A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die #2020

A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die Edith Maxwell A Tine to Live A Tine to Die It s harvest time in Westbury Massachusetts and novice farmer Cameron Flaherty hopes to make a killing selling organic produce But when a killer strikes on her property her first foray into the wor

  • Title: A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die
  • Author: Edith Maxwell
  • ISBN: 9780758284617
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die Edith Maxwell It s harvest time in Westbury, Massachusetts, and novice farmer Cameron Flaherty hopes to make a killing selling organic produce But when a killer strikes on her property, her first foray into the world of organic farming yields a bumper crop of locally sourced murder Cam s first growing season has gotten off to a slow start, but her CSA is flourishing thanks to a colorfuIt s harvest time in Westbury, Massachusetts, and novice farmer Cameron Flaherty hopes to make a killing selling organic produce But when a killer strikes on her property, her first foray into the world of organic farming yields a bumper crop of locally sourced murder Cam s first growing season has gotten off to a slow start, but her CSA is flourishing thanks to a colorful group of subscribers led by Lucinda DaSilva, an enthusiastic Brazilian volunteer who s vowed to eat nothing but locally produced food for one year When Cam fires her only employee, local handyman Mike Montgomery, because he won t follow organic growing practices, it seems like just another day at the office until she finds him with a pitchfork sticking out of his neck.The police suspect Cam of Mike s murder, but when their investigation goes nowhere, Lucinda joins Cam in the hunt for the real killer In a small New England town full of eccentric locavores, there s no shortage of possibilities from a neighboring farmer who competes with Cam for customers to a Swedish chef whose romantic designs on her have recently taken a turn for the odd And then there s the local militia group with its decidedly nonlocal agenda To clear her name, Cam will have to dig up secrets buried deep beneath the soil of Produce Plus Plus Farm And she ll have to catch a murderer whose motto seems to be Eat local Kill local.
    A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die Edith Maxwell

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      207 Edith Maxwell
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    One thought on “A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die”

    1. This is an entertaining enough book to pass the time, but not overwhelmingly absorbing The heroine s uncle gives her the family farm when he can no longer do the work,and she turns it into an organic food farm This sets up the possibility for a variety of interesting characters, but most of the supporting cast is indistinguishable perhaps they will be fleshed out in later mysteries in the series A few do become a bit than two dimensional, but I found it hard to remember who had which issue for [...]

    2. A mystery series about organic local farming I love both, so this was a perfect premise for me In this first book in the Local Foods mystery series, we meet Cam Flaherty, who has taken over her uncle s farm in Massachusetts, after being a computer programmer I got a kick out of the name of Cam s CSA Produce Plus Plus a play on C computer programming Little details like that really set the scene and made for an enjoyable read Edith Maxwell sprinkled in lots of of interesting information about far [...]

    3. This book just about drove me crazy I am not sure if it was the formatting or if it just was truly written that way, but WHO writes a sentence where one thing happens and then totally skips on to something else in the next sentence Not next paragraph which is how it should be done , but the next sentence I felt like I was in a bi polar cozy mystery I never knew where I was or what was really happening and I spent a lot of time being confused I knew who the killer was from the first chapter it wa [...]

    4. Edith Maxwell knocks it out of the park with the first in her Local Foods series Cam Flaherty, who takes over her uncle s organic farm and immediately finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation, is a great protagonist And the murdered victim well, who can resist an unruly employee meeting his demise by pitchfork I got a sense of knowing Cam right away, like a new friend you click with instantly Her blossoming romance with the Swedish chef is fun too, and meeting all the townies and suspec [...]

    5. Overall, I liked this first in a new to me series A nifty premise of a computer programmer, Cam, come home to run her uncle s farm that he s given her in Massachusetts She wants it to be organic and is working hard, even with odds against her Someone is sabotaging her crops and a former employee is found dead in her barn I liked her blossoming relationship with a chef that s off to a bumpy start I liked seeing how hard she works to keep her farm going, seeing how many different types of crops sh [...]

    6. Cam Flaherty left her job in the corporate world to take over her uncle s farm after his lost his leg She s determined to go all organic and has a group of friendly volunteers who are excited to help her out But one leftover farm worker from her uncle, is found in her barn with a pitchfork in his neck Now all her plans seem to come up against someone who doesn t want her to succeed Worse yet, her good friend, Lucinda, is caught up in all the trouble If Cam wants her farm to work, she ll have to [...]

    7. An excellent debut Cam Flaherty is a protagonist that is easy to identify with She has come back to Westbury to take over the farm where she spent so many summers growing up Just when her ideas starts to bear fruit a man is murdered.Maxwell has surrounded Cam with than a few suspects and friends that keep her strong as she fights to clear her name These characters are really well fleshed out for the first book in a series We learn a lot about their backgrounds which always makes the reader inve [...]

    8. Cam Flaherty has taken over her great uncle s farm and is hoping to adjust to her new life as a farmer in her first growing season However, things take an unexpected turn when she finds her recently fired farm hand, Mike Montgomery, dead in the hoop house with a pitchfork in his neck Can she figure out who killed him The book starts a little slowly, but once the story really gets going, it builds to a suspenseful climax Cam is an introvert and a little blunt, which is a nice change for a series [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book Cam has inherited her Uncle s farm and even though she doesn t know much about farming except what her Uncle taught her things are working out When her farm hand Mike gets murdered in her barn Cam hopes she is not on the top of the suspect list since she just fired him When one of her volunteers is arrested she knows the woman is innocent and sets out to prove it With every clue she uncovers she gets a little closer to finding the real killer With strange things happen [...]

    10. Nice little first in a series Nothing really fantastically twisty or shocking about the plot murderer seemed pretty obvious about halfway through , but a good solid mystery that moves at a good pace and comes to a logical conclusion Likable characters, with lots of potential for further developments as the series progresses Looking forward to picking up the second in the series.

    11. I enjoyed reading this cozy mystery I received it free through The lead character, Cameron, is quirky with a good back story The use of organic and local produce is timely and of interest to me The author introduces a varied cast of characters who will be fun to learn about in future volumes of the series.

    12. I have read this book before but I do not exactly remember when It was an good mystery, but the farming parts just did not ring true to me With the character thinking that she can just remove a little bit of the soil and then attempt to rake in the rest of any salt that fell off the plants is just not right If enough salt was put on the plants to kill them then enough salt was scattered around to be in the soil and make the soil unable to grown anything There is a reason beaches and salt water d [...]

    13. Former computer geek, Cameron Cam Flagherty, takes over her great uncle s farm with plans of making it an organic farm After she fires her employee for attempting to use pesticides, he is later found stabbed to death on the farm The victim was a part of a militia group against immigrants Now Cam tries to figure out who the murderer is before one of her friends is wrongly sent to jail and while dealing with sabotage to some of her crops A very good book and I look forward to the next one.

    14. The first in the series, Cam Flaherty has left her tech job, and taken over her uncle s farm, with a goal to do only certified organic gardening When she finds her farm hand planning to use chemical herbicides, she fires him Later that night, he turns up murdered by pitchfork in her yard Suspects abound, and it really touches on a current social issue about immigrants and white supremacists This was great Very topical with the overall theme of the series organically, locally produced food, plus [...]

    15. I absolutely LOVED A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die It was a fun, exciting read that I didn t want to put down.I m excited that it s the first in a series and can t wait to read the rest of the series.I definitely recommend this book to anyone that wants good, clean mystery suspense with down to earth country living thrown in There s something or someone for everyone to connect to in this book.

    16. A Tine to Live , A Tine to Die is the first in the Local Foods Mystery series by Edith Maxwell Cam runs a organic farm in Cambridge Mass Then one night she finds her ex employee dead in the barn Now there is a killer to find Great characters.I would recommend this book

    17. Good Book This is the first book in a series and the first I ve read by this author Very enjoyable,great characters,and mystery I really enjoyed getting to know Cam,Jake,Ruth,Lucinda,and all the others Would recommend to all cozy lovers.

    18. Cameron Flaherty is a self professed geek turned gardener She s given up a cubical for the outdoors She prefers her fingers in soil rather than clicking across a keyboard It s a new life and a new world for Cameron as she turns her great uncle s home into her own.Taking the plunge from salaried, experienced, corporate employee to self employed, newbie organic CSA community supported agriculture farmer is quite an adjustment But before Cameron can really start to appreciate the new life she is st [...]

    19. Originally Posted at mysteriousbibliophileQuiet, introverted Cameron Flaherty is recovering from a failed relationship and was laid off from her position as a computer programmer She decided to take over the farm owned by her aging, disabled Great Uncle Albert and convert it to an organic CSA community supported agriculture She is unsure she can handle this new endeavor, especially since it requires skill in working with the public But her first harvest season is proving successful, helped by a [...]

    20. A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die is the first book in Edith Maxwell s Local Foods cozy mystery series The second book, Til Dirt Do Us Part, came out in May 2014 It s not a great first book, but I ve found that mystery writers often don t write a great book until the second, third, or even fourth book in their series A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die is a promising start to a series.Cameron Flaherty is a former computer programmer who got laid off Around the time she lost her job, her great uncle had to [...]

    21. It was good enough that I didn t put it down immediately It also definitely wasn t good enough to read all the way through The author seemed to have a pretty heavy hand right from the beginning Some information seemed to be very forced to the reader through characters conversations Further, the murderer was too obvious to ignore by page 80 80 264 The red herrings also didn t seem very believable and I m not sure anyone was taking the bite The author s use of mysterious hints at characters pasts [...]

    22. At first, Cam s inner cynicism about her customers and her farm annoyed me, but then I grew to enjoy and laugh with some of her inner dialogue, particularly those introvert minded comments A lot of people could feel that way, but very few people would admit it, even to themselves While many books contain characters that enjoy the solo activity of reading I suppose so that the readers can relate , very few mysteries have an introvert as a main character Usually the main characters of mysteries ar [...]

    23. Ok this would really be a 2.5, but I rounded down just to make the distinction from other cozies I ve read that I rated a 3.First, the good things I liked the general premise here The main character is a young computer programmer turned organic farmer There are some fun supporting characters and relationships that I could see being fleshed out in subsequent titles I read this book quickly and enjoyed my time reading it.The not so good things There are a few sort of weird transitions, where time [...]

    24. The world of cozies is new to me, but I ll be returning to this one Readers who enjoy cozies will certainly like it, since the story has plenty of day to day detail to hold your interest but no gory detail to make you drop the book.Organic farmer Cam Flaherty is an appealing protagonist with her combination of determination and occasional self doubt Running the farm and a CSA for local food fans is a new undertaking for her filled with challenges that are unfamiliar to her having come from a hig [...]

    25. This was a charming and classic style cozy mystery, in that it took place in a small town, close environment where everyone pretty much knows everyone and their business The heroine was a bit of a fish out of water trying desperately to fit in and establish a new lifestyle for herself She s been down, but is working hard, learning new things, and improvising when she has to I learned a lot about organic farming and the standards farmers have to adhere to, and as a fan of farmer s markets and eat [...]

    26. Things I Liked The author s style was good, better than most I also liked the Locavore topic Her description of this way of life was informative and added to the storyline.Things I Disliked As another reviewer has stated, I also thought the presence of so many illegal immigrants among such a small throng of people was so unlikely that I was unable to suspend disbelief The solution of the mystery was not handled subtly at all plus I identified who it was way too early.The author had definite idea [...]

    27. A good start to a new series called Local Foods Even though I only gave this book 3 stars, I am looking forward to the next in the series.As with many other cozies, this first book starts out with the lead character, in this case, novice organic farmer, Cam Flaherty, accused of murder The person she is accused of killing is former employee, Mike Montgomery When the police don t seem in a hurry to solve the murder, Cam branches out on her own.I really liked the mystery part of the story, but the [...]

    28. An interesting new cozy series is launched featuring Cameron Flaherty, former techie geek turned small time farmer Although some elements of the story seem to telegraph too rapidly, the interesting cast of supporting characters and a well realized setting on a Massachusetts organic farm There s a very muted romantic subplot involving Jake, a chef and customer There s a whole host of other customers, thanks to Cam s newly launched CSA and the elements of organic gardening make for a lively backgr [...]

    29. Cameron Flaherty, downsized from her corporate job, has moved from the city to take over her inheritance her great uncle s farm in rural Massachusetts There, she sets up a Community Supported Agriculture project In this first of a planned series of local food mysteries , a killer strikes on Cameron s property just in time for her customers first produce pick up.I found the characters typical for a cozy mystery, but the murderer in this story was so obvious that I discarded him as a suspect.While [...]

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