Penguins Love Colors #2020

Penguins Love Colors Sarah Aspinall Penguins Love Colors With colors as bright as sunshine six little penguins paint a bold cheerful surprise for Mama Penguin on a beautiful snowy white landscape Mama loves brightly colored flowers and her little penguins

  • Title: Penguins Love Colors
  • Author: Sarah Aspinall
  • ISBN: 9780545876544
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Penguins Love Colors Sarah Aspinall With colors as bright as sunshine, six little penguins paint a bold, cheerful surprise for Mama Penguin on a beautiful snowy white landscape Mama loves brightly colored flowers and her little penguins too Tulip, Tiger Lily, Dandelion, Bluebell, Violet and Broccoli use red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and green to color in their snowy world and paint a colorful surpriseWith colors as bright as sunshine, six little penguins paint a bold, cheerful surprise for Mama Penguin on a beautiful snowy white landscape Mama loves brightly colored flowers and her little penguins too Tulip, Tiger Lily, Dandelion, Bluebell, Violet and Broccoli use red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and green to color in their snowy world and paint a colorful surprise for Mama Will she know who painted what Of course she will But will YOU know Simple language and arresting, graphic illustrations introduce readers to the six primary and secondary colors and the adorable antics of six creative little penguins A lively text, asking children to participate by answering questions, makes this an engaging, heartwarming story that is perfect for bedtime, story time, or anytime.
    Penguins Love Colors Sarah Aspinall

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      339 Sarah Aspinall
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    One thought on “Penguins Love Colors”

    1. Baby penguins color a must read Not only does it teach colors, but it also teaches flowers, in a roundabout way, and encourages kids to be creative no matter how messy they may get

    2. Source Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.Penguins Love Colors is the charming tale of six little penguins named after flowers Tulip, Tiger Lily, Dandelion, Broccoli, Bluebell and Violet Even though they are surrounded by snow, they want to paint their mama a surprise Thus begins a sweet story that will help younger readers learn to recognize and name colors.Sarah Aspinall clearly created her book with beginner readers and their caretakers in mind Not only does it teach col [...]

    3. A very cute book about six little penguins who are named after colorful flowers and painted their mother a special surprise on the snow with their colors I did give Broccoli the side eye lol Adorable pictures You ll melt when you see all of the penguins in the tub toward the end A great way to teach kids their colors.

    4. my husband and I started collecting penguin books in case we ever have kids because our mutual love of penguins is how we met this book is so cute and colorful very appealing to the eyes and great for sensory.

    5. Beautiful, bright pictures and my 2 year old is learning her colors so this book was perfect reading for color recognition Sweet little story about a momma and her 6 little penguins.

    6. Bought for my nephew and he won t put the book down His favorite image is of the penguins taking a bath Great story to teach kids about colors, making art and cooperation Highly recommend

    7. Filled with cute little penguins, this book is a good for children learning their colors and to teach them about different flowers.

    8. This is a bright, colorful book about 6 penguins who love colors and paint a lovely painting for their mother.

    9. Six penguin siblings, all named like flowers, love colors But they live in a very snowy white environment So, to make their world a little colorful for their Mama Penguin, they decide to paint a colorful picture for her Each penguin used their favorite color and painted a picture of their name red Tulip, orange Tiger Lily, yellow Dandelion, purple Violet, blue Bluebell, and green Broccoli And even though they made a mess, Mama loved it The illustrations are wonderfully colorful, perfect for you [...]

    10. Super cute My youngest who is four loved all the colors I like how each color was spelled out It was good practice for letter recognition I personally love the penguins names and all of the beautiful paint colors

    11. 3 5stars Six penguins each love a specific color, one that corresponds to their name They love painting their favorite color on their environment snow , and create a mural for their mama A cute way to learn some colors.

    12. Who can resist penguins These five penguin siblings have been named for flowers by their color loving mother For her birthday they get covered in paint as they create the perfect gift for mom She is properly delighted and then plunks them all in a bubbly bath to clean them up.

    13. Adorable little penguin siblings make their mom a colorful gift This book is full of big, bold pictures with striking color Would be perfect for stortime toddler or preschool

    14. Baby penguins painting a beautiful surprise for their mama For storytimes on colors, rainbows, snow or cold.

    15. Bright and colorful book perfect for preschoolers Introduces colors of the rainbow and some unique flowers including broccoli

    16. Six beret wearing penguins Tulip, Tiger Lily, Dandelion, Violet, Bluebell, and Broccoli want to make a colorful picture for their mama, who loves colors as much as her adorable little penguins Like most penguins, these six live in a mostly white world Where will they paint a picture Will it be on the white snow filling their world And can you guess why the penguins are named as they are When painting for mama, each penguin uses their favorite color Can you figure out which color each penguin use [...]

    17. In this picture book filled with silly penguin fun, readers are introduced to six colors red, orange, yellow, purple, blue, and green through the antics of six different penguins who have a preference for their own particular color palette The penguins have been named after flowers since that s what their mother loves, and they decide to liven up their snowy environment with some paints Of course, they make quite a mess while creating their painting, but Mama doesn t mind since they were thinkin [...]

    18. The group of penguins wearing berets and use of vibrant colors on the cover piqued my curiositybut the story itself just didn t feel as bright as the illustrations Young readers listeners might enjoy the repetition and identification of six basic colors, but the story itself lacks substance Aspinall s use of questions to coincide with several page turns could engage young audiences, but the consistent answer of, Yes becomes a bit predictable.

    19. The adorbs is strong with this one Six little penguin siblings want to make their mama penguin happy by using their favorite colors to create a colorful painting I really loved the illustrations for this story and I liked how interactive it can be for anyone reading along You ll learn the colors but there s a twist where you ll learn things like orange tigerlily, yellow daffodil, green broccoli, etc I d probably read this with K 2 since it s a bit wordy otherwise, a really fun book that s perfec [...]

    20. Six sibling penguins all named for flowers that display their favorite color decide to improve the snow by adding some color to it and earn themselves a bath The book introduces the penguins colors in groups of threes red orange yellow, then violet blue green It bugged me a little that it didn t go in roygbv order, but it did group them in warm and cool colors, so I ll live Also, their cute penguins And the end pages displays the rainbow with the colors labelled The text is pretty simple Several [...]

    21. The six little penguins are all named after a colorful flower One day they wanted to make their mother something special, and they knew that she loved colors reason for their names In the end, they make their mother a colorful painting.I absolutely loved this book There were wonderful illustrations that were rich in color This would be a great, fun book for children to read and be engaged in It may also help them become creative in their thought process at an early age.

    22. If you put penguins in it, it will be cute I enjoyed the use of color recognition and matching with objects by color The names of the penguins felt a little cumbersome to me in a list because many are longer words and are uncommon examples of the different colors Tiger Lily, Bluebell, etc This is nitpicky, but mama penguin would never have seen those flowersJust sayin I would still be open to using this in a storytime in the winter, but I would rather use it as a felt story

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