Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 1 #2020

Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 1 Chiho Saitō Revolutionary Girl Utena Volume In the first adventure in the historic series Utena faces a sword duel an unwelcome engagement and a mandate to revolutionize the world

  • Title: Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 1
  • Author: Chiho Saitō
  • ISBN: 9781569317136
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 1 Chiho Saitō In the first adventure in the historic series, Utena faces a sword duel, an unwelcome engagement, and a mandate to revolutionize the world
    Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 1 Chiho Saitō

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      159 Chiho Saitō
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    One thought on “Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 1”

    1. The premise is deceptively simple and decidedly shoujo A young girl, distraught by the death of her parents is kissed by a traveling prince and given a ring, told that if she never loses that noble heart of hers it may one day lead her to him So impressed is she by him, that the little girl vows to become a prince herself one day.But is that really such a good idea Before I continue on with this review and for the sake of convenience and in regard to this manga s rather short five volume length, [...]

    2. I m so glad I read this I ve seen a bit of Utena and I like it, but it s really weird Probably the weirdest anime I ve ever watched and I ve watched Sex Pistols but it s also really fascinating and even though the fact that nothing is ever explained is infuriating, it always keeps me coming back.Maybe it s because I knew what to expect, but this was less weird and less confusing than the first few episodes of the anime I m so glad I got this for my birthday thanks Sylwia xx and I m looking forwa [...]

    3. I like the theme of this manga A girl who goes against the whole all girls need a prince to protect them thing and decides to be her own prince and save herself That had to be good, right But there are a lot of things that are unclear and bizarre to me Maybe they get explained better in the other volumes, which I m not sure I will continue.

    4. The premise for this manga is what drew me how could you not love a tomboyish girl who insists on saving herself.

    5. I never watched the anime growing up but I decided to give them manga a go I think I would prefer this in anime for but I m curious to see how the plot goes

    6. Unfortunately, my library has the first 3 Utena volumes in the old school flipped artwork layout A page was also ripped out of this volume, but neither thing, I think, really impacted my enjoyment of the first volume I m fairly used to the flipped artwork thing, as it was impossible to find manga in its original, Japanese format in the early 2000s when anime started to really find its American audience and when I got into it as a brand new teenager.As a self professed otaku in my teen years, it [...]

    7. When Utena learns that her parents have died, she throws herself in a river, hoping to drown herself and her grief A man whom she believes to be a handsome prince rescues her and tells her to grow up strong and noble Inspired, Utena decides to become a prince herself, wanting to save others as she herself was once saved But when Utena enters a new school, she finds herself caught up in a dangerous game of swords, power, and possession If Utena can manage to hold on to her noble spirit, she may o [...]

    8. I admit, my reasons for loving Utena so much are very similar to my reasons for loving Mulan As a trans, non binary person, she gave me someone I could kind of relate to It was imperfect, and it wasn t 100%, but I could see just a bit of myself in her character, and when I was a preteen exploring my identity I needed that Utena breaks the gender binary She wants to be a prince, she prefers to wear the boy s uniform in school, she generally dresses in drag, and she still embraces the parts of her [...]

    9. When Utena s parents are killed, she decides she doesn t want to live either and throws herself into a river She s saved by a mysterious man who urges her to grow up strong and noble and Utena, dazzled by the experience, complies.cially since the man promises to return someday.Kind of hard to avoid being shaped by an experience like that, especially since Utena receives a letter once a year that smells of roses, and is sealed with a rose seal Trying to solve the mystery leads her to a mysterious [...]

    10. I ve always heard good things about Revolutionary Girl Utena the anime and so I was interested in reading the original source material in the manga In Volume One we are introduced to the character of Utena, who wants to be a Prince, because when she was a child a prince saved her and inspired to be a noble protector of those who needed it You would think the concept might come off as sexist, but Utena is very much feminine, she just engages in activities that are considered masculine She doesn t [...]

    11. There is absolutely no way I could love Utena less no matter what version, possible reading of the story or pairing of the charaters because making it gender irrelevant made this story unexplicably infinite and possible in almost every form, fashion and idea Tho, the legitimate plotline does come as a surprise D

    12. Five volumes of amazingness This is a must read for ANYBODY who can handle a little bit of strangeness and coolness all rolled in to one If you liked the anime, this was a thousand times better But good luck finding it to read, it s super rare.

    13. I m normally a fan of Saitoh Chiho Been in love with her works since I was in high school This one, however, left me with a strange feeling I don t particularly like the plotline, I don t sympathize with the heroine Overall I don t enjoy it much I gave up on the remaining volumes.

    14. Pretty Mostly fluff, like most shojo, but lyrically metaphorical, and the titular character is strong and fierce.

    15. Beautiful artwork and a plot full of mystique D If you dig pretty boys and headstrong gals, roses, swords, and weird little animals, just read it.

    16. 6 10 The book is better than the movie series whatever Yup, we ve all heard it, and from my experience 99 times out of 100 rehashes, remakes and adaptations pale in comparison to their source material Unfortunately the Utena manga fits into that rare, mythical 1% zone In this case, the source material is indeed a mere shadow of its adaptation.Not to say the manga is bad It basically covers the first arc of the show and then jumps to the very end of the last arc, so you re getting what is general [...]

    17. I read this series a million years ago but still remember my thoughts impressions on it It was a follow up to Sailor Moon, at least for me but despite my initial excitement when I picked it up, it didn t work for me The artwork is great but the story is ambiguous and slightly weird and a tad confusing Very girl power I guess but not a favorite of mine I collected the series though because in those days any manga was good manga and I bought up any new releases Finally decided to sell my copies pl [...]

    18. I have to admit, I really like Utena As a person She s strong willed without being a bitch she s willing to fight, but not eager Her reactions to her aunt s kiss with the man she thought was her prince sum her up so well she s emotional but she doesn t let it rule her She changes her attitude based on new information And she wants people around her to be happy, even if it hurts her a little Very much looking forward to the rest

    19. Maybe I m biased against this book due to my love for the source material, but I found it bland and unimaginative I appreciate the manga taking a different direction and creating it s own take on the universe of Utena, but was underwhelmed to say the least.

    20. My sequential art diet has recently been lacking in Vitamin Shoujo and this fixed that right up Annoyed that I can t get the 4th volume from my local library system also need to rewatch Utena.

    21. Couldn t get into it Too many moments of men slapping women in the face like every second page and the characters fell a bit flat.

    22. different than the anime, but still enjoyable the scanlation was pretty terrible at first but by the end of the volume, it had improved greatly.

    23. Considering the I ve watched the Anime first, the Manga stands alone For those unfamiliar with the plot, Utena s parents had died, so she wanders aimlessly around the streets trying to find her happiness aka parents She accidentally falls into a ditch at the side of the road to be saved by a prince This prince gives her a signet ring foreshadowing her future encounters with him So amazed by his nobility, she herself wants to become a prince I was surprised at the Manga s small length Despite the [...]

    24. I first began trying to read this manga during the summer before last summer so, 2015 , but I didn t really have the time, and I was already watching some of the anime, AND the books were overdue, so it just didn t happen But FINALLY, I ve done it And I give it 4 5 stars because, well, I rated it of a 3.6 5 and that s just rounding up, isn t it Ahh, I first checked out several volumes from the Woodneath branch, wonderful memories there But it seems they don t have any copies any Such a travesty [...]

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