Life After Murder: Five Men in Search of Redemption #2020

Life After Murder: Five Men in Search of Redemption Nancy Mullane Life After Murder Five Men in Search of Redemption Once a murderer always a murderer Or can a murderer be redeemed Who do they really become after they have served decades in prison What does it take for a killer to be accepted back into society What

  • Title: Life After Murder: Five Men in Search of Redemption
  • Author: Nancy Mullane
  • ISBN: 9781610390309
  • Page: 206
  • Format: ebook
  • Life After Murder: Five Men in Search of Redemption Nancy Mullane Once a murderer, always a murderer Or can a murderer be redeemed Who do they really become after they have served decades in prison What does it take for a killer to be accepted back into society What is the chance that he will kill again Award winning journalist Nancy Mullane found herself facing these questions when she accepted an assignment to report on the explodiOnce a murderer, always a murderer Or can a murderer be redeemed Who do they really become after they have served decades in prison What does it take for a killer to be accepted back into society What is the chance that he will kill again Award winning journalist Nancy Mullane found herself facing these questions when she accepted an assignment to report on the exploding costs of incarceration But the men she met behind the walls astonished her with their remorse, introspection, determination, and unshakable hope for freedom and forgiveness.Life After Murder is an intimately reported, utterly compelling story of five convicted murderers sentenced to life with the possibility of parole, who discover after decades in prison that their second chance, if it comes at all, is also the challenge of a lifetime It follows their struggle for redemption, their legal battles to make good on the state s promise of parole, and the lives they found after so many years inside.
    Life After Murder: Five Men in Search of Redemption Nancy Mullane

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    1. Probably you are having a better day than Don Cronk, Ed Ramirez, Rich Rael, Phillip Seiler, or Jesse Reed did for many years And almost certainly you are having a better day than the people who died as a result of their actions Don Cronk, Phillip Seiler, and Jesse Reed each shot and killed a man, making it very definitely homicide Rich Rael was involved, after consuming much alcohol, in a fight in which a companion had already knifed two guys Rael gave one of them a kick in the head after he had [...]

    2. I began reading this book with trepidation I hated digesting the stupid, senseless acts that had landed these five guys in prison for life with possibility of parole Most were murders committed during the course of another crime e.g a home invasion robbery, fleeing from a convenience store robbery, etc One was particularly brutal kicking a guy in the head who d already been robbed and was lying on the ground bleeding In only one of the five cases could I sort of understand the guy s motivation a [...]

    3. The book reveals a side of prisoners lifers that society generally misunderstands or never bother to understand Which is not all murderers are psychopathic, but are people who make mistakes, make wrong decisions that they might not meant in a spur of the moment Well, it happened to them, and we could all learn from their stories and how they became a better person during their incarceration There are many morals that one can catch from the book, and for me my biggest takeaway is not to look at p [...]

    4. Absolutely fascinating Our criminal justice system is so broken This book focuses exclusively on California there s a paragraph or two about Maryland at the end of the book I wish I knew what was going on in my own state.

    5. Life After Murder Five Men in Search of Redemption is the true account of journalist Nancy Mullane s four year journey through the California justice system and it s treatment of society s most dangerous criminals those who have been arrested for murder Due to various changes to California legislation which the author does a great job of archiving and explaining , those who are convicted of homicide face a sentence ending with the word to life , which basically means an indeterminate sentence Af [...]

    6. Nancy Mullane, the fine journalist who researched and wrote this book, also provides thought provoking stories for NPR s This American Life I found this book to be fascinating study of 5 lifers from San Quentin The author approached the story without an agenda, just a desire to tell the men s stories and present relevant facts I have long wondered about the effectiveness of our penal systems and if rehabilitation is truly possible Nancy upped the ante by giving us five inmates who have committed [...]

    7. Mullane explores the California prison system by looking at the lives of five men, all convicted of murder During the course of the time Mullane begins her project, the five men are paroled or released through actions of the judicial system The book is one part, what happens to the men in prison, the second is, what happens once the men are released Through these stories, Mullane also takes aim at California laws, which in an effort to get tough on crime basically added the words to life after e [...]

    8. I d like to give this book 3 1 2 stars It was interesting, my son gave me the book for Mother s Day along with a collection of Burt s Bee s products He said he couldn t just give me a book about murder for Mother s Day One quote from the book that s really stuck with me is from page 23 You know, addiction and alcoholism are the root cause of all crimes in some fashion Dealing it, selling it, robbing and burglarizing to get money to buy it When people are under the influence, they do crazy things [...]

    9. Nancy Mullane has provided a genuine look into the lives of men who have been released from prisons and their navigations through the world to which they have returned The humanity through which these men have told their stories, their disappointments, their fears, their struggles to regain their lives and most important their remorse for crimes they committed, is a compelling read Nancy Mullane has deftly and compassionately given us a window into the lives of ex offenders and the opportunity t [...]

    10. The author, a journalist, interviews and follows the stories of 5 lifers from San Quentin prison outside of San Francisco, learning about the murders they committed, their history, circumstances, and how they turn their lives around, hoping to be paroled, by staying clean in prison, taking classes and therapy, and even becoming counselors themselves No matter how much they ve changed and regretted what happened, usually horrid moments of often drug induced actions that go wrong so quickly , ever [...]

    11. If, like me, you are seeking to understand both the causes and cure of mass incarceration, this book will accomplish exactly what the investigative reporter turned author intended to give us an inside look at modern American prisons and to humanize those hidden behind bars, the unseen and uncounted of our population Nancy Mullane self admittedly starts her journalistic journey into the San Quentin underworld with foreboding and fear her readers get to travel with her as she navigates the hidden [...]

    12. Unbelievably moving I want to do art therapy with prisoners I am currently an art therapy grad student This book was absolutely wonderful So touching and so motivating This book perfectly illustrates WHY we need reform programs and rehab options and job opportunities It s also sad at the same time, so hear about the laws that don t work in favor for the prisoners now and to know they re still in effect in 2016 for the most part I am hoping to change that I want nothing than to help push the ref [...]

    13. Is there life after murder Obviously not for the victim, but what about the man who committed the crime Is there redemption Rehabilitation Nancy Mullane takes a look at five convicted murderers serving time in San Quentin and asks if it is possible for these men to find salvation Through interviews with the five men and their families, she finds feelings of regret, true remorse and guilt With the possibility of parole, each one has the chance to find a new direction.For those interested in the p [...]

    14. An incredible piece of work Mullane breaks down the California penal system or, at least, the small segment that she s looking at in an accessible way I m not usually any good with legal jargon, but I followed everything throughout this book While I m sure there was some bias Mullane admits to the subjects of her study becoming friends over time , none of it felt too overt or obstructive I actually got to meet the author, very briefly, at an NCIBA gathering last spring and she expressed a very g [...]

    15. Interesting read Gotta wonder why a legislature thought it was a good idea to give final parole approval to a state governor It stands to reason that a governor has absolutely no will to grant parole to people give them a second chance, if any parolee EVER commits another crime the governor is going to be bludgeoned with that fact in the next election So this creates a situation where the vast majority of inmates recommended for parole are going to have that decision reversed It is a stark and d [...]

    16. Nancy Mullane produces stories for my favorite radio show, This American Life, and it is in that show s engaging, in depth style that her book on reformed murderers reads Mullane spends four years with five long incarcerated parolees and fleshes out the true meaning of redemption Mullane does a fantastic job of allowing the men to tell their stories, in their own voices, while at the same time educating the reader on the implications of current policy The men of this book have committed the ulti [...]

    17. Life After Murder is a fascinating and important evaluation of the system by which murderers are paroled or, as is usually the case, not paroled in California Presented through the stories of five men convicted of murderer who each served decades in San Quentin, Mullane s history of the parole system and its politicization is fascinating and a pretty quick read This book should be required reading for people who argue for locking folks up and throwing away the key Without preaching, it presents [...]

    18. This is an important book although after volunteering in minimum and medium security prisons for the last 10 years, there wasn t much that was news to me Nancy Mullane uses extensive interviews with lifers who have been paroled along with facts and figures to present a picture of who these men are and how they cope after being released from prison If you are someone who believes someone who commits a murder should be locked up for the rest of their natural life, this is a must read for you I wis [...]

    19. First learned about this book after hearing the author s interviews stories on This American Life Interesting to hear the individual s voices on the radio segment, then read about them and their lives in the book Author does a great job of humanizing, w out glorifying the men for the strides they ve made in their lives post conviction, or ever soliciting pity for them They are an invisible population Also appreciated the perspective and time she gave to the women in the men s lives who falls in [...]

    20. This is a very important book to read to get a different perspective By no means do these men feel as if they are victims of a system They owned up to their horrible crimes and have begun the journey of forgiving themselves and growing from their mistakes In the social work field we are always told to watch out for our biases This book opens up the world of murderers and gives everyone a new perspective I found myself hoping that these men strive and succeed after being in jail for 20 years

    21. I heard the author on our local NPR program and bought the book to know the whole story This book gave me a view of the men in prison, their families and the prison system in a personal but not preachy way The author entered this experience with no agenda The stories she heard and the circumstances she experienced informed the point of view of the book It is well written and well worth reading.

    22. I m trying to be pickier about my rankings, so I would have given this 4.5 stars It s a really fascinating look at lives that we never, ever see Well worth the time I enjoyed the story on This American Life the book was a much richer experience I do wish she had talked about some of the race and class issues, though it s kind of hard to write about the criminal justice system without delving into them, and they come up peripherally, but would have been welcome.

    23. I enjoyed this book although not as much as I thought I would It was very interesting to hear the men s different stories I was hoping for one person who wasn t so sympathetic, but maybe that s the point The author also goes in detail regarding the parole process I think the struggle I had was with the flow I found it hard to keep the different men and their stories clear in my head Overall, I liked it than disliked, so I think 3 stars is appropriate.

    24. A really, really interesting book about incarceration It follows men convicted of murder true stories this is nonfiction in California and makes clear the randomness of who is convicted, who receives parole, how few supports we have for these people, some of whom could become productive members of our community Definitely food for thought and a good conversation

    25. Highly recommend this book Really explores reality of prison system and the realities of the lives of five men who spent most of their lives behind bars It will challenge the way you think about murderers, redemption, and incarceration.I felt really fortunate that on a trip to Alcatraz, I got to hear the author speak along with several of the men profiled in the book Go read this

    26. This was the first book I ve read that showcased views liberal than my own What a feat I struggled with this material at times and would have liked to see data points and anecdotes from victims I converged on 4 stars given that it sparked an interesting internal and external dialogue about values, repercussions, our legal system, and morality Recommend but brace yourself

    27. As interesting as the stories of each man was I found it really hard to remember who was who throughout the book There was also a lot of legal facts that were confusing at times to understand That being said Nancy did a good job at making the reader really invest in each of the men I now have a different perspective of who a murderer is.

    28. What an amazing piece of journalism I ve been interested in prison issues for many years, but had never fully understood the impact of indeterminate sentencing before reading Nancy Mullane s wonderfully told story of the lives of 5 California lifers and their journey to parole and beyond Highly recommended.

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