Chasing the King of Hearts #2020

Chasing the King of Hearts Hanna Krall Philip Boehm Chasing the King of Hearts An extraordinary love story spanning years from to from the Warsaw Ghetto to Israel This is the last leg of my journey It would be silly to lose my mind now After the deportation of he

  • Title: Chasing the King of Hearts
  • Author: Hanna Krall Philip Boehm
  • ISBN: 9781908670106
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chasing the King of Hearts Hanna Krall Philip Boehm An extraordinary love story, spanning 60 years, from 1939 to 2000, from the Warsaw Ghetto to Israel This is the last leg of my journey It would be silly to lose my mind now After the deportation of her husband to Auschwitz, Izolda Regenberg, alias Maria Pawlicka, has only one aim to free her husband Her race to beat fate might appear absurd to others, but not to her.An extraordinary love story, spanning 60 years, from 1939 to 2000, from the Warsaw Ghetto to Israel This is the last leg of my journey It would be silly to lose my mind now After the deportation of her husband to Auschwitz, Izolda Regenberg, alias Maria Pawlicka, has only one aim to free her husband Her race to beat fate might appear absurd to others, but not to her In times of war and destruction she learns to trust herself.Why Peirene chose to publish this book This is a beautiful love story A story which makes one weep for mankind While Hanna Krall s terse prose is designed to convey the utter desperation of war, her deft touch evokes hope and a sense of homecoming Meike Ziervogel
    Chasing the King of Hearts Hanna Krall Philip Boehm

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      417 Hanna Krall Philip Boehm
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    1. I continue to read Holocaust stories no matter how gut wrenching, how gruesome, how heartbreaking, no matter how the Holocaust defies what as we as human beings desire to hold sacred, the sanctity of every life With every one of these stories, whether fiction or true accounts, my feelings on the importance of never forgetting just get stronger While this story is all of that, it is told in a different way from other books I have read It s told in almost a matter of fact way that even though simp [...]

    2. This is the fictionalised true story of Izolda Regensberg and her WW2 experiences which include escaping from the Warsaw Ghetto via the sewers, impersonating an Aryan woman during which she is persecuted by doubts that Jews have a distinctive way of performing virtually every commonplace gesture and being deported to a variety of camps, including Auschwitz The king of hearts of the title is her young husband Shayek The laconic, almost breezy tone of this novel, written in the present tense in si [...]

    3. Izolda and her husband along with their families live in the Warsaw ghetto When her husband is taken and sent to Auschwitz, she will do anything to free him, help him survive Along the way she tries to save her family and friends but her main focus is her husband Her King of hearts, and what she does along Tue way to accomplish this is nothing short of staggering.Told in a series of vignettes, reading very matter of fact and in an, unemotional voice voiced, this is a novel of fear and desperatio [...]

    4. Not for Hollywood Izolda and ShayekThis is a true story Had it been fiction, it would never have made it past the publisher s readers For, in trying to save her husband in the Holocaust, Izolda Regensberg manages to pass in and out of the Warsaw ghetto, move between Poland, Germany, and Austria, get captured herself and sent to three or four different camps or prisons including Auschwitz, twice but somehow escape, doing what has to be done to survive herself and send word to her husband Shayek t [...]

    5. Hanna Krall was born in Poland in 1935 and survived the Holocaust She is a prominent Polish journalist and writer of fiction, and her work has won many awards Chasing the King of Hearts was written in 2006 and published in English in 2013 Izolda Regensberg is a young Jewish woman trying to survive with her family in the Warsaw ghetto Her husband is taken prisoner and sent to Auschwitz She spends every waking minute focused on what she can do to get him released In the process, Izolda will dye he [...]

    6. A fast paced story of dramatic survival through smarts, cleverness, courage and luck on the one hand and the pain and suffering and many losses on the other Review to follow.

    7. A short novel about the experience of a Polish Jewish woman during the Second World War, based on a true story What makes this different from much Holocaust literature is how much of an adventure it turns into it often reads like the trials and tribulations of a Resistance heroine, except that Izolda s cause is not her entire country, simply her friends and relatives, in particular her new husband first to get them out of the Warsaw ghetto, and then trying to get him out of a concentration camp [...]

    8. Elegant, involving, heartrending Krall tells a true story of a woman from the Warsaw ghetto whose husband gets sent to Auschwitz, and her efforts to communicate with rescue him She changes her name, hair colour, and religion in order to escape the ghetto via the sewers at one point , but finds that there is so much that gives her away a Jewish way of holding and putting down a handbag pretending to be Catholic she is asked to repeat the Hail Mary but says it too slowly real Catholics rush throug [...]

    9. aviuosi ra ytojais, kurie, atrodyt trumpais ir paprastais sakiniais, geba i reik ti tikr jausm iuo atveju siaub , nostalgij , kalt Apie tai ir yra i knyga.

    10. Hanna Krall s Chasing the King of Hearts is not your usual Peirene fare in the sense that it s a little too long to be classed as a novella it certainly took me far longer than two hours to read it , but I m not sure that really matters The book is a tribute to one woman s amazing ability to survive everything that World War Two throws at her, including the execution of various family members, life in the Warsaw Ghetto, several stints in jail, torture by a cruel Gestapo officer was there any oth [...]

    11. Lovely read yes, just when you think you cannot possibly want to read yet another Holocaust novel, this novella comes along Glad I read it.

    12. Very moving, despite its quite matter of fact, understated style or perhaps precisely because of it.

    13. La obra que vamos a comentar es Rey de corazones de Hanna Krall, autora polaca que naci en Varsovia en 1935 en el seno de una familia jud a y sobrevivi a la guerra a pesar de que mucho de sus familiares fueron asesinados La historia gira alrededor de Izolda, la protagonista y se desarrolla durante la II Guerra Mundial Al principio su vida parece ir todo lo bien que pod a ir en aquel momento se casa, comienza una vida con su marido en el gueto en el que estaban, vive junto a su familia y ayuda co [...]

    14. People need to know about Hanna Krall A journalist in Poland during Communism, a survivor of the Holocaust, an unflinching chronicler of ordinary lives, it s a shame of her work isn t translated or known in America We need voices like this at a time when honest reporting is being shamed into submission spoilers below My one hesitation to recommend comes only to warn that the publisher says this is an beautiful love story It seems to me that it is an ordinary love story, with a beginning, a mi [...]

    15. This is an unusual and thought provoking book It is not fiction, but it has been written by a novelist in a striking style Although the book is written in the third person everything is written through the perspective of the wife, Izolda, seeking amidst the horrors of Holocaust, to be reunited with her husband The story is packed with details and people, but observed only as they pass through the gaze of the heroine This can be bewildering, but it gives a sense of how an individual, caught up in [...]

    16. I am so very glad I read this book This book based on a woman s experience as told to the author is a powerful Holocaust novel It is the story of one woman s journey to keep her husband alive she understands he is Auschwitz The story is told simply and compellingly of the choices she makes what choices would I make The unfolding of the story not wanting to give a lot away is moving, interesting, surprising and a gift It really made me think about the stories I know and the stories I don t know L [...]

    17. Chasing the King of Hearts tells the story of Izolda, who meets Shayek in Warsaw during WWII and marries him They live first in the ghetto until Izolda, who is unrelentingly resourceful and determined, smuggles herself out She manages to get Shayek out too, as well as their parents but the war is harsh and unrelenting and over time their family members disappear or are arrested Shayek is eventually arrested and all of Izolda s ingenuity is focused on getting to him She endures much and survives [...]

    18. Jag lyssnade p den som ljudbok Den var delvis v ldigt stark och gripande, men h ll inte riktigt hela v gen ut, tyv rr Funderar p om jag ska l sa om den som tryckt bok eftersom historien nog inte passar s bra som ljudbok.

    19. Chasing the King of Hearts is the newest addition to the Peirene list, and is by internationally acclaimed bestseller Hanna Krall The novel appears in its first English translation, which has been well wrought by Philip Boehm Chasing the King of Hearts is a little longer than the majority of the books on Peirene s list, but it is a difficult story to put down The entirety of it is told rather simplistically, but this technique only serves to make the horrors of the Holocaust which Krall portrays [...]

    20. 4 5 starsIt s difficult to review Holocaust fiction because the content and plot can often be so harrowing that it defies the imagination For this reason, it often comes down to the author s craft and ability to evoke the unimaginable rather than any particular narrative arc Like Affinity Konar s Mischling, this book offers a similar poetic surrealism, asking readers to fill in the blanks as events unfold in understated simplicity Unlike the former, Chasing the King of Hearts is much clearer in [...]

    21. Really beautiful book Krall s minimalist tendency here is some of the best I ve ever seen A misleading length considering the incredible scope.

    22. Inside the Warsaw ghetto, Izolda is in love with Jurec, but by chance meets Shayyek who is to become the love of her life Her mission is to survive but above all to survive in order to save Shayek, the King of Hearts Her mission is constantly being obstructed by chance and circumstance, of being in the right place or the wrong place and no amount of disguise changing her name, dying her hair, assuming a Polish identity will save her from Auschwitz But she does survive The chance encounters and f [...]

    23. This book didn t work for me The structure of the book was fragmented and confusing There was also no emotion from the main character Although, I feel this was deliberate because of what she went through I guess you have to stop feeling anything if you have to survive such horrors.

    24. This is an incredible little book It is based on a true story, and I would love to know about the real events There are also a few photographs dotted throughout that relate to the story, so I would love to know about them too there aren t any captions or anything The writing is very matter of fact and so sometimes it s easy to gloss over something without realising, and then you go back and read it again and realise what it really says The style makes it sometimes seem a bit dreamlike or unrea [...]

    25. This is a hard book to read because of what it tells In its spare stark prose it tells of terrible terrible things In short sentences, short sections indeed it is a short book it holds whole worlds, whole awful worlds, within its 168 pages But it should be read just as Schindler s Ark should be read, just as any holocaust literature should be read Here, for instance, is one, no four, whole words in one short sentence She should have told her husband to take them one at a time first the father, t [...]

    26. 3.5 4 A poignant WWII Holocaust story of how one woman survives while in quest of her husband who was taken to a camp It s about identity and about an extraordinary individual ordeal within the collective experience The prose is elegant and subtle, without excessive details but enough to convey the fear, the stupor and the resilience of the victims.Read the full review on my blog, Scrabbled Rambles.

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