Fourth Down and Inches: Concussions and Football's Make-Or-Break Moment #2020

Fourth Down and Inches: Concussions and Football's Make-Or-Break Moment Carla Killough McClafferty Fourth Down and Inches Concussions and Football s Make Or Break Moment When the football season ended nineteen players were dead and countless others were critically injured The public was outraged The game had reached a make or break moment fourth down and inches

  • Title: Fourth Down and Inches: Concussions and Football's Make-Or-Break Moment
  • Author: Carla Killough McClafferty
  • ISBN: 9781467710671
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fourth Down and Inches: Concussions and Football's Make-Or-Break Moment Carla Killough McClafferty When the 1905 football season ended, nineteen players were dead and countless others were critically injured The public was outraged The game had reached a make or break moment fourth down and inches Coaches, players, fans, and even the president of the United States had one last chance change football or leave the field Football s defenders managed to move the chaiWhen the 1905 football season ended, nineteen players were dead and countless others were critically injured The public was outraged The game had reached a make or break moment fourth down and inches Coaches, players, fans, and even the president of the United States had one last chance change football or leave the field Football s defenders managed to move the chains Rule changes and reforms after 1905 saved the game and cleared the way for it to become America s most popular sport But they didn t fix everything Today, football faces a new injury crisis as dire as 1905 s With increased awareness about brain injury, reported concussions are on the rise among football players But experts fear concussions may only be the tip of the iceberg The injuries are almost invisible, but the stakes couldn t be higher the brains of millions of young football players across the country Award winning author Carla Killough McClafferty takes readers on a bone crunching journey from football s origins to the latest research on concussion and traumatic brain injuries in the sport Fourth Down and Inches features exclusive photography and interviews with scientists, players, and the families of athletes who have literally given everything to the game It s fourth and inches Can football save itself again
    Fourth Down and Inches: Concussions and Football's Make-Or-Break Moment Carla Killough McClafferty

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    1. Through much of the opening chapters of 4th Down and Inches I had luke warm feelings I made several notes about the chapter titles, the early organization of each segment, even the chapter titles Our task in reading for a CYBILS award is to narrow down the year s best non fiction When you consider that its our job to send a handful of titles through to the next round out of the hundred books nominated, out of thousands of published titles, minor issues become pronounced At one point in the earl [...]

    2. I have received a few concussions in my day, and the end of this book kinda scares me The new field of concussion studies is broken down into understandable content with authentic stories from players or deceased players Sports related brain injury was nonexistent until football players deaths were investigated for in the early 2000 s I was interested in the topic of concussions, but the book drew me in with the intro Playing hockey I never knew the origins of football The beginnings were bloody [...]

    3. Concussions and their long term effects have been an issue in football since it s inception This is no different today, when we know that NFL players are affected with CTE chronic traumatic encephalopathy at the rate of at least 17 in 100 Sadly, this degenerative condition has also shown up in teenage athletes who died as a result of repeated blows to the head in football or other sports McClafferty does not purport to ban football, nor does she claim that football is the only sport with the ris [...]

    4. Non Fiction Book ReviewWow, this book sure opened my eyes to a lot of things I definitely consider myself to be a football fan I watch Broncos game every week, and loosely follow who is doing well in the NFL But I definitely had no idea the history of how and why the rules are written the way they are, and that it took young men dying on college football fields over 100 years ago to put these rules into place This book is great for young readers and adults alike It has glossy pages packed with p [...]

    5. I didn t know too much about traumatic brain injuries or chronic traumatic encephalopathy After years of reading about the death and troubling later years of Iron Mike Webster, the early onset dementia of Jim McMahon and the suicide of Junior Seau, among others I believe of us are becoming aware of the inherent dangers of football and other sports, with our youth and their precious brains, being the most at risk Fourth Down and Inches is a well researched introduction for those who want to be [...]

    6. Fourth Down and Inches is a book about the dangers of football and how football has changed throughout the early years.In the 1905 season nineteen players died during that football season and because of it the public began to become outraged by it The president of the United States had to interfere, not only for older players but especially for the children who play football This was the first time the game of football had to ever be changed The president had to either change the rules of footba [...]

    7. I read the initial history of football and how it nearly came to a halt, and found that held my interest as much as the technical and medical information within the pages I felt it was very accessible to my child, though I still want to continue our discussion so she didn t miss the information about girls soccer being the second leading cause of concussions It can t be emphasized enough that a concussion is an injury to the brain I think that parents whose child has had one concussion should be [...]

    8. In the late 1800 s and early 1900 s, football was very popular, but not safe at all By the end of the 1905 football season, 19 people were dead These deaths were mainly caused by concussions and blood clots in the brain In the beginning of the book, the author talks about a man named Von Gammon Von played football at the University of Georgia While playing the University of Virginia, along with other players, Von was knocked to the ground All of the other players stood up and continued to play V [...]

    9. This book was a very educational book It gave me information on things like CTE, concussions, second impact syndrome, deaths from a concussion, and the history of football I recommend this great book to someone that wants to know the roots of football and how it all began, or for someone that wants to be a doctor and learn about a concussions and CTE Another reason why this book was so great was because it wasn t a long book that had no action until the 150th page Right off the bat this book wa [...]

    10. WOW Opened my eyes The issue of head injury in football has been a known fact since the start of the game and each time the joy of the game wins out over the long term dangers Reading the science behind concussions, CTE and the connections with ALS and dementia were clearly explained and illustrated.My book talk adapted from pages 7 and 8 Von Gammon was good at every sport When he left home to attend the University of Georgia, his friendly personality made him easy to know The football team was [...]

    11. Being a huge football fan since I can remember it brought back a ton of memories of my 4 very competitive football brother constantly getting concussions, getting injured and so on The time of this book was super amazing and it provides a clear and well defined information for the children Although I knew of all the dangers that takes place in football it is still a sport that is super close to my heart I think having books like this helps parents become aware of the dangers but not just the pa [...]

    12. This book brings to light the serious issues involving concussions and other brain related injuries in the sport of football Since the games founding, there have been countless injuries, and even in some extreme cases, the beginning of the game death I really enjoyed this book because it was only published 3 years ago, and this is an ongoing issue The information from this informational text can be viewed every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night on the NFL network The improvements we have made i [...]

    13. This book looks at the relationship between contact sports and brain injuries, specifically football Much evidence is presented about the short and long term effects of hard hits and the tragedies that can occur when not enough time is allowed for rest and recovery much less retirement Stretching back to the notable death of Von Gammon in 1897 and taking readers to present day the author throughly examines individual cases and gives readers the symptoms and treatments they need to be aware of th [...]

    14. Fantastic and very current look at the science behind concussions in football The compelling science is mixed with heart breaking stories of athletes and their families who have suffered from the effects of concussions through playing sports, namely football This book covers both the full range of the sport, from the youth level to professionals The author convincingly lays out the research in a thoughtful,engaging manner with respect for athletes who are passionate about playing sports This is [...]

    15. A timely book on the connections between the game of football and the lasting effects of concussions The author recounts the history of deaths occurring from injuries sustained in football games from the late 19th century to today Also included is the fascinating research being done on CTE at the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, headed by Dr Ann McKee By combining the personal stories of the families who have lost loved ones because of repetitive concussions and the medical rese [...]

    16. After reading this book it makes me happy to know that my brother will no longer be playing football Concussions are a serious thing and should not be taken lightly This book is very informative It has great research done but also makes great points The brain is one of the body s most important organs and it is the one that we should be most careful with Football players are most exposed to receiving a traumatic brain injury The sport is dangerous and has been one of the most dangerous sports Co [...]

    17. Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in America Players undoubtedly take many risks when they take the field And while most remain largely unharmed, many are permanently scarred Best part of this book the individual stories of boys men who loved the sport and lost their lives Least favorite part the details regarding brain research about concussions I m afraid my middle schoolers will get bogged down in the details, but perhaps they will do what I did and skim those parts.

    18. A very readable book about concussions and football meaning that I read it in one sitting on a snow day I learned a lot about concussions and football I think you can sell this to students looking for a sports book, but it might be a difficult sell for those very reluctant readers who are looking for a football book because most of the book is really about the brain and concussions.Recommended for upper elementary and middle school students who are interested in the brain, football, or concussi [...]

    19. A well researched book that briefly outlines the history of American football, showing clear examples of the serious problem of concussions and brain injuries The up to date information on current brain injury research should be read by every parent who has a child participating in a contact sport and by coaches of those sports I highly recommend this book for all junior and senior high students.

    20. A fascinating look at the timely topic of brain injuries and football, assisted by a eye catching book design filled with color photos and sidebars The narrative begins with players killed during turn of the century college football games, and ends with high school players killed from the same thing brain injuries received during football tackling Filled with facts, not just emotions, this makes a clear case for change in football at all levels.

    21. Do you watch football and enjoy it Have a child who plays football Then you NEED to read this book about the impact of multiple head on collisions upon the brain In fact, I d recommend it to soccer and rugby players too, or any sport where you use your head to hit things I don t know if I can watch football the same way any .

    22. You will love this book if you love football, love your little athletes, and or love incredibly touching stories Parents, if you don t read this particular and nearly perfect for any reader book, then read SOMETHING about football and brain injuries This book made me realize how little I actually know about something so crucial.

    23. I know that we are learning about concussions all the time, but I wasn t aware of the history behind concussions and football McClafferty tells this in a compelling way, weaving in scientific data with historical accounts She gets the warning across without sounding too didactic.

    24. Wonderful book It is informative without being overwhelming and the layout would make it a very pleasant read to reluctant readers They should make that book a reading requirement for PE class in Jr high schools.

    25. Engaging book about football and concussions that discusses the risks and challenges without demonizing football Plus, the history of football as a dangerous sport was really interesting Apparently there were concerns about head injuries all the way back in 1897 Perfect for middle school.

    26. Copyright 2013Genre InformationalThoughts This is not my usual book that I would pick up but I think many of my football player students would really enjoy it It was interesting to go through the injuries caused by football over the years Excellent pictures too

    27. Interesting overview of football history detailing the brutality of the early version of the game Includes information about the ongoing concussion debate and the seriousness of these injuries A must read for school aged football players.

    28. A fascinating look at a very important topic As a reader I appreciated the personal stories that briough the factual information to life I was intrigued by the author s choices in terms of how she handled a controversial topic I would recommend this to every parent and their sports loving kids.

    29. Fascinating, informative and cautionary This is a succinct introduction to the causes of concussions primarily as it relates to football and the current research into their impacts and treatments If I had kids, I would totally not sign them up for football, soccer, rugby

    30. Thoroughly researched and entertaining without being pedantic or didactic The layout and pictures are visually appealing and the topic is naturally appealing, especially for the reluctant boy reader.

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