broken heart or put it in danger than before Generous kind and loving Maggie nearly alwa

  • Title: The Pocket Watch
  • Author: Ceci Giltenan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Pocket Watch Ceci Giltenan When Maggie Mitchell, is transported to the thirteenth century Highlands will Laird Logan Carr help mend her broken heart or put it in danger than before Generous, kind, and loving, Maggie nearly always puts the needs of others first So when a mysterious elderly woman gives her an extraordinary pocket watch, telling her it s a conduit to the past, Maggie agrees to gWhen Maggie Mitchell, is transported to the thirteenth century Highlands will Laird Logan Carr help mend her broken heart or put it in danger than before Generous, kind, and loving, Maggie nearly always puts the needs of others first So when a mysterious elderly woman gives her an extraordinary pocket watch, telling her it s a conduit to the past, Maggie agrees to give the watch a try, if only to disprove the woman s delusion But it works Maggie finds herself in the thirteenth century Scottish Highlands, with a handsome warrior who clearly despises her Her tender soul is caught between her own desire and the disaster she could cause for others Will she find a way to resolve the trouble and return home within the allotted sixty days Or will someone worthy earn her heart forever
    The Pocket Watch Ceci Giltenan

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      305 Ceci Giltenan
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    One thought on “The Pocket Watch”

    1. 3 stars, maybe 3.5 for its genre light time travel romance Another Kindle freebie that I downed last night I was popping these things down like so much chocolate while I mustered up the fortitude to take on Ficciones again Maggie Mitchell, weeping in a garden after watching the guy she s loved all her life marry someone else, tells her sad story to a friendly elderly lady who offers her the chance to escape into someone else s life in the distant past, through a magical pocket watch The premise [...]

    2. What a wonderful book Loved every minute of it Great story and characters I can t wait for the next one in this series.

    3. I really enjoyed this book It was such a light, sweet time travel romance There is a little bit of angst, and a few surprises, but overall this was a feel good enjoyable read.

    4. I gave The Pocket Watch 3 1 2 stars because, well, it was a Novella, and I m not fond of novellas, but I liked the story and I may actually remember it perhaps with some prodding So not quite worthy of 4 stars It was not a typical Christian novel, however a Catholic would say it was The church in the story, and all its holy days and rituals, were Catholic I was raised Catholic, even went to Catholic school, so I m pretty familiar with the faith, and other aspects of many people within the faith [...]

    5. I have been seeing this book in Kindle Unlimited for a while now I kept passing it by, but I finally decided to give it a try I was very surprised at how quickly I fell in love with this story Maggie is heartbroken when the love of her life gets married She is alone and a woman comes to her and offers her a chance of a lifetime She offers her the chance to have a new life as someone else All she has to do is wear a small pocket watch to bed While Maggie thinks the lady is crazy, she decides to g [...]

    6. Once I started reading I was hooked and had to keep going until the end Another sleepless night, but totally worth it Look forward to the next story.

    7. Such a wonderful book this is and such a beautiful romantic tale and story When you meet Maggie Mitchell you see how hard her life has been growing up This wonderful sister always making sure that her sister has the best life and education chooses even when she is herself let down because of money worries Maggie is finally completely destroyed when her young love, Elliot has even decided to choose another bride for himself Finally decided ping to move on when she meets an older woman, Gertrude w [...]

    8. I loved this book It was tender, uplifting, and sweet, yet with great twists turns, and a healthy dose of enjoyable angst I was instantly smitten with the two main characters, Maggie and Logan They were flawed, like any good characters, but incredibly likable Truly, this was a great read The flashes of Scottish history make you feel like you re there, but the book is not bogged down with historical plotting, scheming, etc I was riveted the whole way through I will be reading every single other o [...]

    9. I like it I like the whole idea or concept, but I dont think Im reading the sequel because one of the worst things that I reject most it s that the author writes in ancient english Even if I could understand it, I dont like it Anyway, although this little thing, the book it s ok.

    10. if an old lady with a pocket watch offered you a chance to time travel would you do it Maggie Mitchell doesn t really believe it will work, but she s willing to give it a try so when she comes to on the back of a horse in 13th century Scotland she s then shocked Laird Carr despises the person that he thinks she is and why wouldn t he Maggie is in Margaret s body and has been nothing other then a shrew to everyone she meets so when Laird Carr starts to notice differences Maggie claims amnesia an [...]

    11. I d give it a 4.75 stars.I loved everything about it A broken girl after finding out her ex boyfriend, the love of her life is marrying someone else While crying she meets an old lady who offers her a gift promising that her life is going to change I don t want to give away too much as it was an amazing story And you all will enjoy it as i have Although, i hated the fact that she was away from her family, but the old lady made my day when she took the watch of Maggie Her gift to Maggie s little [...]

    12. The first half of the book was quite interesting The second half was not quite that good and the ending was a disappointment Then I read that this was a novella That may explain the problem of the kind of awkward last part of the book before the ending I don t particularly like novellas My rating 2.5.One thing I did like about the book was that the MC, having been warned that the pocket watch would transport her into the past, didn t spend the first 1 4th of the book angry and disoriented, as is [...]

    13. Actual rating 4.5 time travelling stars _ I really do love time travel romance This is one of the many books that I have with time travel romance theme on it.This was a short book Usually when the time travel happens, it involves a place or a portal This one made use of a time travel piece which is a pocket watch.I enjoyed reading this It was short and the plot is simple I love it Logan and Maggie s story is cute It was smooth sailing and just some minor bumps along the way I love it It was a go [...]

    14. This is an interesting, well written book with a bit of a different look at time travel When Maggie is given a special pocket watch, she is told it will take her back in time What she didn t quite realize was she would find herself in another woman s body and life This is that tale and will take readers on a romantic journey back to the late twelve hundred and to the country of Scotland Can you change the past How about a person in the past The author takes an interesting look at those questions [...]

    15. The book was well written and was easy enough to read My problem with it for me was that the story lack depths I don t know for other readers but for me the story sported around on a very mundane lifestyle The way the story was written were not by showing but telling that I didn t feel anything for the story and even though the heroine Maggie was from the future and had studied really hard about it we were only shown twice where she was able to use her knowledge and help save someone but it wasn [...]

    16. LBI fought the overview of this book sounded interesting I decided to give this author and book a try I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the story That being said, I found the transition between modern times and 13th century Scotland for Maggie was too smooth I also found the acceptance by Logan and his family and Margaret s father a bit to easily done All in a a quick and enjoyable read.

    17. A story that is enjoyable enough to read and I would like to read the other stories in the series even though they do not feature the same characters There is nothing in the story that you can t see coming and some of the explanations of how the time travel worked were lost on me even though it was explained quite simply, but you don t need to understand all of that to enjoy the story.

    18. Spellbinding,enchanting beautiful time travel that had me devouring the pages with breathtaking anticipation Pure Magic Love With Ceci Giltnan her superbly written riveting stories only get better if that is even possible As I have been an avid fan since her debut as an author with the fantastic Highland Solution and all her books are written with such compassion and beauty with intrigue and powerful plots that hold the readers interest from the first word in the first chapter to the last word i [...]

    19. I love time travel stories Quaint, poignant, and satisfying This story kept my interest and is very well written The characters were realistic and likeable

    20. Nice and clean and completely boring.Nice and Clean and completely Boring Nice and sweet with characters who have absolutely No chemistry or passion or anything It s a sweet story,but even we did a bit of a pov from Logan we never Really get to know him and Maggie is a bit of a Too Nice doormat, it s great to sometimes put others needs before your own it s called being unselfish But as good as being that way can be No unless your out to be the next Mother Theresa and most of us aren t it s not t [...]

    21. This was a great read by author Ceci Giltenan, time travel with a twist.Maggie Mitchell was found in the gardens of a wedding reception of her best friend who she had been in love with, by an elderly lady named Gertrude Maggie was offered the chance to live a different life by taking a pocket watch, but there are rules bit like the Cinderella fairy tale she has sixty days to decide whether she wants to stay or return Maggie thinks the old lady maybe a bit delusional but decides to give it a go t [...]

    22. I enjoyed the story and found it entertaining enough I felt that the characters could have been introduced with detail as I didn t feel any real connection with them The story was told from Maggie s point of view with some of Logan s thoughts, but Logan wasn t really introduced until Maggie dropped into his life and then without much detail, so I couldn t connect with him I feel that if the story had been lengthened and had substance added then it would have been wonderful to read I got the bo [...]

    23. Maggie s a practicing nurse with a servant s heart, always choosing the needs of others before her own So when she s given just too much of herself, a tearful time in the public gardens brings her a mysterious, caring old woman With a magical pocket watch She gets one chance to live another s life, to forget her heartache and possibly find something better, and if she doesn t like it, she can return home, within the respected time frame What she finds is something both magical and rough because [...]

    24. Who wouldn t love to leave all their problems and travel back in time to a totally different place and era Our heroine is devastated since her long time love for her best friend must come to an end He is marrying someone else So when someone stops to hear her story and gives her a pocket watch with a chance to leave it all behind and enter a new world, maybe even to help out someone , Maggie Mitchell does just that Her adventure is surely than she expects.A charming tale that takes us to Scotla [...]

    25. Told in a very old fairy tale like narrative, where large portions of time are skipped often, and everything is told instead shown You re told that they fall in love, but you don t experience the gradual change Simply some time has passed and they re falling in love Take the stock character of a medieval liard, and a time traveling heroine, boil them down to the very essence of their character and you will have the hero and heroine of this book, where they are what that character is suppose to b [...]

    26. When a broken hearted young woman meets an elderly woman in a park and she is offered an opportunity to escape her heartache by traveling to another time and becoming another person, she assumes the woman is mentally ill She is a nurse and resolves to return as instructed the next day to meet the woman if she awakens still in the current time But this is a time traveler s story so of course she awakens in the 13th century as a young Scottish woman about to marry to bring two families together Sh [...]

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