Deadpool: What Happened in Vegas #2020

Deadpool: What Happened in Vegas Daniel Way Carlo G. Barberi Deadpool What Happened in Vegas Deadpool s been described as many things over the years but trendsetter That s a new one Here he is trying to get his hero on and guess what Suddenly everyone else is too Seems like everyone s wan

  • Title: Deadpool: What Happened in Vegas
  • Author: Daniel Way Carlo G. Barberi
  • ISBN: 9780785145332
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deadpool: What Happened in Vegas Daniel Way Carlo G. Barberi Deadpool s been described as many things over the years, but trendsetter That s a new one Here he is, trying to get his hero on and guess what Suddenly, everyone else is, too Seems like everyone s wanting to jump on the Deadpool bandwagon lately, doesn t it Collecting Deadpool 23 26
    Deadpool: What Happened in Vegas Daniel Way Carlo G. Barberi

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      231 Daniel Way Carlo G. Barberi
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    One thought on “Deadpool: What Happened in Vegas”

    1. Deadpool has been trying to become a good guy , but it hasn t been going well So he s off to Vegas where he finds his former acquaintance Weasel working as security for a casino with a super suit of armor, and Deadpool convinces him to let him help But of course the Merc With A Mouth has his own agenda.This is the first collection of this Daniel Way s run of Deadpool that I ve found lacking A big part of that has to do with just how mean DP s scheme seems this time We ve seen him screwing over f [...]

    2. Aw man, what happened to Daniel Way s Deadpool This fifth volume stinks Deadpool hears someone in Vegas trashing him and decides to prove them wrong by being a hero and because this is set during Marvel s short lived Heroic Age nonsense This involves a convoluted plan to knock over a casino with two super minor Marvel characters Weasel, who now has a giant robot armour and is working security at said casino, and Grizzly, a douchebag in a bear suit I don t really get Deadpool s motivation to rob [...]

    3. Hm The weakest of the new Deadpool collections so far, but not terrible Deadpool goes to Vegas, and gets distracted by his old buddy Weasel s newest job, as the mech suited protector of Vegas casinos What follows is a mean spirited heist that hammers in, at great length, that Deadpool is not a good guy and not to be trusted, even by the people he ll occasionally call a friend This may be something that needed to be said, but the result is actually a little on the dull side.

    4. Well this was another disappointing volume You see that cover Doesn t it look fun Yeah, well none of that happens all.This was lacking everything you expect when picking up a Deadpool story There was no humor, the plot was incredibly predictable, and the violence was equivalent to a Transformers movie The story might not have been so bad if it was contained to a single issue, there was no reason for it to go on as long as it did The story had promise but went to crap right about hereNot sure wha [...]

    5. I dunno what it is about these deadpool volumes, regardless of the writer around volume five or so the quality just plummets, this volume was just a bit naff never really went anywhere, then ghost rider shows up for what reason, i couldn t tell you I dunno where the humour went, i dunno where the plot went, i dunno why they thought this was a good idea so yeah, if you wanna skip this volume you ll miss nothing and feel a lot better for doing so.

    6. cover is misleading as fuck I was so excited for Deadpool to be paired up with the Avengers but nOPE Still a pretty good volume though.

    7. I remember absolutely loving Deadpool when I was in middle school and Joe Kelly was at the reins Probably because it felt like reading a really violent cartoon, and I was a child Pop culture references while a guy s head gets blown off Perfect Sometimes it gets way too serious Who cares He s probably seconds away from putting a gun in a butt.Now I finally feel like I m starting to grow out of Deadpool The character has spent over a decade in a kind of limbo, with few writers really being able to [...]

    8. I always feel like there s always a comic or part of a comic in each issue that I m not a huge fan of For this one, it was just the bonus material at the end of the issue Partially because the art wasn t as good, partially because I just found it kinda boring With that said, I really enjoyed the rest of it It s been years since I ve seen anything about Ghost Rider and it was a nice blast from the past to see him pop up Also, all the stuff in Vegas with Weasel was amusing Good issue I was, howeve [...]

    9. Not as many belly laughs or extreme weird scenes as I d expected I believe the re appearance of one of Deadpool s secondary characters is the main reason why the story got dragged down Also, not knowing exactly what Deadpool s plotting even against the voices in his mind seems to make it less fun.

    10. Pair up with Weasel who s all Iron Manned in Vegas Not super funny, but Wade s a planning menace, obviously all for his own benefit Ghost Rider appearance at the end, thought it would go somewhere but it was just a quick epilogue to the Weasel story that also has snippets of Deadpool s origin.The short bonus story of blind Deadpool was pretty hilarious.

    11. Deadpool in Las VegasWell What about EVERYTHING Becoming a hero isn t going as planned for Wade, so he decides to go to Vegas for some fun Until he meets the new hero of Vegas calles The House Aka Weasel in a super suit.Weasel knows when Deadpool shows up, shit is about the hit the fan So he tries to get rid of him by fighting him, and even locking him in a room very simular to a room Deadpool had where he once put Al and Weasel in Although Deadpool means no harm, Weasel doesn t trust him Until [...]

    12. Apparently while Deadpool was in New York teaming up with a reluctant Spider Man, Siege happened, and now it s the Heroic Age While watching television, a casino owner in Vegas disses Deadpool, and Deadpool can t allow that to stand He goes out to Vegas for revenge and the buffets , where he runs into an old friend Cue some weirdness And, in the end, there s a sort of throwaway issue involving the Ghost Rider I m not a fan of Way s Deadpool by any means, but this is marginally better than the pr [...]

    13. Deadpool se trouve Las Vegas et compte bien s amuser il rencontre un homme dans une armure qui prot ge les casinos de la ville Son nom The House S rieusement Parce qu Vegas, the house always wins Deadpool rencontre Weasel, Grizzly et Ghost Rider et s allie tant t avec un, tant t avec un autre, apr s videmment leur avoir mis quelques coups dans la face.Contrairement ce qu on pourrait croire, on ne voit ni Captain America, ni Thor, ni Iron Man dans ce volume.Les dessins sont toujours aussi g niaux [...]

    14. not my fav deadpool issue to date but defenitly good guest appearances is always appreciated when it comes to reading comics and i did love the classic merc with a mouth moments created in this issue i look forward to continuing the story and follow along in wade s adventures thought i should defenitly brush up on some deadpool before the movie comes out and i get my tattoo Dfor fans of deadpool i reccomend this series as its not given a name to distinguish between series i call it deadpool by D [...]

    15. This was a weird one The Las Vegas stuff was pretty funny, classic Deadpool stuff The artwork is not great but since the writing is silly it is usually not a problem Then we have an unusual story featuring Ghost Rider, that has much less emphasis on humor It has a surprising ending that would have worked with a much better artist Unfortunately they used the usual Deadpool or comedy type artist and the punch line falls flat on it s face Then we finish with a nice humorous short bonus story at the [...]

    16. Another episode of Deadpool silliness, only this one is a bit short on charm, as Deadpool spends his time making life unbearable for his old pal Weasel The art continues to shine, and colours and beautifully bold, but the story s execution is a bit weak this time around Deadpool stories are always a bit light on plot, but that doesn t matter so long as the jokes land and the fun is had Well, the jokes don t land all that much, Deadpool isn t as likeable as usual, and the fun is limited.Not great [...]

    17. This is like the Deadpool that I have enjoyed It uses some of the old cast of characters from the Deadpool comics of the late 90s and early 2000s It s fun, but has a reasonable through line, and features Deadpool s signature desire to be a hero It s also really weird and enjoyable I have read the previous four trades in this edition, so it makes better sense to me than it probably would, otherwise Still, I like how it goes into some of the history of the character, both bringing back characters [...]

    18. The first couple of issues were a disappointment, but the last one had the good ol Deadpool flare Or had me laughing the whole time.But the first couple of ones Not so much.Story 1 3.5 5 So, Deadpool goes to Vegas and ere meets Weasel, one of his old friend who he s not in so good terms with.Story 2 4 5 Ghost Rider randomly attacks Deadpool and gives him the penance stare, forcing Waid to relive his pastStory 3 4.5 5 Deadpool goes to a food store and wants to buy a burrito What could possibly go [...]

    19. The triumphant return of Weasel with a cameo by Blind Al too I hope they bring Weasel back long term He and Deadpool have such an awesome back and forth Weasel is always trying to do something great with his life and Deadpool is always messing it up for him In this arc Weasel has become a hero of sorts as the protector of Las Vegas The House Deadpool joins him as his sidekick Wildcard but ruins Weasel s reputation when they switch costumes and now Weasel has to find a new job It s like a sitcom [...]

    20. This one was pretty good I enjoyed the flashback when he met up with Ghost Rider and the bonus comic at the end was a lot of fun.One thing I ve decided in reading a few longer Deadpool comics and some of the shorter ones collected in his team ups, is that I think I like my Deadpool in shorter parts That way the punchlines don t get lost and the story doesn t get muddled So, I might just stick to team ups unless someone has something specific to recommend.

    21. I love a good Deadpool story and that is something that Way has been constantly supplying since he has been writing Deadpool In this tale, Deadpool goes to Vegas to lay the smack down on someone who dissed him on TV He of course gets distracted and comes up with some crazy mystery plan that you don t see exactly until it unfolds Enjoyable, funny and had a fun reference to Star Wars at one point.

    22. This book firmly asserts, if it wasn t very obvious in the other books, that Deadpool is not to be trusted This book actually goes to lengths to showcase his distrustfulness, and in turn, also highlights his genius you aren t sure if he is batting with a full belfry, because his actions indicate madness, yet the result is gold Weasel returns, and Blind Al makes a cameo Vengenance bolsters Deadpool s self confidence A worthy but too short addition to the Deadpool canon.

    23. Fun, but essentially inessential.Deadpool has always been a dick, but here, he s of an arsehole There IS a difference, as all Team America fans will attest Also, it completely wastes a golden opportunity having Deadpool and Ghost Rider interact with each other There are countless possibilities with that set up, and the story uses NONE OF THEM It does, however, have Wade simultaneously act like Daredevil and John McClane all at once in a silly heist scene, so that s cool

    24. I really enjoyed the flow of the story on this one though the whole Vegas scheme left me starching my head wondering what the point was or if Deadpool was just randomly creating destruction My favourite part is when Ghost Rider shows up and we see a bit of Deadpool s past and perhaps the emotional scars he s hiding behind his twisted sense of humour.

    25. Not my favorite in the series I think because I just don t get the allure of the massive fighting robots I am not a Godzilla fan either I just don t understand the motivation for something so big to terrorize something so small There were a few zingy one liners to keep my attention so now on to the next one.

    26. The cover for this volume is such a teaser which only leads to an utter let down The Avengers characters on the fun cover of this volume are not featured in the issues collected 23 26 Instead we are given Deadpool s interactions with Weasel and Ghost Rider Though, I enjoyed the latter it was too brief before it cut to a weird bonus story.

    27. This gets a full star bonus for using Blind Al and Weasel Otherwise this d be a two star Not very funny or poignant It doesn t really go anywhere The art is serviceable.Why exactly did Ghost Rider show up

    28. This one felt a little random and I had a little difficulty keeping track with what was going on I also felt like I predicted a lot of the plot twists but that being said, I always enjoy Deadpool graphic novels so still a solid read.

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