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Diamond Girl AndreaSmith Diamond Girl What happens when a year old soccer mom from Indianapolis Indiana sends her only child off to college and suddenly discovers that she has no identify of her own That s exactly what happened to Sam

  • Title: Diamond Girl
  • Author: AndreaSmith
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  • Page: 457
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  • Diamond Girl AndreaSmith What happens when a 35 year old soccer mom from Indianapolis, Indiana sends her only child off to college and suddenly discovers that she has no identify of her own That s exactly what happened to Samantha Sammie Dennison Her marriage was loveless from the start her mannequin husband has his own agenda which has never included her, and she feels lonely, ignored and dWhat happens when a 35 year old soccer mom from Indianapolis, Indiana sends her only child off to college and suddenly discovers that she has no identify of her own That s exactly what happened to Samantha Sammie Dennison Her marriage was loveless from the start her mannequin husband has his own agenda which has never included her, and she feels lonely, ignored and downright frumpy.Her best friend tells her to get a life, and that s exactly what Sammie does, starting with a Kickboxing Pilates class to get into shape, and then continuing her regiment by signing up for pole dance lessons Sammie graduates at the top of her class, and ultimately ends up with a secret career as a pole dancer at a Gentleman s Club in Indy called Jewels Known only by her dancer name, Diamond, she is well on her way to finally carving out a secret life and identity all of her own that brings excitement and mystery to her otherwise mundane existence The thrill of the dance and sexuality she discovers within herself is a potent mixture, but it s all about the dance with Sammie.That is, until bad boy biker Slate enters the picture He is the ultimate alpha male and quickly draws the attention of the dancers including Sammie Slate is a prospect for the notorious Outlaw Motorcycle Club, but he is also inexplicably drawn to Diamond Sammie is totally out of her league with Slate and the dangerous people he associates with in Indianapolis during the summer of 2012.No spoilers here, but something BIG is brewing in Indy and it ain t about race cars either.
    Diamond Girl AndreaSmith

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      457 AndreaSmith
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    1. 2.5 stars Review posted April 14, 2013I was excited to read Diamond Girl and when I first met Slate I honestly thought I would enjoy the book Great body, hot tattoo, blue eyes, dark hair yes He is definitely my kind of hero from a physical POV Not a bit of it His physical attributes did not match up to his skills or lack thereof between the sheets Up until the first sex scene I actually enjoyed the story, and I really liked the pole dancing Though many little things killed the mood for me Let me [...]

    2. Diamond Girl, book 1 stand alone Suspenseful romance with intrigue villains personal growth second chances sizzling sex an enigmatic, domineering alpha male hero.Diamond Girl is first book in the G Man series Though each book has its own hero heroine I recommend they be read in order Book 1 Diamond GirlBook 2 Love Plus OneBook 3 Night MovesAt first glance Diamond Girl sounded like a story about a bored Cougar housewife who embarks on a secret life and then has an affair with a younger man It rea [...]

    3. Samantha Sammie is a thirty five year old woman who has been married to the same man for almost twenty years Her husband works a lot and doesn t appreciate her Her only child just started college Sammie is lost Her life isn t really her own any After spending the last eighteen plus years taking care of her husband and daughter, she hasn t had a life of her own After some much needed encouragement from her daughter and her best friend Brenda, Sammie decides it s time For once in her life, she is [...]

    4. ARC provided by author for an honest review.5 Stars Andrea has done it again This book is pure magic on the pages I absolutely loved it I am so thrilled to know there are going to be books to this series I can t wait for of Sammie and Slate A great story with lots of steam A must read

    5. 4.5 StarsI loved this BOOK I m going to say right offis was far from perfect I had a couple of things that bugged me But I m rating this purely on my enjoyment of the story And I enjoyed the hell out of it I readd readd readd I just never wanted to put it down Often, even with a good book, I m checking the percentage, checking the time left until I finish reading Just to see how late I have to stay up, or how much time I have left before I have to get up and do dishes or run errands or whatever [...]

    6. 3.5 stars and LOVE the cover I quite liked this one, older woman, younger man.I should take up pole dancing, she was so fit after she did it Sorry, reviews are a bit short and sweet at the moment as I am away Be back to normal life tomorrow night

    7. 3 The Power of Woman, Cougars and other related species StarsMothers, sisters, daughters Maids, cooks, cleaning ladies Sluts, whores and beauty queens Womanhood is the most complex role in society and at the same time the most unappreciated No one else accepts working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for a thank you, a hug or a kiss Here to us ladies, the most WONDERFUL and AWESOME species on earth Most of the time we accept patiently what fate, men and our families have in store for us No complain [...]

    8. 2.5 Disappointing stars When this book was released I was so psyched to read it Bad boy Biker alpha male I was like Whoooooop whooooop I was so sadly mistaken Samantha is a 35year old woman who is married to an ASS hole of a husband for 19 years.Let me break it down 1 It s pretty evident he doesn t love her2 He is never home3 He treats her like crap4 They hardly ever have sexHer daughter and best friend urge her to find a hobby or something to keep her busy since her daughter Lindsay is going to [...]

    9. Super SexySlate starsI gazed up into the very intense blue eyes of one of the bikers He was tall and muscular andGORGEOUSThis is Book 1 in the G Man series Samantha AKA Diamond Girl, Sunny or Sammie is a bored 35 yr old stay at home housewife Her husband is a huge ASS and not even worth talking about Seriously he is a slime ball Well, one day Sammie decides she s tired of just staying at home doing laundryd decides to do something with her life Yes you guessed it Pole Dancing She gets a part tim [...]

    10. I absolutely loved writing this book I have always wanted to do a story where some under appreciated, still naive at mid life heroine wakes up and smells the coffee That is exactly what happened to Samantha Dennison It is refreshing at least to me that sometimes a heroine can still be sexy and vital after sending her only child off to college and finally, discover her own sexuality and individuality.Samantha was defined by those around her those she took care of and strived to please Jack, Linds [...]

    11. This book is about love, trust, and then about taking responsibility for ourselves and ultimately taking control of your life.What s it aboutA housewife, a mother, a cleaner, a cook, a maid, and no identity, no hobbies or interests Well that s what Samantha, aka Sammie feels like she has spent the last 19 years being just this a mum and a wife to Jack the Ass When her daughter leaves to go to college she try s to talk to her mum into taking up something, filling her life with something other tha [...]

    12. 4.5 Diamond StarsAt 35 years old I was officially a frumpy housewife Samantha became pregnant at 16 to a guy who couldn t care less and never would Her rich father fixed everything so it worked out for the best, or so he thought For 19 years Sammie was committed to a, Mannequin husband She needs to find her own identityShe needs sexual enlightenment In a BIG way When her only child leaves home she is lonelier then ever but this is her light bulb moment Hmmmm, lets see What would you do to add so [...]

    13. 1StarI rarely give a book 1 star There were just so many things that added up to 1 star Needless to say, I did not enjoy this one I don t even want to discuss it too much because I m just indifferent I ll just give you 3 reasons why I didn t like it 1 The heroine is THE WORST Everything she says is annoying It is really hard for a heroine to annoy me I think she s dumb There is an actual lack of intelligence view spoiler She s 35, never had an orgasm, doesn t know the definition of rape, and she [...]

    14. OK, word of warning This novel does contain extra marital cheating the husband is a real fuckwit tosser but it s still cheating and I know a lot of you like to be forewarned.So, we have Sammie suddenly suffering from empty nest syndrome after her daughter goes off to college and deciding to spread her wings a little She gets fit, gets back into shape and learns to pole dance but her husband wouldn t notice if she paraded around naked on her hands singing the national anthem so, feeling rather di [...]

    15. 4.535 yr old Sammie was pregnant and married at 16 She is at a cross road in her life She is in a loveless marriage and she is pretty sure her husband is also cheating on her Sammie is left feeling Frumpy and at a complete loss at what to do with her life now that her daughter is going away to college She starts exercising and end ups in a pole dancing class She finds that she is good at it and it gives her a freedom from her life She eventually gets a part time job at a gentlemen s club where s [...]

    16. 3.5 Pole Dancing Stars Nothing like a little pole dancing to get a middle aged, frumpy woman into shape Sammie is 35 years old and in a loveless marriage that seems to be coming apart Her husband is gone all the time on business trips , her daughter just left for college so she needs to find something to fill the void that has left She gets herself into shape and finds that she has a knack for the pole dancing class that she took She starts working at a gentleman s club, working as Diamond, wher [...]

    17. This book was the first book for me that I seriously thought that I would continue to hate the hero By the end, I did understand him but even with all of the reveals about him I still wouldn t call Slate one of my favorite s I had a hard time forgiving some of the things he did in this story I am rating this book a 3.5 stars for the main reason of my dislike of the hero for a big portion of the book I do need to say that as far as the writing of Andrea Smith goes, I am definitely a new fan I fo [...]

    18. 3.75 Stars Come here, he gently ordered in a dark voice I want to touch your pussy I want to see if it s worthy of my cock Well alright No need to ask twice now is there As far as life goes, Samantha Dennison s could be better Knocked up and married at 16, Samantha s spent the last 19 years taking care of her daughter and her douche of a husband At 35 she finds herself alone in her huge house with a daughter away at college, a husband who s cheating on her as well as verbally abusing her and no [...]

    19. My feelings had to count for once If they didn t, then I hadn t learned anything from the past nineteen years of marriage to the mannequin I was done being that person that allowed someone else to define their existence This is a book about trying to find yourself What am I What do I want Sammie has been told what to do her whole life She got pregnant as a teenager and was forced to marrye was a wife to someone she didn t love Well now she s DONE, she s 35 and her daughter, Lindsey, has gone off [...]

    20. 4 Tarnished, Refitted, Polished Glowing Stars I heard a lot about Diamond Girl, the first of the G Man series for Andrea Smith.There were positive reviews and additional books for the series With the success of the following addition, Love Plus One, G Man 2 and the recently released Night Moves G Man 3, I decided to go to the source The Blurb Thirty five year old Samantha Dennison sends her only child off to college and finds herself generally feeling F R U M P Y and lost Her loveless marriage t [...]

    21. Diamond Girl is the story of Samantha Dennison an unhappily married mother of a college student It s time for Sammie to claim something for herself, perhaps a job, community service or pole dancing Yep, Sammie starts pole dancing taking a job as Diamond Girl without her abusive husband knowing of course.I liked the idea that Sammie was a thirty five year old mom who went for something that was all hers Sammie falls for Slate a biker who frequents the dance establishment and they form a relations [...]

    22. You and I, you and IWe re like diamonds in the skyYou re a shooting star I seeA vision of ecstasyWhen you hold me, I m aliveWe re like diamonds in the sky BLUE EYES, SEXY BIKER GUY, POSSESSIVE, HOT, CRAZY swooning I really enjoyed this book, The story was unique and totally capturing.Hot, fun to read and very different.It was really well written Such a drastic and amazing improvement in the emotion and dialogue delivery than the Baby Series I could connect with them so a point there DSlate was S [...]

    23. Samantha Dennison doesn t know when she lost her identity Okay, so she knows but she is just now realizing it Her daughter has gone away to college and she is left in her big house with a man that shows little interest in her and even so in being her husband With a little shove in the right direction, she is going to redefine who she is After a few months of getting her body in shape she finds herself taking a pole dancing class A board housewife without the need of a second income, she eventua [...]

    24. This one was enjoyable enough I suppose Not the greatest book I ve ever read but I did finish it The storyline was a bit predictable, I saw the big twist coming from a mile awayd I found the inner dialogue to be a bit annoying at times Diamond Girl is Samantha Samantha has been married to asshat Jack for 19 years Sam got pregnant when she was 16 and her parents forced the marriage between her and Jack they have never really been in love with each other With her daughter off at college now, Saman [...]

    25. Four StarsI was visualized as a daughter a wife a mother a best friend by those people in my life, but I had no clue as to how I viewed myself as a person I had never bothered to carve out an identity for myself.When I first read the description of this book, I knew I had to have it Not only does the story involve an older woman and a younger man, which if you know me, I love, but words like Ultimate Alpha Male Bad boy Biker, got me hook, line and sinker Oh like you could resist, too So we have [...]

    26. Holy Shit I loved, loved, loved this book SAMANTHA Ticked every box, had the hot biker guy and then some, the likeable female character, the rat bastard I wanted to hit, action, steamy over the top pole dancing, sex scenes galore sighs I want need If not of the same characters biker, just lol image error

    27. I love Andrea Smith s books and this one is no exception different from her previous series but the book had me gripped.I did guess there was than met the eye with Slate and I was proven right, which made me fist bump myselfSamantha is a married 35 year old, mother of 1 daughter in university, she fell pregnant when she was 16 by the high school stud, who reading between the lines basically took advantage of her whilst she was drunk and took her virginity at the same time However, Samantha s fa [...]

    28. Hit the blog friendsere are 10 copies of this book to be won Trust me, you will love it My review is UP Please comment here or on the blog and let me know your thoughtsHappy Friday nocturnereads 2013 04 Just for fund yesat is me

    29. 4.5 MILF and Cougar starsThis is me before the bookme half way me 3 4 of the way me at the endSo where does one start after reading a book like this Well, first, I didnt expect to relate to Sammie But man did I ever Now don t get me wrong, i have a good marriage, my husband loves me and treats me good I relate to her in the sense that her life is all about her child and her husband She always a mom or wife, never just a women I get that I can see why she needed to do what she did Slate so here i [...]

    30. Reality What s that It seems to be missing here To be honest I was enticed into this book by some super magic keywords from a friend She knows the kinds of books I love So I decide to pick it up and well I was taken for a ride in the twist department which I loved However, I was also on the eyeballing ride as well.I wish this book hadn t had so many scenes skimmed over losing valuable showing information I wish this book didn t make some parts smoothed over like creamy chocolate, and all is well [...]

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