A Scrying Shame #2020

A Scrying Shame Donna White Glaser A Scrying Shame Following a near death experience twenty five year old Arie Stiles decides she might as well take the job nobody else wants a crime scene clean up technician It s good money which she could use and

  • Title: A Scrying Shame
  • Author: Donna White Glaser
  • ISBN: 9781514889176
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Scrying Shame Donna White Glaser Following a near death experience, twenty five year old Arie Stiles decides she might as well take the job nobody else wants a crime scene clean up technician It s good money, which she could use, and death doesn t hold a lot of mystery for her.Or so she thinks.Arie isn t on the job long before discovering she s been gifted with a new psychic talent the ability to scryFollowing a near death experience, twenty five year old Arie Stiles decides she might as well take the job nobody else wants a crime scene clean up technician It s good money, which she could use, and death doesn t hold a lot of mystery for her.Or so she thinks.Arie isn t on the job long before discovering she s been gifted with a new psychic talent the ability to scry Whether she wants to or not, Arie can read the memories of the dead in their blood.When she is assigned to clean the crime scene of Marissa Mason, the socialite author of the best selling gold diggers bible, Arie finds herself haunted by blood visions day and night, and to her shock discovers an unexpected family connection to the victim With her brother suffering the unwanted attention of the police as the primary suspect, can Arie face her fear of the blood visions long enough to follow the trail of clues left in the murdered woman s memories and find the real culprit
    A Scrying Shame Donna White Glaser

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      259 Donna White Glaser
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    One thought on “A Scrying Shame”

    1. A Scrying Shame by Donna White Glaser is a Kindle Scout book This is a pretty good book A girl dies and now she sees glimpses of the dead s life when she looks into the blood of the dead She finds out when she takes up the job of a crime scene clean up tech This gift soon gets her into trouble and the mystery begins I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to those that like psychic stories.

    2. I received a copy of this book because I nominated it on Kindle Scout for publication and it was selected I m fairly certain there was no expectation of a review being posted for that copy, but I review every book I read.I am honestly not sure what to say about this book right now I really just want to gush and tell you that you have to read it because it s so good, but I personally don t find reviews like that to be particularly helpful for me, so I want to do better.One of my favorite parts of [...]

    3. Paranormal Mystery with a heartAfter a terrible attack in a parking garage, Arie Stiles of Wisconsin died for nearly 30 minutes, then she returned to life, details from her time in heaven fresh in her mind After her sliced throat healed, Arie found a new job as a death crime scene clean up tech for BioClean.Though the job was gross, it paid well, and after all those hospital bills, Arie was hurting financially After her first day on the job, it was clear that her memories of heaven weren t the o [...]

    4. This is the first book I ve read by this author, and I ll definitely come back for Donna White Glaser s words painted pictures, lots of them, in my head while I was reading I d never heard of scrying before, but I definitely want to learn about it The main character, Arie, takes a job cleaning up death scenes I find that fascinating Rather than being morbid, I found it beautiful and wonderful If you re a fan of paranormal, mysteries, and or humorous reads or all three like me you don t want to [...]

    5. Fast paced and always interestingAbsolutely love this new series Donna Glaser never disappoints me with her writing If you have a chance to pick this up I highly recommend this and all of her other books.

    6. Not this book.Other books I read written by this author was good Characters in in this book are so shallow Was determined to finish it and did, but don t recommend it Arie died and come back, now can see the dead people.

    7. Great readIt does not take twenty words to describe this book when only two words describe it accurately and it is a great read

    8. Very fun to readI liked the diverse characters as it made them very real people Could be in your own family Fun murder mystery

    9. This was a fun paranormal mystery After a near death well, actually a real death experience, Arie has visions of and experiences the memories of the recently deceased The characters are a blast and the plot keeps you wanting to read There are plenty of suspects in the murder of the author and some hit close to Arie s home Plus a dash of romance on the horizon Something mystery readers will enjoy trying to solve.

    10. Arie Stiles gets knifed in a bark parking lot one night after completing her shift and ends up technically dead, for four minutes anyway Those four minutes were so fabulous that she is pissed off she couldn t stay on the Other Side Her conservative pastor father is surprisingly supportive of her experiences, but her very proper, perfect pastor s wife of a mother simply won t hear of it She thinks Arie is faking the whole episode, as do many others in her life.Arie her name is really R.E and stan [...]

    11. fallenoverbookreviewsI received this book via Kindle Scout to give an honest review.What really got me was the synopsis of the book and I was so glad this book was picked and I was given a chance to read it.Arie was a normal woman until she had a NDE near death experience that ended up changing her life.She is trying to stay a float though she needs to find a job to get bills paid and she really doesn t want to move in with her parents So when she applies and gets hired to be a crime scene clean [...]

    12. Great New SeriesDonna Glaser has started another great series with a female protagonist The Blood Visions series is off to a rousing start with A Scrying Shame I was glad my day was free of responsibilities so I could focus on reading this book.Arie s life hasn t been the same since she died She was stabbed one night leaving work and officially died while the doctors were trying to save her life Her near death experience resulted in depression when she was forced back into her body She liked hea [...]

    13. Being a Donna Glaser fan, I was very excited to see she was starting a new series alongside her Letty Whittaker mysteries I nominated A Scrying Shame for Kindle Press and was even excited when they notified me that my ARC copy was available I dug into it immediately and Arie pronounced R.E had me hooked immediately She s one of those women who doesn t have it all together, in fact, she has nothing together after all returning from The Other Side takes a lot of recovery Once she recovers from he [...]

    14. Not really satisfying in any of the genresThis book attempts to mix paranormal, mystery and romance together in one, but fails to satisfy in any area.There s a whole setup with the heroine s job as a forensic clean up technician that by the middle, she doesn t appear to be doing any That means it was a plot device solely to move things along to where the author wanted them to go.The heroine s paranormal abilities Again, just a vehicle to help het solve the mystery The requisite hunky detective [...]

    15. I received this book because I voted for it on Kindle Scout I read it right away, but life got in the way of reviewing it immediately And that s a good metaphor if I understand the word for my remarks Death got in the way of RE that s the pronunciation of the amateur sleuth s name A bad event left her dead long enough so she was quite unhappy to discover she was still alive It also left her with that scrying ability something new to me It s paranormal and pulls this mystery along like a house af [...]

    16. If you take out the psychic story line which you shouldn t, it was fun , this book is a typical whodunit The characters aren t as fully developed as those in books by seasoned writers but there is a lot of potential and I wouldn t mind reading Donna White Glaser s other books and any future Blood Visions mysteries After all, I need to know what Arie R.E stands for and see if it is a truly embarrassing name and I definitely want to read about Grumpa There is a possibility of a lot of witty bant [...]

    17. I nominated this book when it was a Kindle Scout entry, and I m glad it won Kindle Press publication The main character, Arie Stiles, who literally died after being mugged and came back to life, takes a job cleaning up death scenes Her trip to the Other Side leaves her with the ability to see what happens to the victims, and in the case of murder, the killer Arie, pronounced R.E is a protagonist worthy of a series Some of the dialogue had me chuckling, which is a compliment to Ms Glaser s fresh [...]

    18. How great was that Started and ten o clock last night, which was a mistake Who needs their beauty sleep anyway Shh, that was rhetorical So fun So funny Lot s of insightful information, too, like, Men don t take well to bananas leaping out of dark hallways Noted.Looking forward to Glaser s next novel and about her fabulous heroine, Aire, giving us insights from what she can read, scrying blood on her job as a biotech.

    19. Really enjoyed this Just enough cleanup 411 to make Arie s work believable, but not so much that you ll turn green Great blend of cozy mystery, otherworldly goings on, and thrills There s even a touch of meet cute romance Glad I ran into this book at Kindle Scout Glaser is a writer I want to get to know better Ditto for the characters in this book Thank goodness there s a note that a second book is coming Looking forward to it

    20. Okay, I admit itI had absolutely no idea what scrying meant before reading this book It s an intriguing concept and made for an interesting read This book had plenty of mystery and suspense, a good dose of humor, and a just a touch of romance All in all, it was fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable.

    21. If you re looking for a stick to your ribs mystery with ingenious plot twists, vivid imagery, an awesome heroine, and a generous sprinkling of humor, this is it An engrossing read from Donna White Glaser that left me eager to read from this talented Kindle Scout winner Fortunately, there are on the way

    22. SurprisinglyDid not like the beginning Seemed to drag But once that snowball starts rolling, watch out It was a great ride with twists and turns I never saw coming Recommend as a good, quick and fun read.

    23. Great Read I voted for this book on Kindle scout and I m so glad I did I started reading and could not put this book down I have never read this author before but I will be reading her now It s a murder mystery with humor So enjoyable

    24. Great read Keeps you guessing This book was intense from start to finish and I highly recommend it Can t wait to read others in the series.

    25. DifferentI like this story It was not like another psychic book Arie is a surprise innocent but also strong in her desire for justice

    26. ThrillerInteresting thriller with a surprise twisting ending that completely caught me off guard, I had no idea who was the killer.

    27. This was a fantastic read I read it in about a day because I couldn t put it down You get drawn in to the character s mind and keep wanting

    28. I thought the first few chapters rushed a little, but I absolutely loved the storyline I wish this book had been twice as long I read this quickly and didn t want to put it down.

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