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Ascendance Lissa Kasey Ascendance Four months of people trying to kill Seiran Rou and his vampire lover Gabe Santini has put a strain on their relationship Seiran is overwhelmed by his upcoming graduation as the first male to ever com

  • Title: Ascendance
  • Author: Lissa Kasey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ascendance Lissa Kasey Four months of people trying to kill Seiran Rou and his vampire lover Gabe Santini has put a strain on their relationship Seiran is overwhelmed by his upcoming graduation as the first male to ever come from the magic studies program, and something is off with Gabe He s closed off, fast to anger, and spending a lot of time with Sam who happens to look a lot like SeirFour months of people trying to kill Seiran Rou and his vampire lover Gabe Santini has put a strain on their relationship Seiran is overwhelmed by his upcoming graduation as the first male to ever come from the magic studies program, and something is off with Gabe He s closed off, fast to anger, and spending a lot of time with Sam who happens to look a lot like Seiran It s all too much to handle Seiran just wants to get away When he inherits his late father s house in California, it s the perfect opportunity to escape But he soon discovers the legacy of his father s family holds many terrifying secrets including a blood soaked fairy ring Seiran fears his power might not all be natural Some of it may even be stolen When the evil of the past begins to overwhelm him, he has to turn to the one man he s been avoiding But even his bond with Gabe may not be able to keep the earth from claiming him forever.
    Ascendance Lissa Kasey

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      463 Lissa Kasey
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    One thought on “Ascendance”

    1. I ve been reading some really good mainstream UF recently and this book suffered by comparison which meant it got a lower rating than I might normally give These Dominion stories seem to be getting shorter with each release In this volume there is nothing added to the original world building and nothing unique, creative or amazing added to the Dominion verse The overarching storyline about the growing power of male witches, the Ascendance Dominion conflict, the Vampire Council, and Gabe Seiran s [...]

    2. A fine return to my favorite couple in this series, particularly as we learn about Sei s developing powers and better yet, we learn a lot about his father, and exactly why he died Loved it


    4. Another good book in the series, back in Seiran s POV Don t have too much to say about it since it was pretty similar to Books 1 and 2, but with less Jamie and Kelly, and with Seiran s mental illnesses under control It was an enjoyable, fairly light read, and I ve certainly come to like spending time with these characters Either 3.5 or 4 stars Full review soon.

    5. 3.25 starsHmmm, I m not very impressed with this latest installment of the Dominion series I think my issue comes from a similar place that of MandyM For me, for an ongoing series with characters that are the same from the beginning to stay appealing, they have to keep moving forward, either with characters development or having plots that getting stronger complicated Especially in the world of urban fantasy paranormal series Because that way, I will know that the author has a plan with the ser [...]

    6. It was with no small measure of trepidation that I began Ascendance , book four in Lissa Kasey s Dominion series Make no mistake, I love this series and all of its fascinating characters and plot lines I just wasn t sure if my heart could handle Sei being almost killed again, or Gabe, or Kelly, or Jamie Every time I turn around, something is trying to off one of my guys Lissa, I adore you, but can you give a girl a break, please grins Is there something wrong with me that I adore Sei s contrary [...]

    7. I thought this story was VERY boringd I was loving this series Seiran was whiny and annoying Gabe was an ass Too much sleeping and dreaming was putting me to sleep Think I would rather read about Sam.

    8. 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviews mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress This book is part of a series and must be read in order Sei is surprised when he discovers that his father had left a house for him, but it comes at a time when he needs space, Gabe seems interested in spending time with Sam, and Kelly and Jamie are settling well in their new relationship, so he packs his bags and boards a plane without telling anyone Sei discovers a great many secrets about his family and his father s [...]

    9. I really enjoy this series I was so happy to see Sei and Gabe again, even though they are going through some things in this book I loved how this one takes on a different direction learning about Sei s parents and his powers This one puts into play Sei s Pillar powers which easily sets the way for future books All of the favorite characters are back, Kelly, Jamie, etc but we are also introduced to a few new ones, namely Bryar, who I am excited to read about.This story is well written and still [...]

    10. Almost, but not quite 4 stars.In a middle of Minneapolis winter, Seiran has trouble dealing with the changes in his life, mainly his graduation and uncertain future and Gabe s time spent mentoring Sam It seems to him that everyone else has someone to spend their time with and even earth he bonds with is dormant, so he feels lonely, jealous and frustrated When his uncle leaves him his father s house in California, Sei walks away from everyone and goes to explore his family history.Ascendance is t [...]

    11. I am absolutely obsessed with this series Sigh Why do my favorite authors write such short books Is it because they take the time to craft beautifully written prose, develop compelling characters, and take us unexpected places I can hardly stand for male witch Seiran Rou to be victimized any In Ascendance, he is tired of it too He s also still extremely high maintenance, terribly coddled, yet kind, good hearted and generous His vampire boyfriend Gabe, is spending too much time with rogue vampire [...]

    12. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsAscendance is the fourth book in Lissa Kasey s Dominion series and I am continuing to enjoy Seiran and Gabe s story This one follows on from the aftermath of Conviction with Gabe mentoring the newbie vampire Sam We can see our guys are having trouble communicating and Sei in particular is at loose ends I liked this way this story takes us deeper into Seiran s history as we learn along with him about the father he never knew We also get to see a bit of a different sid [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this one but then again, I really love this series In this one we learn about Sei s power as a pillar and his family on his dad s side Sei was a bit whiny than usual and he made some very rash decisions which sort of pushes Gabe away What I really liked about this one, though, is how we got to see into the side of Sei s family he really doesn t know about We got to see his dad through journals and dreams and such which was awesome because we even got to see his mom when she w [...]

    14. Excellent installment in the Dominion series I adore Sei and Gabe and Jamie and Kelly Just a wonderful story that keeps my interest from start to finish I reread this series often and am already anxiously awaiting the next one

    15. I read the whole book today I thought it was great just too short I hope the author continues with the story without a time skip and I want to say thank you.

    16. I was underwhelmed enough with book 3 that I decided to read reviews for this one beforehand so I could better prepare myself.Maybe reading several reviews about how disappointing this one was, and how none of the major story lines progressed any lowered my expectations TOO far Because this ended up being my favorite of the series so far Yes, Seiran running away was juvenile as was the fight he had with Sam, but I ended up appreciating even that mostly pointless scene because I got to see him us [...]

    17. This one I really enjoyed Sei inherits a house from his father after his uncle, the custodian, dies and finds a dark magic fairy ring in the backyard which the Ascendance has been using to augment the powers of young male witches, to force the Dominion to treat them as equals The Ascendance is waaaay off track from the organization s original goals, and it becomes Sei s job, with some help, to get them going the right direction again Of course, there are some who would rather see him dead, as us [...]

    18. In the latest novel of the Dominion Series its winter and Seiran is not only gloomy and out of sorts but he is not spending enough time with his boyfriend Gabe He is mentoring the newly transformed vampire Sam When he receives a letter about inheriting an estate in California Seiran decides that spending some time in sunny California will be perfect for an Earth witch.When Seiran arrives in California he finds a huge estate, fairies, a vampire out to get him , and members of the group Ascendance [...]

    19. After the disaster of the last book in this series, I was worried I ll admit Especially when in the sample it repeated things three and four times That is frustrating because it would have been easily fixable with a reread and or an editor However, I enjoyed myself thoroughly it was a great romp The series is back on track I LOVE Sei.

    20. The author definitely does best writing from Seiran s perspective This was an excellent book in the series There were some disjointed spots where it seemed like a chunk was edited out and the position of characters in the scene didn t flow right, but the ideas in this one were very interesting and entertaining.

    21. This series is amazingly good Any fans of fantasy, paranormal romance, or urban fantasy should pick this up and read it Right now

    22. I am really enjoying watching Serian grow into his powers and the world the author created change around him and his ever growing and changing family

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