La Prigioniera #2020

La Prigioniera Victoria Lynne La Prigioniera Tole avrebbe voluto considerarla solo un assassina ma questo ormai era impossibileHa perduto tutto la sua nave l equipaggio e la fiducia in se stesso E adesso che uno dei responsabili dei suoi guai

  • Title: La Prigioniera
  • Author: Victoria Lynne
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  • Page: 136
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  • La Prigioniera Victoria Lynne Tole avrebbe voluto considerarla solo un assassina, ma questo ormai era impossibileHa perduto tutto la sua nave, l equipaggio, e la fiducia in se stesso E adesso che uno dei responsabili dei suoi guai stato catturato, Cole ben deciso a vederlo penzolare dalla forca, anche se una donna.Ma Devon troppo bella per morire, e troppo fiera per piegarsi solo l aTole avrebbe voluto considerarla solo un assassina, ma questo ormai era impossibileHa perduto tutto la sua nave, l equipaggio, e la fiducia in se stesso E adesso che uno dei responsabili dei suoi guai stato catturato, Cole ben deciso a vederlo penzolare dalla forca, anche se una donna.Ma Devon troppo bella per morire, e troppo fiera per piegarsi solo l a riuscir a tenerla prigioniera per sempre
    La Prigioniera Victoria Lynne

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      136 Victoria Lynne
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    1. 3.5 stars Charleston, 1861 Captain Cole McRae has been charged with the task of escorting Englishwoman Devon Blake to Old Capitol Prison where she s to be hanged as a spy and murderess The man Devon was accused of spying for is the same man Cole blames for his brother s death and the loss of his ship, so Devon is 2 on his most hated list Problem is, despite her somewhat sordid background, Devon swears the charges were trumped up, and she s primed and ready to escape at any and every opportunity. [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars Devon, when I came up from the engine room and saw view spoiler Sharpe s gun pointed at your neck hide spoiler She gazed solemnly into his eyes Did you know I was making my last wish Cole thought about it and remembered her lips moving in fervent prayer Gently he asked, Will you tell me what you wished for Devon took a deep breath and gave him a trembling smile I was begging God not to send me to heaven if I died He stared at her in silent confusion Why Her smile wavered as tears once [...]

    3. Really good I think I liked Chasing Rainbows a tad better This has a similar feel, and almost a smoother storytelling experience, but missing some of the rawness and depth of the heroine at the end Still, strongly recommended.

    4. Once I d read Victoria Lynne s Chasing Rainbows, I eagerly sought out her backlist I enjoyed With this Kiss, but was disappointed by What Wild Moonlight, so I wasn t sure what to expect from CAPTURED But I m glad to say, this book provided a very enjoyable historical romance While I love history, I always prefer for it to take a backseat to the romance And that s just what happened here The historical backdrop never overpowered the love story, and never read like a textbook The author did a grea [...]

    5. I will fully admit to being somewhat of a romance junkie I don t want their stories, I don t read them and pine away for my own hero to come in and swoop me off my feet, but there s something shamefully adorable about sweet little love stories that melts my icy cold and somewhat feminist heart Just don t tell the feminists that, okay Because I think I ll get kicked out of the club and lose my partial membership card So I read all these horrible romances and there s always the big, buff hero with [...]

    6. A very intriging, well written historical romance Loved the characters and it kept me on my toes The story is character driven novel, and i felt a connection with them.

    7. One thing I love most about this book I it isn t just a regular capture love story Set in a historical time period, Lynne cleverly created characters that play off of each other beautifully I love the way Cole McRaae and Devon Blake fight each other since they saw each other, but you can tell there is a mutual attraction between them both The only downside to the story is that near the confrontation with Sharpe, Devon s character has chaanged drasticlly from someone who is independent and needs [...]

    8. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookI ve been meaning to read Captured since I fell in love with VL s writing in With this Kiss, a highly recommended read from me And I m glad to report that Captured delivered what I was looking for and twists in the regular captor captive theme and loads of adventures to go with it Did I mention that there s a sexy Northerner hero who was also a war veteran, haunted by guilt and madness of the war The English born [...]

    9. Union navy man Cole McRae has a personal vendetta for blockade runner Jonas Sharpe Believing Englishwoman Devon Blake is an agent of Sharpe s, Cole plans to use her as a means to get to his true target The couple go on a long and twisted road trip in an attempt to create some chemistry between the two leads They fail in this endeavor.

    10. I got this free from.The cover has since updated to a young woman with the ocean and a boat in the background I prefer this green sort of cover, although the hero is described as blonde.For those that like romance novels with tension, angst, banter, adventure and tenderness, this book is freakin for you Lynne, really knows how to write a novel I was pleasantly surprised while reading this book Cole McRae, is a Captain who has been ordered to deliver a convicted murderer to the Capital Prison in [...]

    11. Entretenido y refrescante.Esta es una historia de amor y de aventuras.Me ha gustado mucho.La autora ha hecho un buen trabajo con los personajes, les ha dado un pasado, nos ha explicado c mo son y qu sienten y ha dejado que los personajes interact en y crezcan a medida que la historia avanza.Hac a much simo tiempo que no le a un libro d nde los personajes no diesen lugar a malentendidos a base de di logo es refrescante, s se or, antes de liarla, nos sentamos y hablamos.Hac a tiempo que no le a un [...]

    12. I feel so lucky to have found this in a used bookstore today I found it on first After all the angst garbage I ve been reading lately, I actually found a real gem in this romance novel Definitely recommended to anyone who enjoyed Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas.Cole was a great hero He was kind, human, and full of wondrous humor to match Devon s Any screw ups in the course of their adventure were not the epic misunderstandings that led to 100 following pages of blatant abuse I loved how th [...]

    13. This story was adorable Seriously I don t know why I liked this book so much, I just could not stop smiling It was so cute The characters were all very likeable and I the under currant of adventure built up rather nicely True its typical cheesy romance, of the historical variety, but I actually enjoyed this one Cole was pretty cool, for a stick in the mud.Devin was hilarious, I absolutely loved her and Uncle Monty All in all, definitely one to write home to grandma about 3 Stars

    14. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and read it through in two days Captured is full of good writing and and interesting characters, being nominated for two RITA awards There is great dialog between the two characters The story takes place in Charleston,Virginia during the Civil War 1861 Devon is accused of spying and murder, and she is to be escorted to the Old Capitol Prison by Captain Cole McRae Action takes place on speeding trains and ships being fired upon They are drawn to each other, but Dev [...]

    15. A freebie ebook romance with an unusual plotline, Captured reminds me that there may be a few good ones left out there Unfortunately, in the ebook cover art, there is an error the hero is supposed to be blonde But since the old cover art is very pass , and I got this for free, I m willing to overlook that.What I liked best is that the heroine is a bit of a thief and had her own ideas of what she wanted to do The prologue doesn t make a lot of sense maybe I m not picking up on something important [...]

    16. Set in the Civil War, this was an enjoyable historical romance with a smart, spunky and resourceful heroine who is strong and fights back and a hunky hero who always seems to be one step ahead of the heroine Charged with a crime she didn t commit, Devon is being transported to Washington for sentencing by Cole who has a vendetta against the man Devon is allegedly working for I enjoyed the historical piece and actually learned a bit about history in the process Fast paced and nice character devel [...]

    17. I enjoyed the heck out of this book There was just enough historical value to keep me interested in the period and the element of danger the characters would be in when they changed locations I loved Devon from the beginning As the story progresses I could really appreciate who she had become and why she reacted to situations the way she does Cole is the handsome, charismatic, hero with the well sculpted body that is typical of romance type novels however, he has an underlying sense of humor tha [...]

    18. Devon lo studi in una luce del tutto nuova Cole McRae, sono giunta alla conclusione che eri gi corrotto fin da prima che ti incontrassi Hai l anima del ladro Cole sorrise e la strinse un po di pi tra le braccia E tu, mia cara moglie, hai l anima della vera signora Un rosa ambientato negli Stati uniti della seconda met dell 800 avventuroso e abbastanza scorrevole il primo libro che leggo di questa autrice e nel complesso mi piaciuto, anche se ho foticato un po a leggerlo sotto forma di e book

    19. Wonderful historical romance Setting of story is during Civil War Cole McRae, a Union soldier, has been assigned to take back to the prison at Washington Capitol, Devon Blake Devon has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a Union caption Thus, begins the cat and mouse game between Cole and Devon as they slowly realize that their feelings for each other are taking a surprising turn.

    20. There was a little bit of everything in this book romance, action, war, griftersI liked the story, didn t love it, and there were times when things dragged a bit Especially when the story veered off Cole Devon, or had to do with uncle Monty The best parts were near the beginning when Cole and Devon were feeling each other out, trying to see if the other was trustworthy They had some good banter, and I liked that Devon was a strong woman who didn t back down from a challenge.

    21. I was disappointed when I reached the last page of this romantic, passionate adventure Lynn was able to captivate me with the characters and I was almost instently in love with Devon Blake who is a fierce, strong female character who only wants to be loved I was surprised with the amount of adventure in this book with ships and the American Civil war Definately entertaining than a normal romance novel.

    22. This was a quick read but felt like the main plot element to create tension between the H h his disbelief in her innocence got a bit old after awhile I did like some of the plot twists in the action sections of the book They were original and well written Overall probably closer to 3.5 stars than 3.

    23. I liked the humor in this book and I liked the characters Not sure why, but towards the end of the story I was hoping it would end soon I guess the story continued for too long after the romance part was settled I know it was supposed to have some tension left with her not being sure she would stay, but it was already apparent she would.

    24. I wish I could rate 3 1 2 stars This was a free book I got through BookBub and knew it would be a predictable historical romance It wasn t as predictable as I thought it would be and I liked it than I thought I would so that s what I get for judging the book by it s cover.

    25. I found this book really funny and interesting until they slept together Then it all went down hill from there Bummed that it had to be ruined by that moment Otherwise it would have been a really fun and interesting story

    26. I liked this book quite a lot I loved our feisty female, and really loved the plotline The determination of our hero was cute too, especially in light of his attraction to his charge I kept this on my kindle to read again someday.

    27. this particular story started a little slow and at times it made me feel like I was in the middle of a cat and dog chase and i stop reading the book for a while However the book picks up speed by the middle of the story and it was full of twist and turns with a very solid ending.

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