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Last of the Duchess Caroline Blackwood Last of the Duchess Intriguing suspenseful and witty this is the story of journalist and novelist Caroline Blackwood s search for the late Duchess of Windsor It is also a provocative exploration of the often bizarre c

  • Title: Last of the Duchess
  • Author: Caroline Blackwood
  • ISBN: 9781299093799
  • Page: 285
  • Format: ebook
  • Last of the Duchess Caroline Blackwood Intriguing, suspenseful, and witty, this is the story of journalist and novelist Caroline Blackwood s search for the late Duchess of Windsor It is also a provocative exploration of the often bizarre connection between heightened celebrity and approaching death in Blackwood s words, the fatal effects of myth First serial to New York Times Magazine.
    Last of the Duchess Caroline Blackwood

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    1. Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction The following story is factual In 1976, Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor, appointed Maitre Suzanne Blum as her Power of Attorney For ten long years, her life would be solely under the supervision of this formidable French lawyer.In 1980, Caroline Blackwood is commissioned by the Sunday Times to interview Wallis, Duchess of Windsor an interview which would accompany the photograph which Royal photographer, Lord Snowden, wanted to take The Duchess had always b [...]

    2. This book is of a memoir of how Caroline was trying to get information about the Wallis the Duchess of Windsor, and she found a huge obstacle in the way by the name of Maitre Blum the Duchess lawyer and spokesperson.This book was not published till the death of the lawyer, as she was famous for suing any journalist or newspaper for writing anything she deemed not nice about the duchess When the quest begins to know how the duchess is doing the readers understand from the gossip that she is 84 y [...]

    3. Mm diciamo che non esattamente il libro che ti aspetti.Perch l autrice non riesce a parlare con la duchessa, rimbalza contro l assurda situazione degli ultimi anni di vita di Wallis Windsor, segregata in casa dall avvocato che avrebbe dovuto prendersi cura di lei, allontanata dagli amici, isolata dal mondo.Caroline Blackwood racconta dunque tutti i suoi giri, gli incontri e lo strano, inquietante personaggio di Suzanne Blum, morbosamente attaccata alla duchessa e decisa a fare causa a chiunque n [...]

    4. Caroline Blackwood casts a very cold eye on the duchess in her old age Forbidden to see her or interview her by her dragonlike lawyer, Blackwood interviews her friends and speculates on the gossip Is the duchess a dried up fossil held prisoner by her butler Is she swollen to twice her former size Has she turned black, as another friend tells her Are her jewels being secretly sold around Paris All the funniest old and later rumors are trotted out and detailed Blackwood s satiric voice is subtle, [...]

    5. Looking at that title, it strikes me that Blackwood was slyly invoking the menacing association from Browning s That s my last Duchess Whether or not the reference was intended, Blackwood certainly makes it clear that she found the circumstances of Wallis Windsor s last years, and particularly her secretive guardian lawyer, maitre Suzanne Blum, very sinister indeed.Blackwood narrates her unsuccessful attempts to see the Duchess, her three interviews with Blum, and her various researches into bot [...]

    6. This book, like so many, could have done with stringent editing, but in spite of some repetitions it reads very well My interest in the British Monarchy is minimal, and it s the fact that Caroline Blackwood was the author that attracted me to this book Sure enough, her lucid style proved just the thing to bring to life the dismal story, or rather non story, of the last years of the Duchess of Windsor, bereft of most of her faculties and at the mercy of a vindictive and possibly slightly crazed [...]

    7. Some synopses have indicated that this is not really about the Duchess, but about Maitre Blum, her lawyer caretaker This is true The title is misleading A fascinating book about a complex woman, who is perhaps sinister a little nuts The brief allusions to the Duchess herself portray her as a shallow, vain insecure woman, but we don t know if this is true, because the author never meets or even sees her A book worth reading, but don t expect to learn much about the Duchess of Windsor.

    8. Just such an absolutely bizarrely fascinating book Nothing at all really about Wallis Simpson just of a monologue really of the author s attempt to interview the Duchess in her final decade The writing was so different from anything else I ve read that I was completely engrossed, but I honestly don t know that I would have finished it if a I hadn t been trying to get my books read in 2012 count up and b I wasn t on a bit of a holiday.

    9. a great trove of gossip about the Fascist loving nobility of latter day Britain Why was the Duchess carting her Faberge eggs to every fucking English manor house to which she was invited for the weekend That is the current question I m contemplating.

    10. This book was not about Wallis Simpson as I had hoped but about the author and her inability to meet with the Duchess in the last years of her life Much of the book was focused on a scathing description of the duchess lawyer I actually found the book incredible boring and disappointing.

    11. What an incredibly sad book It s supposed to be funny, but while the author describes in gross detail how unstable and formidable the Duchess of Windsor s lawyer is, she seems unconcerned that clearly an act of elder abuse is happening under hers and other people s noses and apparently nobody can do anything about it but the truth is that nobody really tries because they are too scared don t care enough it s too interesting to wonder what s happening than really find out the probably horrifying [...]

    12. Reviews by others are mixed and that is mostly my reaction Anything royal always intrigues me and I enjoyed the read into the tale of this rottweiler of a lawyer that is protecting Wallis Simpson Unfortunately for the author, I feel she has not done us true justice in waiting to unveil the story after the lawyer has died Wallis last days are sad and you are left wondering how the heck this happened to her and why.I think I left with questions than when I began reading I don t regret reading the [...]

    13. Wow, this is one crazy book The lawyer that was taking care of the duchess was despicable and made me feel very sad that she made the last few years of the duchesses life miserable It also made me wonder about her life, since the book took place when the duchess was older Overall, it makes me think about elder abuse and the problems that go along with proving it when the subject is kept away from the public.

    14. TediousI struggled through the majority of this book Far too much time was spent making assumptions regarding the relationship between The Duchess and Maitre Blum I didn t enjoy this book until the last three or four chapters when definitive information was revealed about the actual fate of Wallis Simpson I cannot recommend reading this book.

    15. This book struck me as two things being about the people around Wallis Simpson the hunt for information relating to Wallis In this instance, I wasn t so much interested in the research process the hunt, as much as I wanted to read about Wallis Simpson Definitely a bit unfortunate.

    16. Well researchedThe author had unique access to the Duchess This account of the life and times of Wallace Simpson with the prospective of years feels authentic After all the hullabaloo dies down, truth emerges.

    17. not very good wanted to learn about wallis simpson author was looking into the last years of her life not informative

    18. It looked interesting at first but it was written in 1980 and I gather than the author was a bit of a character herself There is of her in the book than Mrs Simpson.

    19. If you re looking for a biography of the Duchess of Windsor, this isn t it It s of a biography of her Parisian lawyer, Suzanne Blum, but much of the book is just speculation and gossip about both women It s interesting, don t get me wrong, but there s not a lot of hard facts in here.It s also quite depressing If someone who was as well known and well off as Wallis, Duchess of Windsor could end up being essentially locked away from the world for her last 10 years, and no one was doing anything a [...]

    20. Writing style far too repetitive.Her characterization of all the main personalities the duke and duchess and Blume were exaggerated and reiterated in every chapter Her style was to continual y and plaintive y justify her assessment rather than guiding the reader to draw their own conclusions After all was said and done, all she did was present opinion without any new facts I was disappointed.

    21. Save your moneyI ended the book with questions than I started with Who inherited the Windsor money after the Duchess died Prince Charles likes his uncle and the Duchess When rumors were flying about her lack of care and the concerns of so many of her friends, why did he not have someone look into her care The Totals had a financial interest in the estate of the Duchess even before her death due to the kids of the Royal jewelry and the replacements Although I can see why they would not take anyt [...]

    22. Wonderful and tragic story well toldA lot of this book is the free flow narrative of the author on the significant information she has pieced together and presumably paraphrased in many ways The style results in an excellent read Her recitation raises so many questions, and so many of them are the same questions she asked I do wish she had spent a little longer with some of her sources interviewed and discussed at the end Those sources clearly had to say and were interested in continuing to tal [...]

    23. Ha finally caught up with my GR reviews for the past YEAR I have had some really good reads in 2016 Have read everything I have purchased or been gifted in 2016 and now am beginning to shop of my own shelves in earnest in an effort to weed some of them out This was sadly, a weed Purchased via the epicly wonderful A Common Reader catalog, many moons ago, but very disappointing Not much about the Duchess of Windsor at all Or even much illuminating about the seemingly horrid woman who took care of [...]

    24. A strong, fascinating openly slowly turns into a wandering, speculative mess There s a lot of repetition and some odd writing choices The author insists on referring to Maitre Blum by her name and title throughout, which gets a little tedious.I am not a royal watcher and have little patience for those folks So hearing about Mrs Simpson, gossip around her marriage to the Duke, the abdication, and their friendship with Hitler was pretty fascinating There s a lot of dirt here, which is delightful.A [...]

    25. This book was very well written, so my disappointment comes in the form of the book s content I bought the book believing that it was going to be about the life of Wallis Windsor In actuality, the book seems to be about Maitre Blum, Wallis Windsor s crazy lawyer, who is too psychotic to actually be interesting if that makes sense I do understand that the author had a lot of trouble getting enough hearty information about Wallis Windsor, from her custodian Maitre Blum, in order to have enough c [...]

    26. I hated this book I picked it up because it was described as a modern classic of sarcasm, making fun of Britian s high society What I read was a mean spirited diatribe against an 84 year old lawyer who represented the Duchess of Windsor Of course this lawyer was ridiculous and fawning over her client She s a lawyer The Duchess was her client She was doing her job I found the author, who spent so much time with this poor old lady and then chose to write an entire book excoriating her, even ridic [...]

    27. So incredibly weird and funny and good You know when you read a book by some dude that, instead of focusing on the ostensible subject, turns into a meta narrative about the author s research on that subject And the whole time you re like, listen, pal, I do not give a fig about your life and your nonsense, just get back to the long lost violin maker or perfumier or whatever, the actually extraordinary one This book could have gone that way, but it turns out Caroline Blackwood was a brilliant, ele [...]

    28. Born and bred in Balti, I grew up with tales of the Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor Although I am not a fan of certain aspects of her personality, I have always been fascinated with her style Without a doubt, she is a symbol of the ultimate romance.How sad to learn that upon the Duke s death, her life changed dramatically She trusted her lawyer a powerful woman, no less to look out for her best interests and instead became literally a prisoner in her own house Lesson learned, be careful who you t [...]

    29. Only for over the top Duchess of Windsor fans Nothing new Never met the Duchess The story was about the author than the purported subject I wouldn t bother with this author again and do not recommend this book Total hype fluff An impulse read from the library I am so grateful I didn t buy the book Book Message The author s job was so very tough tho she tried so very hard Implies that suicide is a preferable option to being isolated victimized as one grows old alone Whatever.

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