The Drift House: The First Voyage #2020

The Drift House: The First Voyage Dale Peck The Drift House The First Voyage In the tradition of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and A Wrinkle in Time comes the first book in an exciting fantasy series about three siblings adventures on the high sea the Sea of Time that

  • Title: The Drift House: The First Voyage
  • Author: Dale Peck
  • ISBN: 9781599900056
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Drift House: The First Voyage Dale Peck In the tradition of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and A Wrinkle in Time comes the first book in an exciting fantasy series about three siblings adventures on the high sea the Sea of Time, that is.After 9 11, Susan and her younger brothers, Charles and Murray, are sent to live with their uncle Farley in Canada Uncle Farley s house looks like a ship perched at the eIn the tradition of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and A Wrinkle in Time comes the first book in an exciting fantasy series about three siblings adventures on the high sea the Sea of Time, that is.After 9 11, Susan and her younger brothers, Charles and Murray, are sent to live with their uncle Farley in Canada Uncle Farley s house looks like a ship perched at the edge of the sea, but it s not until a great flood comes that the house s name Drift House starts to make sense Floating aimlessly on the Sea of Time, the ship like house begins to yield its many secrets including a mural that seems to predict the future, a dumbwaiter that enables Murray to travel into the future and back again, and a parrot historian who s also a gifted translator But when a clan of diabolical mermaids trick the children and their uncle into helping them carry out a plan that will stop time forever, it will take all of Susan s ingenuity along with some help from a great whale, a band of pirates, and a magic carpet to set things straight.
    The Drift House: The First Voyage Dale Peck

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      331 Dale Peck
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    1. This was by far an amazing book I am into fiction books and this book was just that My favorite part was probably when the fight scene happened between the two groups One, being the protagonist group and the other being a group that the good guys thought were good Looks can be deceiving Anyways, overall, I definitely would recommend this book if you are into fiction and need something to give you a laugh Please read it It will not be a waste of your time.

    2. In aftermath of the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, the Oakenfeld family is scared The oldest daughter, Susan, normally a BBC junkie, is banned from watching any news and before long she and her brothers, Charles and Murray, are sent off to live in Canada with their Uncle Farley Uncle Farley s home is a large, rambling estate, Drift House, situated on the Bay of Eternity Yet from the moment they arrive, the Oakenfeld children feel that there is something just a bit off with th [...]

    3. Drift House The First Voyage is a story about three siblings who go to live with their uncle in an old house that looks like a boat The house is called the Drift House The two older children start noticing weird things around the house that do not add up When they wake up in the morning they realize that they are no longer on land the house has washed out to sea The house turns out to be a transtemporal vessel, which means it can travel across time This house vessel takes the 3 children and thei [...]

    4. My sister recommended this delightful book to me Dale Peck s Drift House is a whimsical tale of Susan, Charles and Murray three children sent from their home in New York to stay with their bumbling Uncle Farley in Quebec, Canada following 9 11 Uncle Farley is a student of time and there is something decidedly different about his latest acquisition, Drift House not only does it resemble a galleon, it seems to be off kilter with the surrounding garden Next morning, the children wake up surrounded [...]

    5. Audio I m continuously searching for that Potter fantasy replacement This is not it The backseat crowed liked it than me but just by a little It started out really strong and enticing Three siblings must leave New York City immediately following 9 11 in order to be safe I was excited to find a youth book willing to use 9 11 as the backdrop But that was as far as that story line went They go to Canada to hang out with their Uncle Farley who lives at Drift House, a house which leaves Canada and s [...]

    6. In this story, three siblings find themselves adrift on the Sea of Time with their Uncle and a talking parrot, in the mysterious floating Drift House.I definitely would have liked this book better if I had liked any of the kids, or the uncleor even the parrot The idea was interesting, but the character development was so annoying I almost didn t finish the book.The best part of the book was the very last chapter, which was the glossary The messed up thing is I will probably read the next book I [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book The children learn to get along and work with one another, which is something that I need to learn to do, they use big words, which I love, and it has pirates, and mermaids, and adventure

    8. Not quite for me The book relied on filler to progress through the plot, making it the 450 pages that it is It s not a bad story, it s just hard for me to stay focused and be 100% invested in ANY plot, when most of it s padded.I think what I loved most about the book was the Narnia feel in it Made it feel really cozy

    9. I first read this book when I was in Junior High and it s really stuck with me I have since been wanting to slowly make my way through old books I read once upon a yesteryear and so I decided to pick this one up because it s summer and I think you can probably tell by the cover why I chose this particular title This books is about three young children, Susan 12 , Charley 9 , and Murray 5 who are siblings and, after the attacks of 9 11, go to live with their Uncle Farley in Canada at an old house [...]

    10. This was something I read either in middle school or early high school that I really enjoyed, and I found that even now, in college, it s still a great story One of the most spectacular things is the treatment of the background characters The dynamics of the pirates and the mermaids is extremely interesting but that s spoilers It should be sufficient to say that it is very different than the usual fantasy version of mermaids, even if their appearances are the same It s just really nice the way t [...]

    11. This attempt at a Narnia style adventure that is an adventure with deeper meaning should have been great Problems too much undigested philosophy re time, mortality produced a cold, dry tone in some places One reviewer remarked that the author is trying too hard I agree There is also a strong hint of anti Americanism to come in future episodes through the explicit suggestion that the people of the child heroes era today, that is are causing time to move improperly resulting in perhaps the extinct [...]

    12. The reviews I ve read of Drift House by Dale Peck either ignore the World Trade Center destruction or gloss it over Regardless, it is the grim starting point of the book and the loss of life is one of the dominant themes of the book It is also a pirate tale full of derring do and time travel.The book begins with Susan and her brothers, Charles and Murray, being driven to Canada from their home in Manhattan Their mother wants them out of the city until she feels it is safe again for them to retur [...]

    13. Summary When Susan and her younger brother Charles and Murray, are sent to stay with their eccentric uncle Farley in Canada, little do they realize that they are stepping into the adventure of a lifetime Uncle Farley lives in a dilapidated old house that looks like a ship, and when the children wake one morning to discover they ve been washed out to sea, the name Drift House begins to make sense Without sails or an engine to propel them, and with no communication from the world they know, Drift [...]

    14. Is time travel possible after all Thats what Susan Oakfield was thinking after being sent to her great uncle s house with her brothers Charles and Murray.Life has thrown a lot at her the past few days,first 9 11 then being separated from her parents only to find she would be spending than a year with her great uncle Farley whom she hadn t even met.Not to mention the unusual aspects of the house she will be living in.Susan and Charles are suspicious immediately after they pull up to the house,bu [...]

    15. This was a great summer read to share with my 8 year old It took us a long time reading around so much summer fun, but we did it and loved it thoroughly I think my son s question, Mom, want to start The Lost Cities tomorrow 2nd book in the Drift House series , sums up how much he loved this adventurous tale of 3 young siblings navigating the Sea of Time.This book includes smart, independent kids along with time travel, mermaids, pirates and talking creatures My son chose this book because it is [...]

    16. This starts off like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe 3 resourceful yet believably bickering siblings get sent off to an unknown uncle s eccentric house because of unsafe conditions at home in this case, NYC right after 9 11 , and magical adventures ensue.The house in question is Drift House, a curiously galleon shaped house which drifts out onto the Sea of Time Susan, Charles, and Murray the latter two whose names make me wonder if Peck was nodding to A Wrinkle in Time each deal with the m [...]

    17. It starts right after 9 11 in NYC, but quickly moves into the territory of magic Three children, Susan, Charles and Murray are adrift and at sea in than one fashion The ways they cope with the strange and unfathomable happenings, as well as Peck s wonderful writing style, kept me turning pages well into the night This book had me biting my lip trying to stay awake to finish one page in the wee small hours, and when I finally gave up, it followed me into my dreams I can t remember the last book [...]

    18. I m a sucker for a good ie, smart, well written children s novel, but they re harder to find than one might imagine What a joy to stumble upon Drift House I actually read it for work, and what a pleasure It s rare to find a fantasy novel aside from Harry Potter where the world of the book feels so grounded, real and complete I love the characters I see a bit of myself at 12 in our heroine, Susan , and the story is just a delight It does weigh down a bit near the end of the climax, but other than [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this it started off feeling slightly derivitave of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and did continue to use elements of other fantasy novels, but the characters were interesting I wish there was Murray, though, he was my favorite of the children and the whole theme of time was fascinating There were a couple places where I felt it could ve been a little less heavy handed with the life lesson stuff lectures from adults about x, y, and z but all in all I think it was a real [...]

    20. The Drift house was a never ending tale of mysteries, adventures, and especially voyages After 9 11, Susan and her brother go to their uncles house and witness something very peculiar The Drift house is a transtemporal vessel that drifts across vast bodies of water and hold many mysteries to be discovered I thought this book was very complex in describing the unusual behavior in the butler and the uncle while also including suspense to keep the reader at the edge of his her seat I would highly r [...]

    21. This was a fun, fascinating time travel story There was just enough danger to make it interesting, not too much to make it scary or upsetting for the young reader The three Oakenfeld children visit their uncle at Drift House in Canada after their life in New York is disrupted by the destruction of the World Trade Center towers Not long after their arrival, they are swept out on the Sea of Time with their uncle, where they are in peril of being pulled into the Great Drain Through a series of adve [...]

    22. I should have realized there were problems with Drift House earlier My daughter, who rarely does not finish a book, left her bookmark about a third of the way through and when asked said, Oh, I just never got into that It should be an interesting book The kid characters have potential, as does the setting a house that can sail on the sea of time But the plot is plodding, the other characters, inexactly drawn, and the setting becomes vague and unfocused Should have quit when my daughter did.

    23. Disclaimer I stumbled upon an advanced reading copy of this book, so I don t know how much of it was edited later I can only hope that it was a lot.I liked the idea traveling on a house boat through the sea of time and the characters espeically President Wilson, the parrot But the story could have been at least 150 pgs shorter Peck goes on for pages about the scientific reasons behind the nature of the sea of time, and in the height of the conflict goes on about the nature of eternity, etc Anoth [...]

    24. We listened to this on tape in the car during our vacation and at first I had to beg everyone to give it a chance By chapter 4 everyone wanted to listen to it It was sort of like the Wanderer by Sharon Creech meets a Wrinkle In Time Very inventive 2 brothers a sister are sent to live w their eccentric uncle after 9 11.He lives in Drift House on the Bay of Eternity which turns out to be an inlet on the Sea of Time Exciting action time travel feirce mermaids characters tested all the stuff we love [...]

    25. I thought this book was great My children and I read it together It was fun and full of excitement It is full of intricate details of a puzzle that is completed by the end of the book The characters are perfect for the story and no one is out of place The work well together to find the solutions to every problem Three kids left an eccentric uncle who lives in an interesting house From the moment the children arrive they know there is something amiss with the house but they just can t figure what [...]

    26. Drift house the first voyage is a story about the three Oakenfeld children, Susan, Murray and Charles sent off to live with their uncle Farley Uncle Farley lives in a funny boat shaped house called drift house and it soon makes sense when the Oakenfeld children find themselves drifting at sea As the house drifts on the sea of Time it starts to yield many secrets but some evil mermaids trick them into stopping time for ever I think this book is very well worded and it has a very interesting story [...]

    27. We LOVED Drift House My son read the next book in the series and enjoyed it as well This book is safe for kids no language, graphic violence There is some death of mermaids but it s written like they fall in the water and you just understand they re dead.I really hope to see books in this series as there are a few branching story lines that would make for great adventures in themselves.

    28. Grade BOne word Tedious I can see how kids would love this, but it was too explained and too much telling me This is what will happen by the narrator, then experiencing it through the children s eyes That drives me nutty Absolutely bonkers Can t stand it That said, the writing wasn t half bad, but I won t be reading the sequel.

    29. This book tried way too hard to be philosophical There were huge lectures and info dumping about things that were vague and meant to make you think about time, death, and life.The characters were boring The youngest child is awol 90% of the book and things were thrown in to make it quickly and Narnia like but it failed.

    30. Drift House was a sweet read I enjoyed all of the characters and the journey we went on together This book also reminded me of the Shack Susan the oldest of the children, had to make some hard decisions and it was awesome how the author allowed her to be comforted during those times I can t wait to read the next book

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