Thieves Fall Out (Hard Case Crime) #2020

Thieves Fall Out (Hard Case Crime) Gore Vidal Thieves Fall Out Hard Case Crime ON THE EVE OF REVOLUTION EGYPT IS A TINDERBOX WILL ONE AMERICAN LIGHT THE SPARK THAT SETS IT ABLAZE In Gore Vidal had already begun writing the works that would launch him to the top ranks of A

  • Title: Thieves Fall Out (Hard Case Crime)
  • Author: Gore Vidal
  • ISBN: 9781781167922
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thieves Fall Out (Hard Case Crime) Gore Vidal ON THE EVE OF REVOLUTION, EGYPT IS A TINDERBOX.WILL ONE AMERICAN LIGHT THE SPARK THAT SETS IT ABLAZE In 1953, Gore Vidal had already begun writing the works that would launch him to the top ranks of American authors and intellectuals But in the wake of criticism for the scandalous content of his third novel, Vidal turned to writing crime fiction under fake names three boON THE EVE OF REVOLUTION, EGYPT IS A TINDERBOX.WILL ONE AMERICAN LIGHT THE SPARK THAT SETS IT ABLAZE In 1953, Gore Vidal had already begun writing the works that would launch him to the top ranks of American authors and intellectuals But in the wake of criticism for the scandalous content of his third novel, Vidal turned to writing crime fiction under fake names three books as Edgar Box and one as Cameron Kay The Edgar Box novels were subsequently republished under his real name The Cameron Kay never was.Lost for than 60 years and overflowing with political and sexual intrigue, THIEVES FALL OUT provides a delicious glimpse into the mind of Gore Vidal in his formative years By turns mischievous and deadly serious, Vidal tells the story of a man caught up in events bigger than he is, a down on his luck American hired to smuggle an ancient relic out of Cairo at a time when revolution is brewing and heads are about to roll One part Casablanca and one part torn from the headlines tabloid reportage, this novel also offers a startling glimpse of Egypt in turmoil written over half a century ago, but as current as the news streaming from that region today.
    Thieves Fall Out (Hard Case Crime) Gore Vidal

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    1. The little man shook his great head I have been to many countries I ve done many things Now I play piano at Le Couteau Rouge What do you know about a woman named H l ne de Rastignac, a French countess Le Mouche sighed Many things I know, for instance, that she is not French, but Alexandrian, and I know that she is not a countess But is she rich I shouldn t be surprised Was she a spy in the war Everyone in Cairo was a spy It was the thing to be From the moment Pete Wells stepped off the boat in C [...]

    2. 4 stars Thieves Fall Out is a fast read that places the reader in post WWII Egypt, which was still considered an exotic and fascinating locale In this book, Egypt is a hotbed of intrigue left over from the war There is corruption everywhere, along with a fortune in ancient treasure just waiting to be plundered There s revolution brewing in the air, as well Not exactly a safe place for a foreigner.The main character, Peter Wells, is a jack of all trades with some military background When his oil [...]

    3. Let me start out by saying I ve never read any Gore Vidal So I can t say how it compares with the rest of his work Written in his younger days under the name Cameron Kay, it s been forgotten for sixty years and never reprinted until this Hard Case Crime edition coming next month.Definitely a pulp style, comparisons with Casablanca are not without merit The Middle East, bars, political intrigue, beautiful women, crooked police, all there.Pete Wells, a former Merchant marine among other things, is [...]

    4. Think adventure, grifters, and pulp amid a backdrop of post WWII era Egypt where chivalry and romance abound influenced by thievery and black market prosperity and you ll get a somewhat cracked and faded picture of the atmospheric piece of fiction author Gore Vidal has craftily created THIEVES FALL OUT follows Peter, a former army lieutenant who tried his hand at oil prospecting in America before heading to Egypt where he s approached by a duo to smuggle goods out of the country Always on the ta [...]

    5. I was thrilled to death that this was recently published under Gore VidalI loved it Apparently Mr Vidal was not fond of the work I, however, will read anything this man has written and enjoy it too Prolific writer that he is, I m hoping the estate has a few other works that were never published during his lifetime This was wonderful, evocative of the period I can see this a Bob Mitchum Jane Russell collaborationt so much a Bogie Bacall but I d take that too Loved it, wonderful read

    6. Gore Vidal, renowned for his literary work, did go through a rough early in his career and supplemented his income by writing several crime novels under the pseudonyms Edgar Box and Cameron Kay The Edgar Box books have lings since been re released under his own name but Thieves Fall Out , the one book he wrote a Cameron Kay, went out of print and has not been re released, until now.Aptly given a name reminiscent of the old adage that there is no honor among thieves, Thieves Fall Out tells the s [...]

    7. I like the Hard Case Crime imprint and what they do with bringing classic works back in print and new works from some major authors Publishing a lost Gore Vidal pulp novel must have seemed like a slam dunk With Gore Vidal being considered an important writer this should have been a can t miss Unfortunately it is just an average connect the dots pulp adventure.It takes place in Egypt with an American of dubious background waking up after having been rolled Pete is his name though he isn t often r [...]

    8. THIEVES FALL OUT 1953 Gore Vidal, as Cameron Kay .This was a recently discovered pulp novel by Vidal writing under a pseudonym It is pure action, set in Egypt, both in Cairo and Luxor Our hero is Pete Wells, an American on the loose in Cairo, having just disembarked from a cargo ship After a night on the town, he wakes up in a seedy hotel and finds out that he has been rolled and all his cash and American Express checks stolen He is then approached by an Englishman who tells him of an opportunit [...]

    9. Gore Vidal is known mostly for his literary and historical novels But he also wrote some pseudonymous crime fiction in the 50s, most of which has since been reprinted under his own name except for this novel the only one he wrote using the pen name Cameron Kay , which was recently republished by Hard Case Crime The story involves Peter Wells, a down on his luck American in Cairo who is recruited by a sexy ex Nazi to smuggle a valuable MacGuffin out of the country which won t be easy as revolutio [...]

    10. It s understandable why Vidal never copped to this one it isn t very good The plot is stale and the writing isn t very convincing I wasn t expecting much A few cheap thrills and a racy sex scene would have sufficed although there is a halfway amusing rectal exam early on The orientalism here isn t subtle either, though it does lend 1950 s Egypt a certain mystique.

    11. Pete Wells wakes up one morning in a bordello in Cairo with no wallet and no memory of the night before He wanders to Shepheard s Hotel, a den of villainy where one can find any number of ways to make money, such as selling state secrets or hiring out to a smuggler Think Rick s Bar in Casablanca Sure enough, in the space of time it takes to drink a gin and tonic, he is approached by a mysterious British criminal and a sexy former French spy to help smuggle a cursed Egyptian necklace out of the c [...]

    12. I really enjoyed Thieves Fall Out It was a straight up slam bang adventure story It is ironic that this lost pulp novel is serving as my literary introduction to one of the greater American novelists, Mr Gore Vidal, author of Lincoln, 1876, and Myra Breckenridge The action takes place in post WWII Egypt and the book is swimming with plots, counter plots, and double crosses The prose carries you right along Thieves Fall Out was written under a pseudonym and published over six decades ago to littl [...]

    13. It really feels like a shame reading something as bad as Thieves Fall Out Written by Gore Vidal, of all writers The story itself was set in Egypt post World War II, during the political turmoil that led to the downfall of King Farouk The protagonist is a penniless American seaman name Peter Wells, who was robbed of all his riches when he was intoxicated in a shady bar in Cairo Less than a week after that unfortunate incident, his luck totally changed He flew out from the desert of Giza, Egypt, t [...]

    14. reading this book is like reading air it is completely substanceless it s an easy read, as you turn from page to page documenting and not caring about the various betrayals and double betrayals and the various forms of sight seeing noir that Vidal indulges in it plays to the not so nuanced racism of stereotyping and leans into misogyny in a way that feels both part of the hard case crime tradition and significantly below that tradition because it fails to inhabit the atmosphere that those tropes [...]

    15. This is a must read for pulp fiction lovers The story moves quickly and the characters are wonderfully awful At best, the characters are morally ambivalent They re motivated by self interest, greed, and easy money This novel has all the plot points expected in a pulp fiction story while simultaneously avoiding cliches Quite a tightrope walk I wish Gore Vidal had written a few of these.

    16. Quick, fun read I really liked the setting post WW2 in Cairo More grist for the pulp thriller mill grinding away in my head.

    17. Thieves Fall Out is a fun, fast read that transports the reader to post WWII Egypt, which, when this was written in the fifties, was still considered an exotic and fascinating locale Egypt, in this book, is a hotbed of intrigue and spies left over from the war There is corruption and deceit everywhere you look and a fortune in ancient treasure just waiting to be plucked And, there s revolution brewing in the air Not exactly the safest place for an American.Peter Wells is a kind of jack of all tr [...]

    18. If you look at history it is very easy to think that human nature never changes and that we are forever cursed to live through the same mistakes Unstable regions remain unstable atrocities are still being carried out 1950s Egypt was as tricky a place to live as the modern equivalent is a sense of revolution in the air However, rest assured that in Gore Vidal s lost pulp novel you will be reading about gun fights and scantily clad women, than politics.American Peter Wells wakes up in a typical c [...]

    19. Writers write for many reasons Until you re lucky enough to find an audience interested in reading the stories you long to tell, sometimes you re writing simply as a means to make some quick money there s always bills to pay Written in 1953, Thieves Fall Out was part of the latter, earning its young author, Gore Vidal the princely sum of 3,000 Of course, Vidal went on to greater things, becoming one of America s most controversial and well respected authors, and in the process, kept Thieves Fall [...]

    20. It had been a long time since I d read a novel by Gore Vidal partially due to the fact that he passedaway 3 1 2 years ago at age 86 It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to read a novel by this prolific author, thanks to publisher Hard Case Crime, which discovered a lost pulp crime novel written in 1952, unavailable for than 60 years and never published under his real name This is a tale of a down on his luck American trying to smuggle an ancient treasure out of Egypt on the eve of a bloody [...]

    21. Well, I didn t not like itLet s be honest, there were definitely some parts I didn t like This genre does not hold up against modern sensibilities the misguided macho ism of the main character strikes me as less that of a hero and a potential student athlete rapist Whoah, really Yes Also some homophobia and racism about Arabs.BUT there were also times that I could sense the archetype that eventually birthed Han Solo, the roguish good guy with one foot over on the wrong side of the law who s mos [...]

    22. Let me start by saying I am a big fan of Gore Vidal that is until I read Thieves Fall Out There s a reason he wrote it under the name Cameron Kay he didn t want to be associated with it.While the writing was clearly Vidal, the plot was beyond predictable The characters are one dimensional, and at times you just wish they d all die.If Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon had a bastard child, Thieves Fall Out would be its name There are parts of the story that read as if Gore Vidal was transcribing t [...]

    23. After WWII, Egypt was in turmoil with groups of ex patriots vying with local groups for any opportunities that appear The real prize, was the illegal exportation of antiquities Against this background, an adventurer from the US appears and is immediately embroiled with a questionable group of people and the local police.An early novel from Vidal that was sold as a quick sale under an assumed name Unearthed by Hard Case Crime, it is an interesting look at Vidal as he was making a name for himself [...]

    24. This is the LOST Pulp Novel by Gore Vidal written over a half century ago It is a fairly good mystery story about an American who finds himself in Egypt having been mugged and left a pauper He is soon solicited by some notorious thieves to smuggle a very expensive antique necklace, once belonging to Queen Tia, out of the Country and delivered to a prearranged buyer for a percentage of the necklaces proceeds.Intrigue and romance follow as the American eventually escapes the Country under an Egypt [...]

    25. Sam Spade and Brigid O Shaunessy in CarioImages of Bogart, Mary Astor and Sydney Greenstreet are inescapable while reading this Gore Vidal piece, set against the criminal faction of Egypt However, where Sam Spade was tough yet classy, the protagonist here is an arrogant jerk, and certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer Not very appealing as a main character Still, Vidal s writing keeps things moving along at a good clip until the last few pages, where the story justends And quite abruptly [...]

    26. The New York Times s review called this 1953 novel Vidal s illegitimate progeny It s pure formulaic pulp fiction, written for some quick cash, not bad for its genre, but Vidal refused to acknowledge it during his lifetime, for understandable reasons There are so many cliches and twists I was half laughing by the time I finished it BTW, there s a bad cop named Muhammad Ali Only after Vidal s death was this bastard child allowed to name its true father All in all, it s an amusing literary footnote [...]

    27. Taken on its own terms as a pulp crime novel Thieves Fall Out is an enjoyable curio At the time he wrote this, Gore Vidal was scuffling to earn a living with his writing, and he had to explore what was for him an evolutionary cul de sac In later years, he barely acknowledged writing this book, and I believe that s because it never earned him much money or a place in his heart Still, despite having an off the rack tough guy as the main character, this book provides vivid atmosphere and some good [...]

    28. This book surpassed my expectations It reminded me of a Graham Greene suspense novel, which is mightly high praise it puts an ordinary Joe or Pete in this case in a foreign land under extraordinary circumstancesd delivers suspense, good dark humor, vibrant characters, and an intriguing though somewhat cliched plot The end was a bit of a let down, and the pace at times was slow, but all in all, a very entertaining read.

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